Juice WRLD – Cha-Ching (Spend It) Lyrics

[Intro] Zaytoven Spend, spend it Spend it, yee-haw I’m spendin’ Cha-ching, cha-ching What, perky boy [Chorus] I spend it all (Spend it, uh-huh), I spend it all (Spend it, uh-huh) Her time involved (Yeah, uh-huh), I spend it all (Spend it, uh-huh) Up early morning (Get it, uh-huh), ain’t no sleep at all (Spend it, […]

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Hooss – Gros Mytho Lyrics (feat. Naps)

[Couplet : Hooss] Je gère sa sœur à la gustavo Je suis dans la zone avec mes ‘zin, j’suis parano, ça sent le co’ J’ai des billets purple ‘zin, j’fume la purple Barrage au rond point d’air bel hendek, ils interpellent Ils me regardent de travers quand je passe en ville en golf 7R Rétrograde […]

Z-ro – It’s A Shame Lyrics

Gotta make sure these words are understandable Cause it’s a motherf*cking shame, all these short Comings in the game, hoe ass niggas, hoe ass bitches Know I’m saying [Z-Ro] I’m still King of the Ghetto, ain’t a damn thang changed Still sip out the prescription bottle, with hydro on my brain It help a nigga […]

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Shah – Pay Day lyrics

Intro: Open up the register This is pay day Open up the register This is pay day Verse 1: All I wanna do is see the profits Jesus, Benjamin Franklin, Mohammed Boy I got that gatorskin graveyard wallet Full of dead presidents, peace be upon em Shout out my girls that want the D but […]

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