Kodak Black Slams Gucci Mane For Asking Him If He’s A Clone

Kodak Black is clapping back at Gucci Mane for asking if he’s a clone.

Kodak Black has clearly been enjoying his freedom since receiving a presidential pardon last month before Donald Trump officially left office. However, it seems the rapper doesn’t have any patience for persistent jokes from internet trolls accusing him of being a cloned version of himself. Now Gucci Mane has joined fans questioning if the Pompano Beach rapper is really a clone or the real deal. Of course, Gucci previously dealt with similar accusations after his release from prison in 2016 looking ripped.

Gucci Mane posted a video of an exchange between himself and Kodak Black where he asked the Florida rapper, “I’m talking ’bout is you a clone or not.”

Taking to Instagram Live on Saturday, Black addressed the rumors which suggest that he is no longer the authentic Kodak we once knew, saying, “Why this don’t sound like Kodak, what the hell—so who do I sound like? All this little clone sh*t starting to make me made now. See back then, all my little other bids, whenever this little clone sh*t came out, I wasn’t trippin’. Y’all blowing me now.”

Kodak went on to claim that the comments are coming from a place of pure jealousy, adding, “All kind of n***as been trying to imitate this sh*t but can’t duplicate this sh*t. None of these f***in’ n***as seeing Yak! They know that, that’s why they was mad I came home. All these n***as was scared, scared of me coming home, picking up the money.” It looks like Kodak is ready to hop back in the game at full force and isn’t taking anybody’s shade in the meantime.

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Black also respond to Gucci Mane in another video saying, “When you said, ‘Is you a clone’ tonight, I should’ve hit you with, ‘B**ch, I might be.’” He then went on to disrespect Gucci for not having any waves in his hair.

Since his release, Kodak has made several big moves, including debuting a new hairstyle, getting his lawyer’s name tatted on his hand, showing off a ring engraved with “Trump Ties” as a shoutout to the controversial president who pardoned him and reportedly getting engaged to 19-year-old rapper Mellow Rackz.

Kodak Black has addressed his plans to pursue multiple causes, including criminal justice reform and giving back to his community. The rapper also established a scholarship in honor of the victims who lost their lives in the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting in Parkland, Florida, setting aside $100k in funds for the criminal justice program at Southeastern University Law School. Clone or not, at least the latest incarnation of Kodak is committed to spreading some positivity in the world.

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