Olle Burefors – Idyll lyrics

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Red with whitened windowpanes
Just lose yourself to wish, idyll
…and blue’s the water travelled on
Take pictures of the sea
Let’s talk along the cliffs

Up,up high, where forest thrives, the little one can run around
When the whistling of the wind’s gone out,
I hold you near just feel how the night is closing in

See the ships jolting down by the harbour,
Linked with ropes tightened close to each other?
Don’t you want one of those?
Something simple that’ll take us home?
Shall we go?
Think our little’s had enough and it’s dark

Settled in, the gentle tap of rain
To sooth our sleepy eyes – the murders in another town
Your sister calls to ask:
Is it pouring there as well?

Morning rise with eager tones
The warmth grew on the wooden floors
“I want to see the water” said an earlybird
We went, felt the pavements burning scent
Felt the pavements burning scent

Hear the ships jolting down by the harbour?
How they clash now and then with eachother?
As they sing through their pain
Whipping sounds of the masts as they…
Dance with the wind
Pack your bags, we’re leaving with the ferry.

Don’t be sad, you’ve got dreams for the winter
Let’s see that smile that you had in the morning
I know you’re mad, I know you’re mad…

But don’t be sad, you’ll have dreams for the winter
Let’s see that smile that you had in the morning
I know you’re mad
“Can’t we stay here forever?”
Then came rain, and your mind gave up
Thunder cracks loud as to keep us from leaving
Something died in the storm that night

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