Eduardo Santana – Whitewater lyrics

person Azlyricsfolder_openLyricsaccess_time June 8, 2017

Far, into the woods
A quiet place, i’m faceless
My mind, wandered away
So long
Can’t quite remember
Confusion strikes down
Strips me from the truth
A claw in my gut
A nightmare come true
Life, what a life
What should i do, nothing seems right
Wander away, into the woods
Follow the light, maybe it’s the right thing to do
“Don’t you think you’ve lied enough to yourself”
“You’re my bitch and I’ll take you to hell”
“There’s no path no light it’s just you and yourself”
“Cry now baby, I want you to beg for help”
“Because there’s nothing you can do”
“You’re useless shit”
“Night after night, you cry yourself to sleep”
“You run towards a light, dodging your way out”
“But there’s no escape, you’re mine now”

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