Horrible Histories – Luddite lyrics

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[Verse 1]
We were weavers highly skilled
To things were mechanised
Craft and artisanship killed
A threat to all our lives.

[Verse 2]
Machines meant the workforce shrunk.
You think you’d see us settle
When bosses said ‘Lets junk each punk
And replace you… With heavy metal

Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddites
The working man was sacrificed
Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddites
Turned us in to anar-chists

[Verse 3]
Industrial reolution
Our old life over thrown
So we came up with a solution
A revolution of our own

[Verse 4]
Met in the hills and planned to smash
Their weaving machines of gloom
Hear that sweet music as we bash
A wop bam a loom ahh A wop bam boom

Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddites
Industrial weaving it’s a stitch up
Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddites
Break the device and smash my swtich up

[Verse 5]
We named our movement after ned ludd
A folk hero who myth proclaimed
Once reacted in a fit of rage
By smashing up some knitting frames

[Verse 6]
So we formed the new luddite army
Started to riot
It all went barmy

[Verse 7]
Laws were passed to shake our wills
Sent solders armed with guns
All though we tried to break things still
We fought the law but the law won

[Verse 8]
Trial and punisments were seen
It’s clear we lost the fight
But thanks to our rage against the machine
Now carries the name

Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddites
This band struggles carries on
Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddite Luddites
Wont rest to machines are all gone

On what exactly?

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