Pooh Shiesty Taunts Paralyzed Rival Rapper For Dissing Him & Lil Durk In A Song

Pooh Shiesty is trolling rapper EBG Ejizzle who is now paralyzed. Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty is one of the fast-rising members of Gucci Mane’s 1017 imprint. The rapper who recently released his freshman mixtape Shiesty Season is laughing about the downfall of rapper EBG Ejizzle, who is reportedly paralyzed after getting shot. Ejizzle, a fellow […]

Lil’ Peep – Gucci Mane Lyrics

[Intro] Charlie Shuffler Cocaine in your bitch brain Gettin' high since Friday When my bitch say No pain when my mind fade Cold chain Switchin' lanes, bumpin' Gucci Mane [Chorus] Cocaine in your bitch brain I make it rain when my bitch say No pain when my mind fade (When my mind fade) I've been […]

Kaaris – Comme Gucci Mane Lyrics

[Paroles de "Comme Gucci Mane"] [Intro] 2.7., 2.7 V.R.A.N Orh Click, Click, Click [Couplet 1] Même si je mets un costume, je n'serai jamais embauché J'veux faire du mal pour faire des thunes, jusqu'à c'que je sois embaumé Bleu, blanc, rouge, j'vais te baiser, je suis venu t'annihiler Jamais je n'serai intégré, je n'serai jamais […]

Gucci Mane – Step Out Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Foogiano] Zaytoven Ho, ho, yeah When I’m flexin’ on all this money, you can’t rubberband me When I step out, you know I got these diamonds dancin’ Know I got these diamonds dancin’ [Verse 1: Future] I jump in a party, bitch, you know I’m flyer than Michael Jordan VVSs diamonds lightin’ up, these bitches goin’ retarded I don’t post […]

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Gucci Mane – Both Sides Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Gucci Mane] Rio Brrr gang, leave a nigga cold What’s happening, Chi Chi [Chorus: Lil Baby & Gucci Mane] It ain’t my business, it ain’t my beef, I ain’t on no side Y’all got guns and we got guns but we don’t post ours Look, you poppin’ like the giant, he just .45 Told him hit ’em in the leg […]

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