New footage of secret WW2 ‘Scallywag Bunkers’ offers a unique glimpse of a lost era

Eighty years ago, as Nazi Germany’s military might amassed along the French coast, small groups of highly trained British killers bade farewell to their families and made their way underground for what could well have been their last, lethal mission. Known as “scallywags”, these individuals – many of them gamekeepers, landowners and poachers with an […]

Putin orders ‘large-scale’ vaccinations to start next week

President Vladimir Putin told health officials Wednesday to start widespread vaccinations next week, adding that Russia has produced close to two million doses of its Sputnik V vaccine. The announcement came on the day Britain approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for a rollout starting next week. Last week Russia reported interim test results showing Sputnik V […]

Crime gangs threaten COVID-19 vaccine campaigns, Interpol warns

Interpol on Wednesday warned authorities worldwide of the threat from organized crime groups during upcoming Covid-19 vaccination campaigns, including fake vaccines and the theft of supplies. Distribution of three new coronavirus vaccines is set to begin soon and many people will be desperate to protect themselves as quickly as possible, offering ready targets for criminals. […]

Steps from Eiffel Tower’s original staircase sells for €274,000 at auction

A 14-step chunk of the Eiffel Tower’s spiral staircase was sold for 274,475 euros ($328,427) in Paris on Tuesday, nearly 10 times the guide price, auction house Artcurial said. The nearly-three-meter-high artifact was part of the original 1889 staircase that connected the second and third floors of the monument for nearly a century before a […]

Israel’s coalition government inches towards collapse

Israel’s precarious coalition government was set to move closer towards collapse on Wednesday with lawmakers expected to approve a preliminary measure to dissolve parliament, raising prospects of elections next year. In a primetime televised address on Tuesday, Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz, the key coalition partner of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said his centrist Blue […]

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern declares ‘climate emergency’ after conquering COVID-19

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared a “climate emergency” on Wednesday, telling parliament that urgent action was needed for the sake of future generations. Ardern said the science on climate change was clear and New Zealand had to acknowledge the threat. The centre-left leader said the challenges posed by global warming meant parliament’s declaration […]

Armani Caesar – Sissy Intro Lyrics

[Sample: Girl 1, Girl 2, Sissy] “Girl 1: My ass was behind MC Hammer’s head in U Can’t Touch This ’cause you can’t touch this– Girl 2: Who would want to touch that? ‘Cause my left breast was prominently featured in Eric B.’s last video, okay? Sissy: This video exposure is too come and go. […]

Octave – Mirizim Biroon Lyrics (feat. Amir Dark)

[کورس – اکتاو] میریزیم بیرون میریزیم بیرون،میریزیم بیرون خوشحالیم میریزیم بیرون ناراحت میریزیم بیرون بیگ بَنگ میریزیم بیرون حتی وقتی میبازیم میریزیم بیرون [ورس یک – اکتاو] او لِیدی پُرفاورِه ریختن همه دور تا دورِت فوتِبالِنو سینِما بارا دیزو اُکتاوین تور نا توره ریختیم بیرون داغون تا صبح سرا بیرون از سان رو فاخور بیا […]

Hotel Paradisio – Chronos Lyrics

[Paroles de “Chronos”] [Couplet 1] Et j’aimerais partir loin là-bas, partir au loin qu’on s’affranchisse de tous nos torts Rejoins la rive, ennemi à vie de Thanatos J’suis dans le rêve d’un parano et j’ai perdu tous les mots Et tu fais tourner plus qu’une tête, j’allume l’essence avec la dernière allumette J’veux qu’on avance avant qu’le temps veuille […]

Tayc – Ride Lyrics (feat. Leto)

[Paroles de "Ride" ft. Leto] [Refrain : Tayc & Leto] J'suis tout seul quand je ride Tout seul quand je ride Dans ta vie, je n'veux pas être là On n'avancera pas sous le même toit Seul quand je ride J'suis tout seul quand je ride (capitaine, capitaine, capitaine) Toute la nuit, j'nous ai fait […]

Sinsemilia – Jeu D’enfant Lyrics

[Couplet 1: Riké] Papa et maman parlent de divorce souvent Histoires de compte commun, histoires de comptes courants L’argent n’fait pas l’bonheur et pourtant J’ai parfois l’impression que l’amour en dépend Ça doit être pour ça que papa prétend Que l’amour est une affaire de grands En amour, il y a aussi des histoires de […]

Editors – Life Is A Fear Lyrics

[Chorus: Tom Smith] Life is a fear of falling Life is a fear of falling through All the cracks [Verse 1: Tom Smith] Wait around here long enough, you’ll see Another junction, line up and lay down for me You fall wonderfully If I question everything you say Another answer crumbles, the birth of my […]

Pacificadores – Amor Cigano Lyrics

Letra de "Amor Cigano", por Pacificadores [Verso 1: Neguim] Que as decepções nunca te derrube, te fortaleça e te faça melhor Esse mundo é carrasco então lute Não deixe ninguém te pisar E agora que eu to vivendo livre, você outra vez me apareceu De amor cigano ninguém sobrevive Amor falso aqui não vira já […]

Ultimo – Quando Fuori Piove Lyrics

[Strofa 1] Colpa delle favole Mi hanno sempre illuso un po’ Quando fuori piove Perché il mondo mi ha deluso un po’ Colpa della musica Mi ha reso gli occhi amari un po’ Guardo fuori il sole E mi chiudo in un respiro [Pre-Ritornello] Sai mi chiedo troppo spesso Dove va a finire un fiore […]

Roberto Goyeneche – Sur Lyrics

[Letra de "Sur" ft. Aníbal Troilo] [Verso 1] San Juan y Boedo antiguo, y todo el cielo Pompeya y más allá, la inundación Tu melena de novia en el recuerdo Y tu nombre flotando en el adiós [Verso 2] La esquina del herrero, barro y pampa Tu casa, tu vereda y el zanjón Y un […]

Assemblage 23 – Epiphany Lyrics

A sense of existential dread Permeats my aching head It sounds a deafending alarm A ticking timebomb to disarm My breakpoint has come and gone I have no choice, but to move on I brace myself for what's to come [Chorus] I just can't take it anymore This is killing me This isn't what I signed up for This […]