Man Eating Lion – Barnburner lyrics

person Azlyricsfolder_openLyricsaccess_time June 7, 2017

We attained a hopeful consciousness
Gnawing at chains and flooded inputs
Precut teeth as context
Park your paradigms and come ride with us
Walk that we could on ideas and daylight
Earth that I stood on paved into gridlines
Scent what we could on breeze of the nightlife
I caught myself a taste for a good time
I got your earth and I got your daylight
I got your gridlines and I got your nightlife
I caught myself a taste for a good time
So get a grip on what makes me tick
Crawl inside my eyes
One for each burning wick
I took to the deep
Spoke sonar sweet
Said what you wept
And I felt complete
Think through leviathan eyes like I’ve been here before
A catastrophic detour left my signature in blood
A cloak of numbers shrouds my nemesis as one
A Sunday mass of fangs devours with lust for my blood
Feast of eyes on my demise
My nemesis has won

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