Italy protesters and police clash over virus curbs as Europe battles surges

Italian demonstrators staged Europe’s latest public rally against new anti-coronavirus restrictions early Sunday, as more countries tightened social distancing rules over the weekend to fight surges in infections. The World Health Organization has warned of an “exponential” rise in infections threatening health systems’ ability to cope with a second wave of the pandemic, testing many […]

Ariana Grande – Positions Lyrics

Lyrics from Snippet [Verse] …do to me I'm tryin’ somethin', don't be Be history [Pre-Chorus] Boy, I’m tryna meet your momma on a Sunday And make a lot of love on a Monday Never need no one else babe [Chorus] 'Cause I be switching up my positions for you Cookin' in the kitchen and I'm […]

Ken Mode – Feathers & Lips Lyrics

I’ll never understand that old butcher mentality: The warrior, the brave, the hero Bully, coward I’m filled with this overwhelming instinct that I can break you: Shredded ligaments, bone by bone by bone C’mon rough-rider, you want to hurt me, so bad? You’re just a mouth piece for cruelty and greed; Always the perfect “man” […]

Halestorm – I Will Always Love You Lyrics

[Verse 1] If I should stay I would only be in your way So, I’ll go but I know I’ll think of you every step of the way [Chorus] And I will always love you I, I’ll always love you My darling, you [Verse 2] Bittersweet memories That is all I am taking with me So goodbye Please, don’t cry We both know I […]

Oneus – To Be Or Not To Be Lyrics

[원어스 "To Be Or Not To Be" 가사] [Verse 1] 밤이 지나면 아침이 오는 것처럼 당연했던 우리 사이 뻔하디뻔한 이별의 결말 살아도 나는 사는 게 아니야 숨 쉴 수가 없어 [Post-Verse] 그립고 참 괴롭다 너의 모든 말들이 자꾸 맴돌아 널 잃은 난 숨이 가빠와 (미련만 남아) 미친 듯이 더욱 사랑할걸 이별은 누구나 같잖아 벼랑 끝에 네 손 잡고 있지 난 [Pre-Chorus] 왜 […]

Jona – Maghihintay Ako Lyrics

Ooh Yakapin mo ako ng mahigpit, bago ka umalis, hmm Hawakan mo ang aking kamay at muli mong hagkan, bago ka lumisan. Maari bang sabihing muli. Na ako lang ang ‘yong mahal At wala nang ibang hahadlang, hmm Sa ating pagmamahalan. Chorus 1: Maghihintay ako sa ‘yong pagbabalik Nandito lang ako ano man ang mangyari […]

Altan – Bacach Shil Andai Lyrics

An raibh tu i gCill Alla no Caislean a' Bharraigh Bhfaca tu campai a bhi ag na Francaigh? Mise 'gus tusa 'gus ruball na muice 'Gus bacach Shil' Andai, bacach Shil' Andai Bhi me i gCill Alla is Caislean a' Bharraigh Chonaic me campai bhi ag na Francaigh Mise 'gus tusa 'gus ruball na muice […]

Apre – Come Down Lyrics

[Verse 1] I know I won’t wanna use it I chuck it away and refuse it all the time And bury me underground And fight the tending like you love the sound [Pre-Chorus] But you know I need some sympathy at night, night And you make me bleed and you hold on me through the […]

Eddie Money – Forget About Love Lyrics

Forget about that guy Forget about the way you fell into his eyes Forget about his charms Forget about the way he held you in his arms Walking on air’s obnoxious The thrill The chill Will make you nauseous And you’ll never get enough Just forget about love! Forget about romance Forget about the way […]

Boldy James & The Alchemist – Belvedere Lyrics

[Intro] Who knows better than you? Detroit Where we at? I'd like to say [Verse 1] We come through like Green Beret Marines (r-r-r-rah) Fully auto submachine rifle with the laser beam Can't believe everything you hear, but I'ma have to Yeah, I want 'em, tell 'em pull up, I'm on Belvedere and Gratiot Old school mint-condition, be careful, […]

Voxtrot – Loan Shark Lyrics

Dream love come into me easy Washed out and breezy The rivers occur Beneath the sky lines Swallowed up by towers Too many hours Spent eating the world Oh what a country Brought me to a clearing Direct upon hearing The beautiful song Of progress sweeping like a shimmer Develop and simmer The fever is […]

Apre – Live It Up Lyrics

[Verse 1] So you wanna be a soldier But you’re sleeping on the front line So you go and see a doctor To try and fix all your minds [Pre-Chorus] Hold it, on and on But you can’t work it out Shake it up and up Until it makes a sound Wake me up and […]

Gordi – Look Like You Lyrics

[Verse 1] Were they too concealed in the TV screen? No book I read reminds me of this scene A storyline hung out to dry An ending unpredictable it seems [Chorus] So if I don't tread on an aisle And if I save some money, and invest it in a little while Untouchable and true Because you're looking at […]