Biden’s top diplomat vows US will lead but restore alliances

Antony Blinken, President-elect Joe Biden’s choice to be secretary of state, will vow Tuesday that the United States will “outcompete” a rising China while reviving frayed alliances, in a sea change from Donald Trump’s go-it-alone “America First” approach. On the eve of Biden’s inauguration, Blinken was set to say at his confirmation hearing that the […]

Kremlin dismisses calls to free Navalny — and warns against protests

The Kremlin on Tuesday dismissed Western demands to release Russia’s most prominent opposition leader Alexei Navalny, saying his calls for mass protests over his arrest were “troubling”. Legal pressure is ramping up against President Vladimir Putin’s best-known domestic critic, who is due in court on defamation charges on Wednesday, as his allies in Russia call […]

Biden team says US will not lift travel bans — despite Trump statement

Washington (AFP) – US President-elect Joe Biden’s spokeswoman quickly dismissed Donald Trump’s announcement Monday that a Covid-19 ban on travelers arriving from much of Europe and Brazil would be lifted, underlining the fractious transition of power. “On the advice of our medical team, the Administration does not intend to lift these restrictions on 1/26,” tweeted […]

Biden must end Trump’s ‘shameful’ Central America asylum deals: report

Washington (AFP) – US President-elect Joe Biden should immediately revoke deals the Trump administration struck with Central American countries on the handling of asylum seekers, a report published Monday by Democratic senators said. In 2019, the US signed Asylum Cooperation Agreements (ACAs) with the members of the so-called  Northern Triangle of Central America — El […]

Did lockdowns lead to cleaner air in cities? Not really, study shows

With millions more working from home and fewer people taking daily commutes in cars, you might assume pollution levels in cities dropped dramatically during the pandemic restrictions of 2020. But new research shows the impact was far less pronounced than initially thought, and air pollution in cities around the world declined less than expected during […]

Yard Act – Dark days

The truth was sold, That’s where the trail goes cold My shoulders shudder at the thought Of puffing my chest out as I walk home alone Under the arches, there’s this bloke With car boot full of stolen phones, knock off cologne and mink carcasses Near mint condition from Selfridges mate I see arsonists with […]

Antonia – Taifun

Uite ce-ai facut din noi De obicei nu sunt asa Iar ma misc in ritmul tau Esti vantul si muzica Forța asta care m-a atras E ceva prea greu de controlat [Refren:] Du-ma la, du-ma la, du-ma la al noualea cer Nu ma la, nu ma la, nu ma lasa in pace amintirea ta Parfumul […]

Bill Wurtz – Here comes the sun

All day and all night We lay about and wonder what we’re gonna do We speak to ourselves Havin’ a conversation and wonderin’ who we’re talking to Then sadness takes over And sadness wonders what we’re gonna do And sadness comes closer Then sadness comes to sing a song for you Oh, what a wonderful […]

Saosin – Is This Real Lyrics

Time’s runnin’ out and I have been betrayed Gotta cast my stone into the lake (it didn’t work, I didn’t feel it sink in) That’s all it takes my son then you are safe When the end comes, everything’s okay (we take it back, you take it away) Take my skin, we’re diving in It […]

Ricky Hil – Bad Place Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ricky, Ricky Hil [Verse 1] Can you open up the door? (Door) Coming down and I need more (More) I’m down and I’m all out (Out) Can you please help me out (Out) I got what I (?) for (For) Can you open up the door? (Door) Coming down and I […]

Scooter – Lighten Up The Sky Lyrics

Alright everybody, yeah! Bless the mic now, yeah! At 100 shows Me is the one Everybody knows, c’mon! Keep it jumping now, yes! And party, and party, and party, party party! And party, and party, and party, party party, yeah! Right now! The farther you go The less you know. Listen! It will be East […]

Snoop Dogg Secretly Pushing For Trump To Pardon Death Row Co-Founder Harry-O

Snoop Dogg has been quietly lobbying the Trump administration to add Death Row Records co-founder Michael ‘Harry-O’ Harris to the list of potential pardons. Today, January 19, is the day that most outgoing US presidents issue pardons. The 45th US President Donald Trump is expected to grant about 100 pardons, and veteran rapper Snoop Dogg […]

Popcaan Introduces Newest Unruly Artist Frahcess One In “Cream” Video

Meet one of the newest Unruly artists, Frahcess One. Popcaan and Frahcess One recently dropped the music video for “Cream.” The YVP produced track gets hooked up with a Ruption directed music video, which showcases just how two bosses who have successfully secured their riches actually operate. A beautiful poolside villa overlooking the sea becomes […]