France locks down, Germany closes down, as virus cases hit record

France announced a new month-long national lockdown and Germany imposed drastic new curbs on people’s daily lives as the EU’s biggest countries admitted that hospitals would soon be overwhelmed by patients suffering from coronavirus. The dramatic lockdown decision from French President Emmanuel Macron came after weeks of exponentially rising new infections across Europe that have […]

American voters in Paris get ready for US presidential election

Politically active Americans who live in France have been registering voters, making media appearances, donating to candidates and venting to their friends in the run-up to the November 3 presidential election. In the 2020 election between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, votes from Americans abroad could make a difference, especially in swing […]

Australia cheers end of Melbourne lockdown but virus ravages Europe, US

Champagne corks popped in Australia’s second-biggest city as a months-long coronavirus lockdown ended on Wednesday, contrasting with deepening gloom in Europe where France and Germany were set to reintroduce curbs. The pandemic has unleashed vast devastation across the global economy and in the absence of a vaccine or effective treatment, countries are being forced to […]

Trump gaffe demotes France’s Macron

President Donald Trump likes to make fun of his rival Joe Biden’s verbal lapses but on Saturday he made his own goof as he took a pot shot at French President Emmanuel Macron and effectively demoted him. Trump’s error downgrading Macron to prime minister came as he spoke at a campaign rally in Michigan, one […]

US-French duo Emmanuelle Charpentier, Jennifer Doudna win Nobel Chemistry Prize for gene editing tool

Emmanuelle Charpentier of France and Jennifer Doudna of the United States on Wednesday won the Nobel Chemistry Prize for developing the gene-editing technique known as the CRISPR-Cas9 DNA snipping “scissors”. “Using these, researchers can change the DNA of animals, plants and microorganisms with extremely high precision,” the Nobel jury said. “This technology has had a […]

French institute aims to start human trials of ‘promising’ COVID-19 drug this winter

The Pasteur Institute in the northern French city of Lille has confirmed the discovery of a “very promising” drug in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, without naming it. FRANCE 24 spoke to the institute’s director-general about the potential new cure ahead of the first clinical trials. Hope in the time of Covid-19. As infection […]

Five activists go on trial for seizing African artwork from Paris museum

Five activists go on trial in Paris on Wednesday for trying to seize an African funeral staff from France’s pre-eminent indigenous art museum, hoping to increase pressure on the government to restitute items they say were stolen. Emery Mwazulu Diyabanza, a 41-year-old Congolese activist, led the operation at the Quai Branly museum last June, denouncing […]

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews defy COVID-19 fears during Yom Kippur

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given in to pressure from ultra-Orthodox Jews in his coalition government, refusing to close synagogues during Yom Kippur despite the threat from Covid-19. FRANCE 24 reports from Bnei Brak, an ultra-Orthodox city with one of the highest rates of infection in Israel. Bnei Brak, the country’s largest ultra-Orthodox city, […]

Hooss – La, La, La Lyrics

[Intro] J’suis sapé en Gucci J’fais des “La, la, la” comme les Fugees Ouh la, la, la J’suis sapé en Gucci J’fais des “La, la, la” comme les Fugees J’suis sapé en Gucci J’fais des “La, la, la” comme les Fugees [Couplet 1] J’connais la vie, j’sais qu’j’vais bientôt crever J’suis au fond du carré, […]

France reports up to 500 active clusters but says no sign yet of ‘second wave’

French authorities have reported 400 to 500 active coronavirus outbreak clusters but there are no signs of an imminent “second wave,” Health Minister Olivier Veran said Monday. Many of the current virus clusters involve abattoirs or other contained professional settings such as old age homes, he said. Others had resulted from family reunions during the summer holidays. […]

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Fury in France as protesters slam Macron’s choice of interior minister accused of rape

Chanting “Impunity is Over!” or dancing against sexual violence, women’s rights activists protested Friday in multiple cities in France and abroad against President Emmanuel Macron’s appointment of a new interior minister who is accused of rape and a justice minister who has minimized the #MeToo movement. The actions started Friday morning in Dijon, where new […]

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France investigates report of bodies ‘left to rot’ at Paris research centre

French investigating magistrates will probe claims that human corpses donated for science were left to rot and be eaten by rats at a university research facility, the Paris prosecutor’s office said Thursday. A probe into “violations of the integrity of a corpse” was handed over to the magistrates by prosecutors who handled the initial phase […]

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Macron names Jean Castex as new French prime minister

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday named Jean Castex, who coordinated France’s virus reopening strategy, as the country’s new prime minister. The relatively low-profile Castex replaces Edouard Philippe, who resigned earlier in the day. Macron is reshuffling the government to focus on restarting the economy after months of lockdown. Castex, 55, is a career public servant who has worked with multiple […]

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Maurice Chevalier – Fleur De Paris Lyrics

FLEUR DE PARIS 1 Mon épicier l’avait gardée dans son comptoir Le percepteur la conservait dans son tiroir La fleur si belle De notre espoir Le pharmacien la dorlottait dans un bocal L’ex-caporal en parlait à l’ex-général Car c’était elle Notre idéal REFRAIN C’est une fleur de Paris Du vieux Paris qui sourit Car c’est […]

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Distorted Chinese, Russian virus news takes root in West: study

Coronavirus misinformation spread by Russian and Chinese journalists is finding a bigger audience on social media in France and Germany than content from the European nations’ own premier news outlets, according to new research. Whether it is distorted coverage or outright conspiracy theories, articles written in French and German by foreign state media are resonating […]

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France pulls plug on country’s oldest nuclear plant

France’s oldest nuclear power plant will shut down on Tuesday after four decades in operation, to the delight of environmental activists who have long warned of contamination risks, but stoking worry for the local economy. The Fessenheim plant, opened in 1977 and already three years over its projected 40-year life span, became a target for […]

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Virus cases top nine million as WHO says pandemic ‘accelerating’

Global coronavirus infections topped nine million on Monday shortly after the World Health Organization warned that the pandemic was accelerating, even as France took its biggest step yet back to normality by allowing millions of children to return to school. Despite Europe further easing lockdowns, case numbers around the world are still rising, especially in […]

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Paris statues of Voltaire and a colonial-era general splashed with red paint

Two Paris statues related to France’s colonial era were found covered in red paint on Monday amid global calls to take down monuments commemorating figures with links to slavery or colonialism. One of the statues drenched in red was of Voltaire, a leading thinker and writer of the French Enlightenment but who owed part of his fortune to colonial-era trade. […]

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