Nechie – High End Lyrics

[Intro] (AJ STAY WORKIN, God) [Chorus] Come through this bitch in a big-body Benz, Cartier lens Can't get no bitch 'cause I'm f*ckin' her friends Look at my fabric, really a savage, keep automatics Step in this bitch and this shit could get tragic I got this shit on these niggas, be cappin' (Oh), money […]

Aly & Aj – Listen!!! Lyrics

After long enough My lips grow cold I can call your bluff But it just gets old I tried to empathize But your so dismissive Night after night I express what I feared from the start That your heart would never Listen! I’m feeling like I’m a hostage here It’s clear something went Missing! I […]

Top5 – 2 Cases Lyrics

[Intro] Woo, woo GG-GG-GG! Real hittas in this, bap! Run dat up Rico Uh, uh [Chorus] We see him, we chase him (We chase him) They got my bro for 2 cases (Flippa!) Your block I made famous I’m smoking on what he’s name is (Clutch!) We were homies in all ages Now its face […]

Stalley – Human Made Parka Lyrics

Dancing in the rain in my Human Made parka Trying to put the fear away in what I author Wash tears away, disguise them with the water When the sunshines the smiles come In that order I'm past borders Liberated from bad auras We used to pack momma's Taurus trying to escape the coroners We […]

Bedoes & Lanek – City Boy :* Lyrics

[Refren: Bedoes] Masz oczy jakbyś była z Azji Tańczysz w mojej wyobraźni Tylko ty mi płyniesz we krwi Tylko, tylko, tylko ty Masz oczy jakbyś była z Azji Tańczysz w mojej wyobraźni Bądź sama dziś Zabiły mnie dziewczyny [Zwrotka: Bedoes] Swoosh na mnie, nóż na mnie Tusz na mnie, spójrz na mnie Demon ze mną, […]

Bedoes & Lanek – Doda :* Lyrics

[Zwrotka 1] Nie znam miejsca, gdzie mogę mieć miejsce Moje drinki, jak moje myśli – trochę ciemniejsze Paru OGs, parę kobiet – robi się gęsto Kto mnie kocha, kto jest ze mną tylko dla fejmu? Kto mi pomoże, jeśli stracę wszystko? Kto wtedy będzie? Kto mi pomoże, jeśli będę żebrał, a nie jeździł Rangem? Mam […]

Zayn – Unfuckwitable Lyrics

[Chorus] I’m unf*ckwitable In a world of my own That’s why my shoulder’s so cold I’m unf*ckwithable [Verse 1] So tired of fake friends and fake love you need No time for no lie and I’m here to show I found a way higher, me is all I need to be inspired My vibe and […]

US envoy chides China in talk with Taiwan leader

Washington’s envoy to the United Nations held a virtual talk with Taiwan’s president on Thursday after her visit to the island was scrapped in a diplomatic volte-face during the chaotic last days of the Trump administration. Ambassador Kelly Craft praised Taiwan’s success in fighting the coronavirus while criticising China for blocking the island from global […] – American Dream Lyrics

[Verse 1] They be talking equality But they don’t mean it for people like me They say opportunity But I don’t see none in my streets Statistically they say I’ll be in a penitentiary So I’ma get on that college track And go to a Ivy League I know that sounds impossible but I am […]

Treasure – My Treasure Lyrics

[Romanized:] Jichin haneulbit Haeneun jamdeulgo Barami bulmyeon Da jinagago isseo Kkumeseo kkaen deut Dashi saerobge It’s alright jal dwel geoya Takhae mami Dabdabhae sumeul shwil suga eopjana I wanna go back to the good times Ha- hansumman nawa Gabyeobge amu noraena teureonoko Neowa chumchugo shipeo Biga geuchimyeon Malgeun haneuri uril gidarideut Deo joeun nari balga […]

Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails Over The Country Club Lyrics

[Chorus] I'm on the run with you my sweet love There's nothing wrong, contemplating God Under the chemtrails over the country club Wearing our jewels in the swimming pool Me and my sister, just playing it cool Under the chemtrails, over the country club [Verse 1] Take out your turquoise and all of your jewels Go to the market, the kids swimming pool Baby […]

Rm4e – Seven 7oo Lyrics (feat. Keta, Kilimoney, Neima Ezza, Rondodasosa, Sacky & Vale Pain)

[Testo di "SEVEN 7oo" ft. Rondodasosa, Neima Ezza, Sacky, Keta, Kilimoney & Vale pain] [Intro: Rondodasosa] NKO on beat NKO (Rondo) [Strofa 1: Rondodasosa] La mia merda ti fa come l'Actavis (Grr-pow) C'è C.J. sulla nona, fa traffici (C.J.) Manuale, no auto, cambia autogrill (C.J.) Ora il cellophane rimane sui CD (Grr-pow) Stop play, no […]

Ikilem – Bir Sebebi Var Lyrics

Kimileri kaldı, kimileri geçti Boşa didindi yanlışı doğrusu bak, konuşuyor hala Sana bana kalmaz, her şey fani Herkese tonla bizeyse koklatıyor, şu yalan dünya Dönüp dönüp duruyorum etrafında Görmüyor musun aklım kaçıyor bir bak, biliyorsun sorma Dolduruyorum ceplerimi seninle Suya attım tek tek batıyor anılar, karışırlar toprağa Yak yanıyorsa söndürme, alev alsın öldürme Kimi kimlere […]

Drove & Dillon Francis – Places Lyrics

[Verse] Mirrors all around us take our place I’ll take you to places they can’t trace We don’t have to stay, let’s fade away I’ll take you to places they can’t trace [Hook] Places [Verse] Mirrors all around us take our place I’ll take you to places they can’t trace We don’t have to stay, […]