Una lagrima que cae, una sensacion que hay que disimular Porque aunque lo se, lo sabes Nunca fui capaz de hablar Yo se que fuiste tu, el que te fuiste tu Y si me dice queda sola, eso lo hiciste tu Y no me importa si vas a llamarme Yo quiero besarte, besarte y besarte […]

Thunberg on UN climate report: ‘No real surprises’

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg attends a press conference in Berlin. Thunberg said the long-awaited climate report released by a UN panel of scientists on Monday contained “no real surprises.” Kay Nietfeld/dpa Swedish activist Greta Thunberg said the long-awaited climate report released by a UN panel of scientists on Monday contained “no real surprises.” “It […]

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Lumaraa – Alles Was Passiert Lyrics

[Songtext zu „Alles was passiert“] [Hook] Alles, was passiert, hat einen Grund Du weißt nicht immer gleich, warum Manchmal ist alles zu viel Alles, was passiert, hat einen Grund Du weißt nicht immer gleich, warum Manchmal ist alles zu viel [Part 1] Ich hab' lange darauf gewartet, dass sich irgendwas tut Die Blätter blieben leer, ich hab' es immer […]

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Greta Thunberg mocks British PM by changing Twitter bio to ‘bunny hugger’

Climate activist Greta Thunberg – Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg attends a press conference in Berlin. Thunberg changed her Twitter bio to “bunny hugger” in a jibe at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s comments at a global climate summit. – Kay Nietfeld/dpa Greta Thunberg changed her Twitter bio to “bunny hugger” in a jibe at […]

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Berlin far-right demonstrations see low turnout so far

Counter-protest against demo of right-wing extremists in Berlin – Various initiatives and left-wing groups demonstrate against the demo of right-wing extremists and the Reichsbuerger movement who are gathered near the Brandenburg Gate. – Fabian Sommer/dpa Only a few participants have turned up for Saturday’s planned demonstrations by far-right extremists in central Berlin. “There is very […]

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City – Steinzeit Lyrics

Annas Mutter war vierzig, da kam Vater nach Hause, nicht nach Stettin, Wittenberg war das jetzt und lag rechts von der Elbe. Der Schutt war der selbe, doch rechts von der Elbe war er russisch besetzt – in der Steinzeit. Anna war immer bereit in der Schule, von der Mauer in Berlin hat sie kaum […]

Rabbit Junk – Kick It Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sum Grrl, JP Anderson] How do you do that cool dance? It’s easy, show up, take a chance I got these moves that we can do to and sing I look f*cking awesome in pink I used to slash myself up I like to play it tough Cuts, bruises, blood oozes, bones breaking […]

Tanzverbot – Double Peace Lyrics

[Songtext zu „Double Peace“] [Intro] Yeah TA-TA-TANZVERBOT 2020 [Part 1] Bitch I don't like you, what you talk about a bitch What you think about a motherf*ckin' bitch? Bitch, yo, you look like a motherf*ckin' bitch And when I talk about bitches, I don't like it I groove on the street and I see people […]

Xir – Angela Merkel Lyrics

[Pre-Hook] Temkini bırakırım elden Beni beklersin geri gelmem Tutacağını sanarsan her dem Bilemezsin vuracak ner'den Hava kararıyo' bize henüz erken Rüzgara ben açarım yelken Değil olamaz hiçbiri engel Al beni Berlin'e Angela Merkel [Hook] Angela Merkel Schengen yok Karaköy'e sen gel Bozulur dengen Yol aldı yengen Karaköy'e sen gel Angela Merkel Angela Merkel Schengen yok […]

‘A perfect storm’: Experts worry as QAnon conspiracies go global — posing ‘an incredible threat to public health’

Powered by fear, anger and big tech’s algorithms, the QAnon conspiracy movement has exploded from the US political fringe into the global mainstream during the pandemic. Its influence can be seen at anti-lockdown and anti-mask rallies from Los Angeles, to London, Berlin and Melbourne — with protesters warning, without evidence, that the pandemic is a […]

NATO chief defends US amid Germany troop row

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg defended America’s military commitment to Europe on Monday, following reports President Donald Trump plans to slash troop numbers in Germany. Berlin has voiced concern at the proposal reported by US media to cut the 34,500 American military personnel posted in Germany by nearly a third. The move would significantly reduce the […]

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Juse Ju – Messias Von Benztown Lyrics

[Part 1] Maximi, Maxima, wieso hast du mich verlassen? Bei der “Quadratur des Kreises” war ich in der siebten Klasse Die Platte, die hat mich gelehrt, die CIA zu hassen “Man soll die Welt sehen wie sie ist” – aber muss man sie so lassen? Du hast mich gemacht, man, ich bin und bleib’ dein […]

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Arc de Triomphe to get posthumous Christo wrap in 2021

Even after his death, artist Christo’s dream project of wrapping up Paris’ Arc de Triomphe in silvery-blue recyclable fabric will go ahead next year in line with his wishes, organizers said on Tuesday. From Paris’s oldest bridge to Berlin’s Reichstag, the Bulgarian-born artist spent decades wrapping landmarks and creating improbable structures around the world. And […]

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Capital Bra – Komm Komm Lyrics

[Songtext zu „Komm komm“] [Intro: Capital Bra] Du weißt Bescheid, Berlin lebt, haha Was das für ein Beat, ja, Bratan? [Part 1: Capital Bra] Lak, mach ma’ nicht auf Blutsbruder, hör ma’ zu, cyka Ich bin Capital, Rapper und kein YouTuber (Capital Bra) Und ich scheiß’ drauf, was die Lehrer sagen (Uff) Der einzigste Lehrer war mein leerer Magen […]

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