Hong Kong pro-independence teen activist charged with secession

A former leader of Hong Kong pro-independence group Studentlocalism was charged on Thursday with secession, money laundering and conspiracy to publish seditious material, the latest person to be targeted under a new national security law. Tony Chung, 19, who was denied bail, was arrested on Tuesday under the contentious legislation that punishes what Beijing broadly […]

Beijing slams US for arresting Chinese ‘Fox Hunt’ agents

Relations between China and the United States are at their lowest point in years, with bitter clashes over trade, tech, the coronavirus pandemic and human rights Beijing (AFP) – China accused the United States Thursday of “ignoring basic facts” after five Chinese agents were arrested by Washington for allegedly going after Beijing’s opponents on American […]

Shamana – Superhero Lyrics

[Remix of Sosa Superhero Flow by Sosamann] [Intro] This shit bang too hard.. Oh… What.. Yeah.. Ayy… Oh… What.. Yeah.. Ayy.. Oh.. What.. Yeah.. Somebody called Sosa in that mo’f*cker (Ayy) Know’m sayin’ (Yeah..) Y’ever feel like a superhero? Batman, Superman, nah im sayin’..Spider-Man.. hah, The Sosamann, hah.. like a mo’f*cker.. sweat.. I’m sauce.. [Verse […]

China and Vatican renew historic deal on bishops

A secretive 2018 agreement between Beijing and the Vatican was renewed Thursday, despite strident US condemnation and warnings from underground Chinese priests loyal to Rome that they have only become more marginalised since it was signed. The deal allows both Beijing and the Holy See a say in appointing bishops in an attempt to close […]

China says US ordered closure of Houston consulate

The United States has ordered China to close its Houston consulate, Beijing said Wednesday, marking a dramatic escalation in diplomatic tensions between the feuding superpowers. The move comes as the world’s two biggest economies have crossed swords on a growing number of fronts, from trade to Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and its policies […]

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Australia offers safe haven to Hong Kongers, sparking China fury

Australia offered pathways to permanent residency for thousands of people from Hong Kong on Thursday in response to China’s crackdown on dissent, drawing a furious reply from Beijing. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his government was suspending its extradition agreement with the city and, in addition to extending the visas of 10,000 Hong Kongers already […]

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China detains professor who criticised President Xi Jinping over coronavirus

Chinese authorities on Monday detained a law professor who published essays criticizing President Xi Jinping over the coronavirus pandemic and his efforts to consolidate power, according to friends of the man. Xu Zhangrun, a rare outspoken critic of the government in China’s heavily censored academia, was taken from his home in suburban Beijing by more […]

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Democracy books disappear from Hong Kong libraries

Books written by prominent Hong Kong democracy activists have started to disappear from the city’s libraries, online records show, days after Beijing imposed a draconian national security law on the finance hub. Among the authors whose titles are no longer available are Joshua Wong, one of the city’s most prominent young activists, and Tanya Chan, […]

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Beijing lifts some lockdowns as virus cases drop

Beijing lifted several lockdowns imposed to control a fresh coronavirus outbreak and reported just three new cases in the city on Wednesday, raising hopes that the cluster had been brought under control. The Chinese capital had closed off dozens of residential compounds and carried out mass testing last month after hundreds of infections raised fears […]

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Australia won’t be ‘intimidated’ by China economic threats: PM

Australia warned Thursday it would not be intimidated by attempts at economic “coercion” after China threatened to undermine the multi-billion dollar flow of Chinese tourists and students to the country. Beijing has issued warnings in recent days that Chinese should avoid Australia due to concerns about racist incidents targeting ethnic Asians during the coronavirus pandemic. […]

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China de-escalates airline spat with US

China said Thursday foreign airlines blocked from operating in the country over virus fears would be allowed to resume limited flights, apparently de-escalating a row with Washington following US plans to ban Chinese carriers. Beijing’s announcement comes as tensions between the world’s two superpowers are sent soaring by a series of issues including Donald Trump’s […]

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China says United States is ‘on the brink of a new Cold War’ with them over the coronavirus

China said Sunday that its relations with the United States were “on the brink of a new Cold War”, fuelled partly by tensions over the coronavirus pandemic that has killed nearly 350,000 people worldwide and pitched the global economy into a massive downturn. Fresh tensions between Beijing and Washington emerged as virus restrictions continued to […]

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