Mod Sun – Two

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[Verse 1]
Hey…I roll up
I roll up two kinds (two kinds)
I hit that shit two times (two times)
My girl look like two dimes (two dimes)
She way too, too, too fine (too fine)
I stay way too high (too high)
I stay way too fly (too fly)
And I don’t have to try (to try)
Your style make we want, (to cry)
Feel like I live two lives (two lives )
My shows they be too live (too live)
Outside they got two lines (too lines)
I swear I’m way too too too fire (too fire)
I work like I’m two guys (two guys)
I just want to shine (to shine, shine)
And I’m next to rise (to rise)
You gonna see it with your two eyes

I do what I want to
Two (two)
Two (two, two, two)
Two (two, two)
I do what I want to

[Verse 2]
I do way too much (too much)
My girl roll me two blunts (two blunts)
And she don’t give two fucks (two funks)
Man, this beat way too tough (too tough)
I blow up in two months (too months)
I’m frisky, get too drunk (too drunk)
Get kicked out, I’m too pumped (too pumped)
My weeds smell like two skunks (two skunks)
I whip like I’m two cooks (two cooks)
Got rich off of two books (two books )
You a pawn, I’m like two rooks (two rooks )
Your shit don’t get two looks

[Hook] x2
I do what I want to
Two (two)
Two (two, two, two)
Two (two, two)
I do what I want to

[Verse 3]
I throw up two fingers
I’m colder then two winters
I’m on fire like two sinners
I’m so hungry I need me like two dinners
Too many mentions might I need like two twitters
Too many celebration, I might need me like two livers
Too many got two faces, they hating swear they too bitter
One security ain’t enough, crew told me we gonna have to consider getting two…

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