Miranda Lambert – Dear Old Sun lyrics

person Azlyricsfolder_openLyricsaccess_time December 9, 2016

[Verse 1]
Dear old sun
How you holding up
Through the winter cold
Up there all alone
February’s been hard on a heart
But we’re near the end
And it’s almost march
Though the skys been grey
And in our way I still see your light

[Verse 2]
Well, you melt the snow
And you grow the roses
And you dry the tears
And you freckle noses
Our little world
Revolves around you
Coming up and going down


[Verse 3]
Dear old sun
Let’s call it a day
And I watch you set
I’ll let you rest
But wait for you
Like morning’s dew
Till I see your light


[Chorus] 2x
I still see your light
I still see your light
Heaven shining down tonight
I still see your light


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