Blocked by Biden, Canadian company drops Keystone pipeline

Blocked by US President Joe Biden, Canada’s TC Energy said Wednesday it had officially terminated the Keystone XL Pipeline project, throwing in the towel on a controversial initiative opposed by environmental activists. TC Energy will coordinate with regulators, indigenous groups and other stakeholders “to meet its environmental and regulatory commitments and ensure a safe termination […]

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Four killed in car attack in Canada — police say it was premeditated and ‘motivated by hate’

Following a car attack that killed four people from a Muslim family in Canada, police say they are assuming it was motivated by hatred. “Investigators believe that this was an intentional act and that the victims were targeted because of their Islamic faith,” a statement from police in London, Ontario, said on Monday. “There is […]

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“We’re all pained” – Canada indigenous leaders dismiss Pope remarks

By Anna Mehler Paperny TORONTO (Reuters) – Indigenous leaders and school survivors on Sunday dismissed Pope Francis’ expressions of pain at the discovery of 215 children’s remains at a former Catholic residential school in Canada, saying the church needed to do much more. In his weekly blessing in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, Francis said […]

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Canadian lawmaker caught urinating during virtual session just weeks after appearing naked in another video call

Oh, Canada. A Canadian lawmaker has apologized after he was caught urinating during virtual parliamentary proceedings — just weeks after he appeared naked in another video conference. William Amos, a member of parliament for Canada’s governing Liberal Party, said in a statement that the incident occurred Wednesday. “Last night, while attending House of Commons proceedings […]

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Sean Paul Gives Tutorial For The #TemperatureChallenge On TikTok

Sean Paul kicks off his #TemperatureChallenge on TikTok as his classic hit went viral. It’s quite understandable why TikTok challenges have grown in popularity since the arrival of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Social distancing coupled with tight curfews has seemingly resulted in a resurfacing of just about everything, from old songs to dance moves. It […]

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Evangelical Christians are trying to reinvent purity culture as ‘pro-women’

The anti-Asian shootings at three massage parlours in Atlanta, Ga., in March 2021 have complex religious elements. Eight people, including six Asian women, were killed in the attacks. The alleged shooter emerged from an evangelical “purity culture” that teaches a narrow view of sexuality, often with racial undertones. Purity culture has both specific and broad […]

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Politicians have ‘washed their hands’ and blamed others since Jesus’s crucifixion

Handwashing has gotten substantial coverage this past year during the COVID-19 pandemic, and not just for hygiene. You may have encountered some of the many accusations in both the U.S. and Canada that a politician has “washed his hands” of pandemic responsibilities. Sometimes the reference includes a nod to the historical figure associated with this […]

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Russia registers ‘world’s first’ Covid vaccine for animals

Russia announced Wednesday it had registered what it said was the world’s first coronavirus vaccine for animals, describing the step as important to disrupting mutations. It said mass production of the vaccine could begin in April. The agriculture oversight agency Rosselkhoznadzor said in a statement that the vaccine called Carnivak-Cov had been tested beginning October […]

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Duvchi – Altitude Lyrics

I’ve been working cold nights, in the rain I’ve been at the airports Taking planes I’ve been trynna text you Thru this shitty WiFi But it isn’t working Imma make this song cry Blue moon, blue moon Oh I can’t even see you from this altitude But I’ve been sending 30 000 text to you […]

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Trudeau says Putin behind ‘terrible things,’ skirts killer label

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday Vladimir Putin is responsible for “terrible things,” but wouldn’t go so far as US President Joe Biden in calling the Russian leader a “killer.” Trudeau, unaccustomed to criticizing other world leaders in public, was questioned during an interview on SiriusXM radio’s The Bridge with Peter Mansbridge about Biden’s […]

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‘Nazi’ punches wheelchair-bound man and assaults wife with flagpole at ‘freedom rally’: report

An alleged Nazi was reportedly seen repeatedly punching a man in wheelchair during a so-called freedom rally in Canada over the weekend. The incident was said to have occurred in Calgary on Saturday. Images circulating on social media show a man appearing to throw a punch at another man in a wheelchair. The aggressor is […]

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Sexual abuse victims urge Canada to investigate Pornhub

More than 100 victims of sexual exploitation, backed by 525 non-profit organizations, have asked Canadian authorities to criminally investigate the owner of Pornhub for facilitating and profiting from sexual abuses. In a letter sent to the government’s Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics last week they accuse Montreal-based MindGeek of violating child […]

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Biden, Trudeau renew strained US-Canadian ties

President Joe Biden declared Canada and the United States best friends Tuesday, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the friendship “extraordinary” in a virtual meeting turning the page on the turbulent Donald Trump era. “The United States has no closer friend than Canada,” Biden said, setting the tone for the get-together conducted by video link […]

Canada launches 58-nation initiative to stop arbitrary detentions

By David Ljunggren OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada on Monday launched a 58-nation initiative to stop countries from detaining foreign citizens for diplomatic leverage, a practice that Ottawa and Washington say China and others are using. Foreign ministers signed a non-binding declaration to denounce what Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau called unacceptable behavior. “Taking people from […]

Concern over proposed Hong Kong law that could bar anyone from leaving

A Hong Kong government proposal that could give “apparently unfettered power” to the immigration director to stop anyone from leaving the city is deeply concerning, barristers said Friday. Hong Kong’s influential Bar Association (HKBA) submitted a paper to the city’s legislative council expressing alarm over the law, which could bar any individual — Hong Kong […]

Justin Trudeau defends Canada taking Covid vaccines from sharing program

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday defended Canada tapping a vaccine-sharing program that pooled funds from wealthy nations to help poorer ones inoculate their populations against Covid-19, amid criticisms for being the only G7 beneficiary. “When wealthier countries invest in Covax, half of that funding is to get doses at home,” Trudeau told a news […]

Ottawa residents seek to dump Trump street name

Residents of an Ottawa neighborhood are looking to distance themselves from Donald Trump by renaming their street, which bears his name — once a source of intrigue, but now an embarrassment. Trump Avenue on the Canadian capital’s west side is lined with brick homes, each with two-car garages and kids playing hockey in driveways. The […]

Emir Taha – Kendine Gel Lyrics

[Intro] Kendine gel Kendine gel Kendine gel Kendine, kendine, kendine gel [Verse 1] Canada water Sipping up to a coma No id caller I can’t ignore her Moving mad bipolar East west pass borders Pageless passport its One milli to quarters Ain’t rich ain’t poor I’m collecting other revenues Cutting up forbidden fruit (Kendine, kendine, kendine…) [Hook] Up in high places, kendine gel […]

Canada, US border to stay closed until Jan. 21

The longest international border in the world, between Canada and the United States, will remain closed until January 21 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday. “Canada and the United States agreed today to keep our shared border closed until January 21,” Trudeau told a news conference. The border was initially […]

Here’s why Canada’s Doug Ford is stumbling during COVID-19’s second wave

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government has come to be defined by two things: its hesitant responses to the emerging second wave of COVID-19 and its relentlessly pro-business approach to virtually all other matters. The situation invites the question of whether the government’s stumbling reluctance to impose more restrictive measures to head off the growing numbers of […]