Rapsody – 2AM (feat. Ab-Soul)

[Hook: Rapsody] Backrubs on backbones and black booty Ain’t nothing else popping out here at 2AM If it ain’t good intentions niggas out looking for food Or end up in intensive, down in county zoos [Verse 1: Rapsody] I couldn’t count on you yesterday nigga, where you was? Everybody ain’t family just because they call […]

Game – Freedom letras

[Verse 1: Game] Holdin’ my daughter in the booth Her momma out there somewhere in that Bentley trynna find a roof Poof, I wave my wand and here comes Kendrick Niggas say the west ain’t winnin’, I’m just tryin’ to find the proof Speakin’ of Proof, I’m ’bout to roll one with Snoop Blow the […]

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