France locks down, Germany closes down, as virus cases hit record

France announced a new month-long national lockdown and Germany imposed drastic new curbs on people’s daily lives as the EU’s biggest countries admitted that hospitals would soon be overwhelmed by patients suffering from coronavirus. The dramatic lockdown decision from French President Emmanuel Macron came after weeks of exponentially rising new infections across Europe that have […]

Australia cheers end of Melbourne lockdown but virus ravages Europe, US

Champagne corks popped in Australia’s second-biggest city as a months-long coronavirus lockdown ended on Wednesday, contrasting with deepening gloom in Europe where France and Germany were set to reintroduce curbs. The pandemic has unleashed vast devastation across the global economy and in the absence of a vaccine or effective treatment, countries are being forced to […]

Italy protesters and police clash over virus curbs as Europe battles surges

Italian demonstrators staged Europe’s latest public rally against new anti-coronavirus restrictions early Sunday, as more countries tightened social distancing rules over the weekend to fight surges in infections. The World Health Organization has warned of an “exponential” rise in infections threatening health systems’ ability to cope with a second wave of the pandemic, testing many […]

Polish court allows stricter abortion law, sparking outcry

Poland’s constitutional court on Thursday struck down a provision of the Catholic country’s abortion law, allowing the already strict legislation to be further tightened and drawing swift outcry from rights groups. Chief justice Julia Przylebska said in a ruling that existing legislation — one of Europe’s most restrictive — that allows for the abortion of […]

New restrictions in Europe as global virus cases pass 40 million

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide passed 40 million on Monday, as fresh measures to combat the spread of the virus came into effect in several European countries. Belgium imposes a nationwide overnight curfew from Monday and Switzerland has made wearing face masks compulsory in indoor public spaces, the latest measures by European governments […]

‘A definite and sustained increase’: Europe leads record single-day worldwide COVID-19 Infection surge

The World Health Organization reported a record one-day increase in global coronavirus infections on Thursday, with 338,779 new cases registered in the past 24 hours. According to Reuters, the record single-day surge is largely driven by 96,996 new cases in Europe, which is now reporting more new cases than the United States, India, and Brazil—the […]

Germany faces ‘uncontrollable’ spread as Europe renews lockdowns

German health experts warned on Thursday that the coronavirus could “spread uncontrollably” in the country, as infections surged across Europe and governments prepared to renew some lockdown measures. In Belgium, Brussels’ crowded bars and cafes were shut for a month, a return to the stricter protocols imposed at the height of the epidemic in March […]

EU leaders tackle huge virus recovery plan

EU leaders launched fraught negotiations Friday, deeply divided over how to raise and then distribute a major recovery fund to revive a European economy ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. Europe faces its biggest recession in the bloc’s 63-year history, and states are under pressure to look beyond their own borders and to find ways to […]

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Europe moves ahead with reopening as global virus cases top 7 million

European countries experimented with further lifting coronavirus restrictions Monday as New Zealand declared victory over the pandemic, even as global cases topped seven million and deaths mounted in Latin America. The number of COVID-19 fatalities has now passed 403,000 worldwide since the disease emerged in China last year before sweeping the globe, subjecting billions to […]

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Surge in Latin America COVID-19 cases as global coronavirus toll pass 400,000

Surging fatalities in Latin America helped push the global coronavirus death toll above 400,000 on Sunday, even as Europe emerged from its virus lockdown with infections increasingly under control there. Pope Francis, addressing Catholics in Saint Peter’s Square on Sunday for the first time since the health emergency began, said the worst was over in […]

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Earth Has Hottest May on Record

“This is unquestionably an alarming sign.” The Earth just experienced its hottest May on record, scientists said Friday—just a day after it was announced that atmospheric CO2 levels hit a new high. Scientists at Europe’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) announced the temperature record Friday. The agency said that globally, last month 0.63°C warmer than the 1981-2020 average for May. […]

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Lacraps – Ma Noirceur Lyrics

[Couplet 1] Tu veux attraper l’succès ? Tu t’es trompé j’suis l’pire appât Tu sais j’rap c’que j’ai pu subir et un seul son suffira pas Tu fuiras parce que c’est trop sombre, tu vas trop songer, j’rend crade N’importe quel gros son, j’rap pour ôter l’boxon qu’j’ai dans l’crâne J’peux pas m’contenter d’attendre, mais […]

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Italy leads Europe reopening borders as virus strikes Latin America

Italy led European nations reopening borders on Wednesday as the continent slowly emerged from quarantines to restart battered economies even as the coronavirus pandemic carved its deadly path through Latin America. European nations among the hardest hit by the outbreak have mostly flattened out infection curves and turned to the tricky task of balancing economic […]

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Virus tolls surge in Americas as Europe re-opens

The death toll from the coronavirus spiked again in the United States, and Latin America’s pandemic crisis deepened, as Europe’s re-opening from lockdown grew bolder by the day. Grim figures from the Americas were accompanied by the growing economic fallout, with the number of people filing unemployment claims in the US reaching 40 million, and […]

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Spain’s far right hold car protest against Covid-19 lockdown

Thousands of cars and motor-bikes honking horns and waving Spanish flags drove in procession through Madrid on Saturday as part of a nationwide protest called by the far-right Vox party against the country’s coronavirus lockdown. Spain, which imposed one of Europe’s toughest lockdowns on March 14, has started to ease restrictions, but Madrid and Barcelona have remained […]

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Fresh Hong Kong fears spark sell-off across Asia

Hong Kong (AFP) – Hong Kong led a sell-off across Asian equities Friday after China introduced proposals to enact a national security law for the city, fanning geopolitical tensions and overshadowing optimism about a further easing of virus lockdowns across Europe and the US.After months of concentrating on the economic impact of the coronavirus, traders’ […]

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Europe’s Franco-German ‘motor’ sputters back to life

President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel have jump-started the Franco-German “motor” at the heart of Europe by jointly pitching a hugely ambitious economic recovery plan, even if it faces a bumpy road ahead. Macron and Merkel, whose relationship has been shadowed by disagreements on several key issues, on Monday put differences aside to propose […]

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Future – Never Gon Lose Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah This bitch from Australian and I’m an alien (808 Mafia) [Chorus] I sip out a cup of this shit, it’s so muddy, but I love it, baby When I jump out the whip, when I hop out the whip then I’m fresh in the latest I do what I want, and I smoke […]

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