Teflon – Goodas Gyal Lyrics

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(Verse 1)
Meck gyal whine and gwaan wid things
Dancehall fix nough gyal business
Mi go dancehall fi member vintage
And me love the gyal dem so bad mi naw switch
Go suh mi gyal gwaan suh bad in the middle
Gyal dem bruk out and gwaan bad wid some supn
Dem sit good and flip good, nuh gwaan like dem cripple
Whine till dem sipple

Gyal don’t stop whine you a goodas
Whine you a goodas, whine you a goodas gyal

You a tick po time you a goodas
Time you a goodas
Climb you a goodas gyal

Gyal you nuh join line you a goodas
Everytime you a goodas
Everytime you a goodas gyal

Wa mi she that you fi whine you a goodas
Whine you a goodas
Climb you a goodas gyal

(Verse 2)
Wa mi she that you fi?
Whine up you self that cause accident
You meck mi get tough like a rock cement
Lie dem a spread you a facts fi dem
Don’t worry dem wi she you back fi dem
Bend it and bend it, and meck mi force in
Show you how much mi well waan fi ride in
Set suh and set suh, a suh mi slide in
And send it right in

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi touch you toe meck the supn show
Even if them si mi still love you though
Watch the shorts, shorts, weh left it out a door
Love the way you move mi seh mi love the flow
It too much fi you mi waan help you
Jah know mi waa help you
Mi like when you meck you forehead touch you elbow

(Repeat Chorus)

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