Gothminister – Wish Lyrics

I’ve been away for a while now I have been gone in myself Time has deranged my emotions And I, I have fought against my hell Do you wish to be invincible Do you wish to rule the world Long before you even think of this You must learn to rule yourself I’ve been afraid […]

Luca Fogale – Surviving Lyrics

It's there in your eyes The way this world Has held us down The shifting of light Of second tries No break in the sound Wherever the road is To stay alive To find a way out We lost the control and We're on our own At least for now Just Surviving Surviving Surviving Surviving […]

High Sunn – Trust Me Lyrics

Drag me from the ground Tell me how i sound All i do is whine and cry Acting like i’m dying Always running for cover What have i suffered Don’t end up like me Trust me and believe Trust me and believe I don’t wanna be here I don’t wanna be here Cause i’ll f*ck […]

Ayesha Erotica – Juicy Couture Lyrics

[Verse 1] He wants to take me shopping He let me buy whatever I want He makes sure everybody’s watching (hey) He likes to spend, splurge, show off and flaunt [Pre-Chorus] Lipgloss and iPods, I’m gonna get what I want Claire’s Icing, all the best Look much hotter than all the rest Coach bags & […]

J Alvarez – No Te Vayas Lyrics (feat. Mackie)

[Letra de "No Te Vayas"] [Intro] Original [Pre-Coro] Hagamos de nosotros una realidad Me matan las ganas de tenerte (Tenerte) De ti tengo necesidad, no me conformo de solo verte Quiero hacerte mía, como tú quería', ah-ah Baby, tomate una decisión, -ó-ón (Dejamos que siga) [Coro] Si tú quieres no te vayas Quédate conmigo ahora Pasemonos de la raya […]

Paul McCartney to release new lockdown album

British pop legend Paul McCartney revealed Wednesday he will release the third in a trilogy of self-titled solo albums this year, after resurrecting unfinished music during the coronavirus lockdown. The former Beatle’s latest record “McCartney III”, which will be unveiled on December 11, follows months of work at his home studio in Sussex in southern […]

Brazil reaches deal to begin administering Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine

Brazil’s health minister said Tuesday the country would add the Chinese-made CoronaVac vaccine against Covid-19 to its national immunization program, despite a political and diplomatic row over whether to use it. Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello said the federal government had reached a deal with Sao Paulo state, which is helping test and produce the vaccine, […]

Current Chernobyl-level radiation harmful to bees: study

Bumblebees exposed to levels of radiation found within the Chernobyl exclusion zone suffered a “significant” drop in reproduction, in new research published Wednesday that scientists say should prompt a rethink of international calculations of nuclear environmental risk. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, set out to discover how ionising […]

Parents can’t be found for 545 children separated by US border policy

The parents of 545 migrant children who were separated under US border policy cannot be located, a court filing and US rights group revealed Tuesday. The separations were carried out in relation to US President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy toward migrants who illegally crossed the border. “Through our litigation, we just reported to the […]

‘A source of inspiration’ for egalitarians everywhere: Progressive International celebrates triumph of democracy in Bolivia

On the heels of socialist candidate Luis Arce’s decisive victory in Bolivia’s momentous presidential election, Progressive International on Tuesday praised the people of the South American nation for their courage, calling this week’s “triumph of democracy” after last year’s military coup that ousted then-president Evo Morales and installed a brutal right-wing regime a “source of […]

Feuerschwanz – Loreley Lyrics

Ich weiss nicht recht was es bedeuten soll Einem Meer von einem Weibe, eine Nixe so toll Sie saß auf nem Felsen und kämmte ihr Haar Und sang ein Liedelein so wunderbar Der Fluss der war rauschend ja reißend gemein Und kaum jemand konnte sich von ihr befreien Sie zu vergessen zog ich durch das […]

High Sunn – Superficial Lyrics

Will this last forever Or should i split up and say whatever Is this your final decision Just tell me your ambition I knew your plan all along I knew your plan all along I knew your plan all along I knew your plan all along Don’t worry about my emotional state We all know […]

Feuerschwanz – Vampir Lyrics

Hast du davon gehört Wer heute Nacht die Ruhe stört Ein liederlich Vampir Ein schrecklich Ungetier Hat Zähne lang und spitz! Und nicht nur das, das ist kein Witz Er kommt zu dir herein Will dein Blutsliebhaber sein Wenn er durch dein Fenster kracht Und sich über dich hermacht Wenn er dich massakriert Und alles […]

Phish – The Real Me Lyrics

I went back to the doctor To get another shrink I sit and tell him about my weekend But he never betrays what he thinks Can you see the real me, doctor? I went back to my mother I said, “I’m crazy ma, help me.” She said, “I know how it feels son ‘Cause it […]

Daboii – Who Is Dem? Lyrics

[Intro] Who is them? I don’t know, push up on them niggas Young wild nigga, I don’t wanna do no song with niggas SOB we locked down, really rolling wit’ ’em Put that nigga in the dirt he ever go against us Who is them? I don’t know, push up on them niggas Young wild […]