Fascism makes a comeback — but nothing about its methods is especially new

On Nov. 3, 2020, the American people conclusively decided to make Donald Trump their first one-term president in more than a quarter-century. On every previous occasion when an incumbent president was defeated — it had happened 10 times before Trump, the loser president at least swallowed his pride and honored the democratic process. Trump tried […]

Watch Trump explain how a 5-year-old child advised him on military issues in Afghanistan

Donald Trump told a bizarre story at a campaign rally in Alabama on Saturday evening. “I asked a child,” Trump said. “Would you leave the military until everything is out, including the civilians and all of that incredible military equipment? Or would you have the military go out first?” “Sir, I’d leave the military in,” […]

‘Is that a MAGA hat?’ Taliban takeover of presidential palace carries ‘big Jan 6 vibes’

Taliban fighters entered Afghanistan’s presidential palace, sparking memories of the Jan. 6 insurrection. Armed militants went inside the Afghan government’s headquarters Sunday after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, and a Taliban spokesman said talks on forming a new government would begin soon. Photos of the militants reminded many of the Donald Trump supporters who […]

‘Beyond Putin’s wildest dreams’: Kremlin’s backing of Trump had goal to ‘alter mass consciousness in certain groups’

A leaked document obtained by the Guardian indicates that the Kremlin ordered its spying agencies to back Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. During a closed January 22, 2016 national security session in Russia, according to the document, Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a spying agency to back the “mentally unstable” Trump for president […]

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Comedian banned from America for displaying profane anti-Trump sign at his Scottish golf course

The United States government is reportedly denying entrance to a Scottish comedian who protested Donald Trump with a profane sign. “Janey Godley claims she has been ‘barred from travelling to America’ following her controversial banner aimed at Donald Trump. The Scots funnywoman was one of many people who gathered to protest the former US President’s […]

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Greta Thunberg mocks British PM by changing Twitter bio to ‘bunny hugger’

Climate activist Greta Thunberg – Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg attends a press conference in Berlin. Thunberg changed her Twitter bio to “bunny hugger” in a jibe at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s comments at a global climate summit. – Kay Nietfeld/dpa Greta Thunberg changed her Twitter bio to “bunny hugger” in a jibe at […]

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The dark truth about conspiracy theories: They’re everywhere! Can they be stopped?

Conspiracy theories take can bewildering forms, as has become especially clear in the current era, when a recently deposed U.S. president became instrumental in spreading and popularizing an entire interlocking universe of demonstrably false conspiratorial narratives. But the historical development of conspiracy theories is becoming clearer, thanks to research across multiple disciplines, synthesized for a […]

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Saudi prince sidelined as US prepares to publish Khashoggi report

US President Joe Biden said Wednesday he has already seen a soon-to-be released intelligence report detailing the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. “Yes I have,” he told reporters when asked if he’d read the intelligence assessment. Earlier, the White House said the unclassified report would be out “soon.” Press […]

Canada rejects argument Trump ‘poisoned’ Chinese exec’s extradition case

Canadian government lawyers said in court documents obtained Friday that Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou’s allegations that former US president Donald Trump “poisoned” her extradition trial are “moot” now that he has left office. And they have asked a Canadian judge not to even hear those arguments about Trump when the proceedings resume next month. Meng’s […]

The truth about Russia’s role in pushing the QAnon canon of conspiracies

The cult of QAnon is at a crossroads. Adherents of the conspiracy theory/new religious movement convinced themselves that Donald Trump was poised to purge the cannibal pedophile cabal and its traitorous enablers in a cleansing burst of political violence. But with Joe Biden in the White House, and Capitol rioters facing charges for their insurrection […]

Trump impeachment after leaving office is nothing – in 9th-century Rome they put a pope’s corpse on trial

Having been impeached for the second time, former US president Donald Trump will be tried by the Senate in February 2021, the first time a US president has been impeached twice for “high crimes and misdemeanours”. A single article of impeachment will be passed to the Senate on January 25, accusing Trump of “inciting insurrection” […]

Roney – Get ’em Gone Lyrics

[Chorus] Youngin push up on ’em We don’t need a warning I just need a M I don’t need a foreign I ball like Aaron Gordon I chip that work they snort it All my shit’s imported All my bitch imported I’m a shooting star See me shoot from far Need a AR Send that […]

Trump ​handbag designer ambassador to South Africa ordered lavish second residence: report

Former president Donald Trump’s ambassador to South Africa pushed the State Department to spend some $1 million to renovate a second residence for her that she never occupied, a report said. Lana Marks, a designer of expensive handbags who was an early member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, wanted a second official residence in […]

Israeli artist paints 120 shades of Trump

The face is obscure and grim, but the blonde comb-over and tie leave no doubt that the image carpeting the studio of Israeli painter Iddo Markus is that of Donald Trump. “Let’s start by saying that I don’t like him,” the voluble artist stressed. Markus, with his short beard and piercing black eyes, said he […]

Macklemore – Trump’s Over Freestyle Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (Ha, ha, that’s enough, that’s enough, that’s enough!) Fifty grand I get this all in one take, ayy (Turn it up!) [Verse 1] Now, all you high-fiving MAGA white boys drinking White Claws Care about your taxes more than human rights, sign off You no mask-wearing, big truck-driving “Blue lives matter,” […]

As the end of the president’s reign draws near, Trumpland gets whackier and whackier

Even for Donald Trump and the Republican Tabernacle Choir of the Senate, this weekend was an all-star level of crazy-making – another in which the White House could ignore a pandemic killing 3,000 Americans a day, widespread misery and an attack on the nation while discussing the possibility of martial law over Trump’s election loss. […]

President Hassan Rouhani says Iran ‘very happy’ Trump leaving

President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that Iran was “very happy” over the looming departure from office of US counterpart Donald Trump, who led a campaign of “maximum pressure” against the Islamic republic. President-elect Joe Biden, who defeated Trump at the ballot box in November, has signalled a willingness to return to diplomacy with Iran after […]

Biden team to face immediate decisions on global hotspots

US President-elect Joe Biden’s foreign policy team has entered the stage with calls to return to international cooperation and democratic values after Donald Trump’s chaotic four years. The incoming administration has made clear that its top priority will be fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, but it will also face immediate decisions on several global hotspots: – […]