Israeli foreign minister in Egypt for talks on Gaza truce, rebuilding

Israeli Foreign Minister in Egypt – Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry (R) speaks with Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi during their meeting. Ashkenazi arrived on Sunday in Cairo for talks with senior Egyptian officials on supporting a ceasefire in place between Israel and the Gaza Strip’s ruling Islamist Hamas group. – Mohamed El-Shahed/dpa Israeli Foreign […]

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Biden administration reportedly blocking UN cease-fire statement as Israel bombards Gaza

The Biden administration is reportedly blocking the release of a United Nations Security Council statement calling for an immediate cease-fire as Israel continues its devastating assault on the occupied Gaza Strip, killing dozens of Palestinians and injuring hundreds more. According to Reuters, which cited anonymous diplomats and sources familiar with the Biden administration’s strategy, the […]

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Muslims around the world navigate Covid restrictions for Ramadan, again

For Ramadan this year, Magdy Hafez has been longing to reclaim a cherished ritual: performing the nighttime group prayers called taraweeh at the mosque once again. Last year, the coronavirus upended the 68-year-old Egyptian’s routine of going to the mosque to perform those prayers, traditional during Islam’s holiest month. The pandemic had disrupted Islamic worship […]

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Was Jesus really born in Bethlehem? Why the Gospels disagree over the circumstances of Christ’s birth

Every Christmas, a relatively small town in the Palestinian West Bank comes center stage: Bethlehem. Jesus, according to some biblical sources, was born in this town some two millennia ago. Yet the New Testament Gospels do not agree about the details of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. Some do not mention Bethlehem or Jesus’ birth at […]

CNN drops bombshell on investigation into Egypt backing Trump in 2016

CNN dropped a bombshell report on Wednesday as Americans are voting in more than 40 states. “For more than three years, federal prosecutors investigated whether money flowing through an Egyptian state-owned bank could have backed millions of dollars Donald Trump donated to his own campaign days before he won the 2016 election,” CNN reported, based […]

Egypt unveils coffins buried 2,500 years ago

Archaeologists in Egypt said Saturday they had found 59 well-preserved and sealed wooden coffins over recent weeks that were buried more than 2,500 years ago. Opening one of the ornately decorated sarcophagi before assembled media, the team revealed mummified remains wrapped in burial cloth that bore hieroglyphic inscriptions in bright colours. The dramatic find was […]

Transfer of sphinxes to Cairo square stirs controversy

In a bustling square of Egypt’s capital, four sphinx-like statues stand in wooden crates ahead of a planned unveiling ceremony following their controversial transfer from historical sites. With the bodies of lions and heads of rams, the statues had for millennia graced Karnak temple in the southern city of Luxor representing the ancient Egyptian god […]

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Meliah Rage – Dreamer Lyrics

Dreamer, dreamer tell me my dreams Dreamer, dreamer bring it unto me Maybe, maybe riches bestowed Maybe, maybe eternity I’ll know Stars cry they dim before him True lies you never can disguise Bow down fall to your knees Nightmares are all that you can see Tell me of your sleepless nights And bring them […]

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Mobile Hotspots – End Of The World Update lyrics

Dumb people, smart phones Civil wars and no-fly zone Hidden spies, flying drones Experiments with mutant clones Additives that break hormones Two sit on the papal throne Next – What’s Next? What’s your – Best Bet? Health care, doctor’s office Super bugs like staphylococcus Legal thugs in congress caucus Arguments that somehow lost us Opposing […]

Oddisee – Like Really

[Verse 1] Why you want to catch my eye, when you already know that I’m taken (nah like really) How you past due on payments, and I’m seeing you on vacation (nah like really) How you gonna make us great when we were never really that amazing (nah like really) Take it back to what, […]