Twisted Insane – The Initial High (Shoot For The Face 2 Album)

person Azlyricsfolder_openLyricslocal_offeraccess_time January 10, 2017

[Intro: Twisted Insane]
Round six
See you done came back for more, huh?

World will take time to realise
That we’re not in Wonderland anymore Alice
And whatever it is that I do next
We changing your world!

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
And after that’s a dope shit they notice
I’m mean like it’s Halloween with no hocus-pocus
I’m clean like a guillotine that sliced through your chocha
Bitch please, nobody want your ass, yo shit got the roaches
Nobody wanna fuck around with a bitch who got mildew
Soon as he hit the door, won’t you show him the real you?
I can’t believe this shit these niggas will let you get away with
If you’da been my bitch I’d have muthafuckin killed you
And I’m off of in the Colorado with my niggas, they be on park hill
Banged out got the thang out like 94 fo’ real
What the fuck you mean chill? nigga, Insane has no chill
Just chewin mothafuckas faces I make them my meal
I don’t even wanna be around him if he ain’t no rida
Grew up and I threw up with real south east sidas
Niggas ain’t good nature, walk up to you when you having a
Picnic at the park with your bitch and provide ya
Brainsick reminiscent of a nigga hung up like Jesus
No lie, sicker than ebola since I came out that fetus
I only get my kicks in jackin off my dick or
Stompin a nigga face in with the shell-toed Adidas
Night time creepers under the moon like you got shrooms right?
My niggas know I get fucked up especially on doom night
What you mean I ain’t zoom right? Passin and I’m gassin off on Superman ?let it?, you will get beheaded nigga, who’s tight?
Who’s Twisted Insane? You should be ashamed if you don’t know that name
Ultra lane 15 years, chewin rappers up in the game
I can have your bottom bitch give me brain
Bobble head like spencer’s gifts, nigga, keep the loose change
Never really gave a fuck though I’m cut, though, leanin
People comin’ at me everyday for the new shit, they fiendin
Quit your day dreamin
Twisted Insane ready to hit your muthafucking brain up
I am The Last Demon

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