Meat Wave – Network

person Azlyricsfolder_openLyricslocal_offeraccess_time November 16, 2016

Network lyrics by Meat Wave

How I ever could tell you?
I gotta tell I connect to
I told you now, it’s a wax world
Hey tired of wireds
No fine day, I’m on fire
Cuz I’m perry on next day
But don’t took m password
It’s a very fadin’
I see you lower my rady
I try to fall and rent it
I compliment one dasing
A geat denegration
I love the voice I did shit
Gettin’ turnin’ the next, make it pite my light
Get it straight to the highlight
I gotta bang that and play
I walk a day way too long
I work a day, work way too long
Spread my wings
I find a ….
I work a day, work way too long

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