Dan Bull – MAFIA III Lyrics

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[Verse 1 : Dan Bull]
While you were here playing beer pong
I was dealing with the viet cong
Me and my familia, we are strong
A real bond
So string along, I’m gonna sing a song
Now bring it on
Who are you? Hey, hey, who are you?
Clay I’m just a boy from the Bayou
There’s a battle raging, man and nature
But if you can navigate the salivating alligators
Hell awaits you
See you at Sammy’s place an hour later
And do a man a favour ’cause I’m outta paper
Grab the tab and pay the round
And get yourself a drink to drown your sorrows and a chaser
Down it straight and then head out onto the town for capers
My knuckles got a couple scars from scuffles in bars
Over shuffled cards, I hustle hard
There’s a shovel in the trunk of my muscle car for when the trouble starts
Some dogs are only loyal ’till you pull the muzzle off
Visibly twitchy, there’s a reason you’re fidgety
Must be the midges, heat and humidity, breeding stupidity
We’ve no need for your sympathy
Concealing your bigotry beneath a sheet of duplicity
And revealing your inner beast
Down in the deep south we do it differently
I mean if you’re feeling me
Dead in the middle of river row, little did we know, that we riddled two middlemen who didn’t do diddily
This is New Bordeaux (Bordeaux)
So what’s a few more schmoes?
Asking for their ass kicked?
That’s their last trick
How’d you like the bottom of a swamp for a casket?

[Hook: Dan Bull]
Until you’ve had it all taken away, you’ll never know
The meaning of family
Once you’ve had it all taken away, then all you’ll want’s
To be in a family
[Verse 2: NemRaps]
The new black mob, courtesy of Bourbon Street
Might not know me but you heard of me, certainly
The Marcanos tried to murder me, but when I pull the heat
My people started rising like mercury
The Italian Mafia, killed without mercy
So now it’s time to turn this town topsy-turvy
If you in the family, then you getting amnesty
We plan to bleed these heathens from the city like a damn disease
New Bordeaux, my residency
And I can’t control what the residents see
So me and my conglomerates, shall remain anonymous
I’m out for dead presidents to represent me
Put you in a coma not induced medically
Feed you to the creates not leaving a shred of evidence
Evidently I need to break it down, so lemme see
If you keep messing with me, you’ll be a swamp delicacy
The only cocktail you drink is molotov
There’ll be a few scorched men in New Orleans when we catch ’em nodding off
Bullets will be tossed across ya noggin
Keep on talking and we’ll pop you like a bottle top
And transport you out of state
We dump bodies before they can draw the chalk lines
You can vanish without a trace
Safe to say, my serrated blade’ll ruin y’all
Stabbed so many times, I got you looking like a voodoo doll
War is what it’s time for, go and grab a knife or
Turn a sight for sore eyes into an eye sore
Got your body floating downstream towards the 9th ward
Family isn’t who you’re born with it’s who you die for

[Hook: Dan Bull]
Until you’ve had it all taken away, you’ll never know
The meaning of family
Once you’ve had it all taken away, then all you’ll want’s
To be in a family

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