France locks down, Germany closes down, as virus cases hit record

France announced a new month-long national lockdown and Germany imposed drastic new curbs on people’s daily lives as the EU’s biggest countries admitted that hospitals would soon be overwhelmed by patients suffering from coronavirus. The dramatic lockdown decision from French President Emmanuel Macron came after weeks of exponentially rising new infections across Europe that have […]

Australia cheers end of Melbourne lockdown but virus ravages Europe, US

Champagne corks popped in Australia’s second-biggest city as a months-long coronavirus lockdown ended on Wednesday, contrasting with deepening gloom in Europe where France and Germany were set to reintroduce curbs. The pandemic has unleashed vast devastation across the global economy and in the absence of a vaccine or effective treatment, countries are being forced to […]

Merkel eyes ‘lockdown light’ to tame virus

Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to push for a “lockdown light” in crisis talks with Germany’s regional leaders Wednesday, as the number of coronavirus cases soars and hospital beds fill up. The proposed new restrictions would include closing restaurants and bars and putting strict limits on private and public gatherings while keeping schools, daycares and […]

Germany faces ‘uncontrollable’ spread as Europe renews lockdowns

German health experts warned on Thursday that the coronavirus could “spread uncontrollably” in the country, as infections surged across Europe and governments prepared to renew some lockdown measures. In Belgium, Brussels’ crowded bars and cafes were shut for a month, a return to the stricter protocols imposed at the height of the epidemic in March […]

France, Germany seek Russia sanctions over Alexei Navalny poisoning

Germany and France on Wednesday directly accused Russia of “involvement and responsibility” in the poisoning of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, announcing that they will seek EU sanctions over the case. Moscow quickly hit back that the accusations were “unacceptable” and amounted to “blackmail”. The European powers have repeatedly asked Moscow to shed light on the […]

Nobel Prize for Physics goes to Briton, German and American for research of black holes

Britain’s Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel of Germany and U.S. scientist Andrea Ghez won the 2020 Nobel Prize for Physics for their discoveries about one of the most exotic phenomena in the universe, the black hole, the award-giving body said on Tuesday. Penrose, professor at the University of Oxford, won half the prize for his work […]

Confederate flags fly worldwide, igniting social tensions and inflaming historic traumas

The United States isn’t the only country debating Confederate symbols. The Confederate flag can be seen flying in Ireland, Germany, Brazil and beyond. Sometimes, the red-white-and-blue-crossed flag is seemingly displayed as kitsch, a kind of Americana. Other times, its display conveys a political meaning more reflective of the flag’s origins in the slave-holding, Southern American […]

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Germany assumes EU presidency as Merkel pushes for massive bloc-wide recovery plan

Germany takes over the European Union’s six-month presidency Wednesday, with outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel staking her legacy on a massive economic recovery plan to help the bloc cope with the coronavirus fallout. Merkel‘s last major role on the international stage comes as the 27-member club faces its deepest recession since World War II, triggered by […]

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Distorted Chinese, Russian virus news takes root in West: study

Coronavirus misinformation spread by Russian and Chinese journalists is finding a bigger audience on social media in France and Germany than content from the European nations’ own premier news outlets, according to new research. Whether it is distorted coverage or outright conspiracy theories, articles written in French and German by foreign state media are resonating […]

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German court orders Facebook to rein in data collection

A top German court on Tuesday ordered Facebook to stop merging data collected through its Whatsapp and Instagram subsidiaries or other websites unless users explicitly agree, in a legal victory for competition authorities. Germany’s Federal Cartel Office (FCO) had told Facebook to rein in the data collecting in a landmark decision in 2019, but the […]

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Russia rips Democrats’ bill — to defund Trump’s withdrawal of US troops from Germany

The leading Democrats on the Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday introduced legislation to block Donald Trump’s administration from withdrawing troops from Germany. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), the chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee and Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NY), the ranking member on the Senate’s counterpart, unveiled the legislation on social media. “The current U.S. […]

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Police pressure mounts against Germany’s far-right AfD

An entire regional chapter of Germany’s far-right AfD party has been placed under police surveillance because of its extremist tendencies, local authorities said Monday, increasing pressure on the anti-migrant group. The Brandenburg chapter of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is now “a suspicious case and an object of surveillance”, said a spokesman for the […]

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Pompeo vows probe into ‘inappropriate’ treatment of foreign reporters

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged a probe Wednesday into complaints of mistreatment of foreign journalists covering the nationwide protests against racism and police brutality. Australia, Britain and Germany have all taken the unusual step of voicing concern about US actions, with Australia stunned by scenes of two of its television journalists attacked by police […]

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NATO chief defends US amid Germany troop row

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg defended America’s military commitment to Europe on Monday, following reports President Donald Trump plans to slash troop numbers in Germany. Berlin has voiced concern at the proposal reported by US media to cut the 34,500 American military personnel posted in Germany by nearly a third. The move would significantly reduce the […]

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German leaders stunned and angry after Trump announces 9,500 troops will be pulled from region

On Saturday, Bloomberg News reported that Germany is stunned by President Donald Trump’s new order to pull 9,500 troops from the region. “Like Chancellor Angela Merkel, the mayor of Grafenwoehr was caught off guard. It’s the latest sign of the U.S.’s deterioration of ties with a loyal ally, one that not only hosts most of […]

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US planning to slash troops in Germany: report

US President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to slash the number of troops it maintains in Germany by more than a quarter in the coming months, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. The newspaper said the Defense Department would cut the number of military personnel by 9,500 from the current 34,500 permanently assigned to […]

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Germany to lift travel warning to most European countries from June 15

Germany will lift its blanket travel warning for European nations from June 15, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said Wednesday, as the continent looks to further ease restrictions imposed to contain the coronavirus. Germany introduced an unprecedented warning against all foreign travel in mid-March. But with new infections sharply down, the government is looking for ways […]

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Why COVID-19 immunity passports may violate US law

As the COVID-19 crisis wreaks havoc across the globe, a handful of countries, including Germany, Chile and the United States, are mulling the use of immunity passports to make clear who is immune from coronavirus infection. Several U.S. companies are also examining ways of testing employees, including for COVID-19 antibodies, before allowing them to return […]

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Volkswagen ordered to compensate motorists in landmark ‘Dieselgate’ ruling

A German federal court judge ruled on Monday that Volkswagen has to pay compensation to motorists who purchased vehicles with manipulated diesel engines, a major blow for the carmaker in its home market as it continues to reel from the emissions scandal. Germany’s highest court for civil disputes ruled that those who purchased the vehicles in question […]

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Bonfire – Rap Is Crap! Lyrics

Just imagine a rocksinger Calling on white to kill black I can hear the immediate outcry Among all those ghetto rats I’m just so sick and tired Of all your violent and racial loaded stuff I gotta shout it out – “enough is enough!” What sells is violence, sex, drugs and guns And the record […]

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