Roc Marciano – 20 Guns Lyrics

[Verse] Foreign exports, dress boss, select the escort That was just a fresh thought Ralph Lauren tee, the Porsche Jeep come with the warranty Performance fee worth a quarter key Let the mink drape, drink the grapes behind the gates The G5 skate, apply grace Tongue kiss a fifth, I’ll wrap your bitch up like […]

Tymek – Pesto Lyrics

[Refren: Tymek] x2 Ile o mnie wiedzą ci co mnie znają miesiąc Czasem przytłacza mnie, to czasem bawi Nie pierdol już, że miałem lekko Nieraz nie miałem jeść co Dzisiaj stawiam koleżkom obiad jebane pesto [Zwrotka 1: Tymek] Podbijam to miejsce jesteśmy jak bestie Nie pierdol, że znasz mnie kiepie Mam takich jak ty no z dziesięć Wszyscy tacy […]

Shamir – Scream Lyrics

Gary selling loosies by the liquor store Didn’t really mean no harm But he was black and stood 6 foot 7 So the owner sound the alarm He tried to comply with everything they said Cause he knew he was breaking law But when heard the sirens he started to run And bullets was all […]

Roc Marciano – Tek To A Mack Lyrics

[Production by Roc Marciano] [Intro] [Verse 1] Yeah, check, Marc Back for the crown baby In a Avi that’s brown like gravy Style is wavy Lazy eye Tracy McGrady Deliver like an 80 pound baby I’m a horse, you a rodent I let off Macks You crap in your clothing Golden moments Rolls Royce driver […]

Wale – Bgm Lyrics

If someone like you would love me If someone like you would love me Yea Got her in my phone as BGM And her (ha) Black benzes Black fancy Black bag full of old white men issa Whole queen would u hold my hand, would you Show me a lil’ black girl, look Black benzes […]

Crystal Lake – Matrix Lyrics

Now It's time to choose Can you hear the clock tick tick tick tack Tick tick tack Got no time to lose No hesitation, or straight to the f*cking noose Tick tick tack Just follow your instinct There's no reason to resist This is the apocalypse Middle finger to opportunists We're just making history Are […]

Lapsley – Bonfire Lyrics

[Verse] I would always seem careful with my words when I’m around you I don’t wanna light that fire tonight He’s just a boy, and metamorphosis is hard And I’ve taken turn and turn against the tide when you need it I don’t wanna light that fire I don’t wanna light that fire tonight [Chorus] Don’t say "I love […]

James Righton – Devil Is Loose Lyrics

If only a dream If only a dream Now that we know, that all hell is [?] There’s just no way, to shake this decease Give it up, ’cause you feel that it can’t be right [Pre-Chorus] Don’t you know that we just can’t break this far The sun keeps burning brighter [Chorus] You’ll find there’ll never be the […]

Roc Marciano – The Sauce Lyrics

[Intro] Let’s go Uh It’s that bitter dose (Bitter Dose) It’s that bitter dose baby Uh Futuristic Shit You know what I’m sayin? Innovative, groundbreakin You know Marc Baby (Marc baby) Marc (Uh) [Verse 1: Roc Marciano] Legit money stack Blow the dirty shit Big face Roly was thirty cent You was never sturdy A […]

Crystal Lake – Mercury Lyrics

It’s the start of the end I scream Tonight Farewell to my hopeless dream Goodbye Breathe the air of my broken dreams Exhale this life of what I used to be Filled with failure With will to surrender But now I know what I need There is no time going through the motions As the […]

Yael Naim – She Lyrics

Too many screams in my throat Too many faces, too many plans That I wanted to change So many words, if I can tell you There’s no other love But the one I live with you Still don’t know how We let all this happened Will this war last forever and ever? They’ve burned my […]

Wants – Fear My Society Lyrics

I don’t know if I buy or sell [?] Will you love me if I’m a failure? Please baby no, don’t say you won’t I learn [?], but keep my chin up Will you love me if I’m a failure? Huh? Please baby no, don’t say you won’t I fear my society (I fear your society) I can feel […]

Emily Kinney – Easy Lyrics

I am easy, I am weak When I hear you start to speak Across some great stage we’ll call the bed I work so hard just to be easy instead I am easy, but I’m not loved No, my whole body is never enough I practice patience, I pray for will But when you come […]

Sarah Close – Patterns Lyrics

[Refrain] Baby’s got a problem, I don’t know how to deal with it Baby’s got a problem, I don’t know how to deal ‘Cause you are, all mine But baby’s got a problem, I don’t know how to deal with it [Verse 1] She never told you she loves you Now you’re stuck in the fire of the woods […]

Police make arrests after thousands protest restrictions in London

Police in London made several arrests on Saturday after thousands of people took to the streets to protest the British government’s coronavirus restrictions.Participants started their march from Hyde Park, many carrying banners and posters, calling for an end to mask-wearing requirements and describing the current measures as amounting to tyranny and state surveillance.Some claimed that […]