‘Reckless, provocative, and illegal’: Dem senator warns assassination of Iranian scientist was designed to kill diplomacy

Sen. Bernie Sanders warned over the weekend that the assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh—widely believed to have been the work of Israel—was carried out with the intention of undermining any prospect of diplomacy between the United States and Iran just weeks before President-elect Joe Biden is set to take office. “The assassination […]

The Arab uprisings were weakened by online fakes

The Arab uprisings a decade ago were supercharged by online calls to join the protests — but the internet was soon flooded with misinformation, weakening the region’s cyber-activists. When Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled the country in January 2011, rumours and uncertainty created “panic and hysteria”, said ex-activist and entrepreneur Houeida Anouar. […]

Cuban president says artist collective’s protest was US plot

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said Sunday that a recent protest in Havana by an artists’ collective over freedom of expression was “the last attempt” by US President Donald Trump’s administration “to overthrow the revolution.” “You know they tried to trick us. They set up a media circus,” Diaz-Canel told hundreds of young people who took […]

Kinneret – Lightyears! Lyrics

Floating in a spacecraft While I analyze a big graph And someone's saying something mean in the distance But in my spacecraft I don't listen Judgmental girl named Janet (Janet, Janet) So much smaller than the planets (Planets, planets) Stars have been here for millennia So much longer than America Maybe I'm lightyears away Maybe I'll fly lightyears away […]

Ultimo – La Storia Di Un Uomo Lyrics

[Strofa 1] Ah, ero a un passo dall'essere grande Che poi un passo può esser gigante "Forza, forza" mi dicono quelli che ho accanto Lei, è un fiore che illumina marzo Ho sempre scritto per qualcosa di forte Il vento porta via con se le mie carte, facce stanche Se potessi perderesti ma senza pretesti […]

Ruby Fields – Climate Lyrics

[Verse 1] Oi, pass us the bug spray, would ya? I'm gettin' sick of bein' eaten alive And chuck another beer over, could ya? Pretty sure I've only had about five A pretty nice arvo though, ay? And mate, what a view Had a belter of a day I'm pretty good, how about you? [Pre-Chorus] […]

Kinneret – Spoon Bending! Lyrics

Finally I’ve bent my spoon with my mind It’s about time Measurements and time commitments Both got nothing on me All instructions are unwritten All deductions illegitimate Doesn’t matter what you call matter This spoon is not matter My mind is not matter My brain is made of nothing but stars and Saturn My mind is made of everything […]

Ultimo – Ovunque Tu Sia Lyrics

È rimasto il tuo profumo in questa casa che ora è triste Sopra il pianoforte ho messo le tue foto già riviste È rimasta la collana che ti avevo regalato Per quella corsa verso il mare sono ancora affaticato Io che perdo già in partenza mentre parlo nei tuoi occhi Tu sorridi e non ci […]

Omb Peezy – Lay Down Lyrics

[Chorus] Look, all of that woofin’ like you ’bout that shit Better stop that shit Bitch I got something to make you lay down Murder, murder, murder, kill, kill, going through a nigga mind When I’m loadin’ up them K rounds And we gon’ ride through that p*ssy nigga block One of these nights and […]