Pompeo alleges Iran new ‘home base’ of Al-Qaeda

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo alleged Tuesday that arch-enemy Iran has become a new “home base” for Al-Qaeda worse than Afghanistan, an assertion questioned by experts. In a speech a week before leaving office, Pompeo confirmed a New York Times report that Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command was killed last year in Tehran, although he did not […]

Trump may seize Iranian money being spent on coronavirus vaccines: report

President Hassan Rouhani said Saturday that Washington was demanding Iranian transactions for novel coronavirus vaccines pass through US banks, and expressed fear the money could be seized. US President Donald Trump has imposed wave after wave of sanctions on the Islamic republic since 2018, when he unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal. Iran has […]

Germany warns Iran against nuclear escalation ahead of Biden’s term

Iran must not squander its chances of bringing the United States back into the troubled nuclear deal that regulates Iran’s nuclear programme, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday. Maas spoke after talking online with fellow chief diplomats from Iran, Britain, China, France and Russia about the future of the agreement, one month before […]

President Hassan Rouhani says Iran ‘very happy’ Trump leaving

President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that Iran was “very happy” over the looming departure from office of US counterpart Donald Trump, who led a campaign of “maximum pressure” against the Islamic republic. President-elect Joe Biden, who defeated Trump at the ballot box in November, has signalled a willingness to return to diplomacy with Iran after […]

Rapture-believing Mike Pompeo has Trump’s approval to bully Iran as long as he doesn’t ‘start World War III’

President Donald Trump has given his advisers the go-ahead to antagonize Iran in the final weeks of his administration. Multiple U.S. officials told The Daily Beast that Trump has become less involved than ever with Iran policy, and one White House official said he’s “checked out” on the issue to focus on his effort to […]

‘Reckless, provocative, and illegal’: Dem senator warns assassination of Iranian scientist was designed to kill diplomacy

Sen. Bernie Sanders warned over the weekend that the assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh—widely believed to have been the work of Israel—was carried out with the intention of undermining any prospect of diplomacy between the United States and Iran just weeks before President-elect Joe Biden is set to take office. “The assassination […]

Trump ‘shadow’ chief of staff Sean Hannity undermines neocon push for war with Iran

Fox News personality Sean Hannity undermined the neoconservative push for war with Iran on Saturday. Former Donald Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton has been among the neocon voices urging a “preemptive strike” military attack on Iran. Iran's terrorist regime is seeking nuclear weapons for terrorist purposes. Faced with such a threat, a pre-emptive strike […]

Iran assassination could undercut Joe Biden’s diplomatic options

The assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist, which Tehran has blamed on Israel, risks not only sharpening tensions across the region but also severely complicating plans by US President-elect Joe Biden to resume dialogue with the Islamic republic, analysts said Saturday. Iran has accused arch-foe Israel of seeking to sow “chaos” by killing 59-year-old Mohsen […]

Former Trump adviser Bolton urges president to launch ‘pre-emptive strike’ on Iran

President Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor is urging him to launch a pre-emptive military attack on Iran. Ambassador John Bolton called for a strike one day after Trump tweeted approvingly about the assassination of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh near Tehran. Bolton, a neoconservative who is known as a war hawk, accused Iran seeking nuclear […]

Iranian president points finger at US and Israel for murder of physicist

Iran’s arch-enemies, the United States and Israel, are behind the fatal attack on nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, President Hassan Rowhani said on Saturday.”Once again, imperialism and its Zionist mercenaries caused bloodshed and the death of an Iranian scientist,” he said.According to Rowhani, this “terrorist attack” merely proves the fear of Iran’s enemies about the country’s […]

Iran agency head: Murder of physicist will not stop nuclear program

The head of Iran’s nuclear agency, Ali-Akbar Salehi, has vowed that the killing of nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh will neither stop nor impair progress in the country’s nuclear programme.”Fakhrizadeh’s path is now being continued even more intensively,” Salehi said on Saturday.Communications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi made a similar statement. “Thousands will grow back for […]

Was the secret meeting between Netanyahu, Pompeo and Prince Mohammed a last minute war plot?

The alarming possibility of a military attack on Iran — a nation that has long been in the sights of war hawks in the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel — was immediately invoked by foreign policy analysts Monday following reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in secret late Sunday with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin […]

Iran’s supreme leader mocks US democracy

Iran’s supreme leader has mocked the rancorous aftermath of election day in the United States, saying that the vote has exposed the reality of US democracy. Well over 24 hours after the last polling stations closed in the US state of Alaska, the battle for the White House remains undecided. US President Donald Trump has […]

FBI rebuts unfounded Trump claim of rigged election — Iran was behind Proud Boy emails to Florida Dems

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe announced Wednesday evening that the FBI has determined that Iran was behind the voter suppression emails sent to Democrats in Florida. Speaking at an announcement from the headquarters, Ratcliffe blamed Iran and Russia for being involved in fraudulent election interactions. Unlike GOP accusations in the past, China and Ukraine […]

‘Outright genocidal’: Even as Iran reels from COVID-19 pandemic, Trump to unveil punishing new sanctions

In a move that could further restrict Iran’s access to humanitarian goods such as food and medicine at a time when the country is being ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration is planning to impose punishing new sanctions on the Iranian financial sector reportedly at the behest of warmongers in the Republican Party, […]

Iran reports ‘accident’ at nuclear site, warns enemies

Tehran on Thursday reported an “accident” at Natanz nuclear complex in central Iran, saying there were no casualties or radioactive pollution, and warned foes — especially Israel — against hostile actions. There was “no nuclear material (at the damaged warehouse) and no potential of pollution,” the spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation Behrouz Kamalvandi told […]

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Netanyahu warns Assad to keep out Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday he would be “risking the future” of his regime if he allowed Iran to be entrenched militarily in his country. “We will not allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria,” he told reporters alongside visiting US pointman on Iran policy, Brian […]

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Iran issues ‘murder and terrorism’ arrest warrant for Trump over Suleimani assassination

“His prosecution will be pursued even after the end of his term in office.” The Iranian government on Monday issued an arrest warrant for U.S. President Donald Trump and recommended that he face “murder and terrorism charges” over the January assassination of Gen. Qasem Soleimani that brought the two nations to the brink of all-out war. “The 36 individuals […]

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Trump’s Russian bounty scandal shows his disastrous foreign policy is even worse than we could imagine

It seems as if it happened ages ago, but you may recall that at the beginning of the year the United States came very close to going to war with Iran. There had been a number of skirmishes over the previous months and Iran’s proxies had been lobbing rocket attacks at bases in Iraq, none of which was particularly […]

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Cielo Razzo – Por Llegar Lyrics

Revota intenso, un latido abriendome el pecho Y en un segundo se multiplica Y se hace estallido Imajen de almas Que me recuardas a toda ausensia Bajas al suelo, toda alegria que habia en mi cielo Cada vez mas, tristeza y dolor siempre por llegar Cada ves mas, tristeza y amor siempre por llegar ¿Donde […]

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Iran’s new parliament speaker says talks with US ‘futile’

Iran’s parliament speaker Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf said any negotiations with the United States would be “futile” as he delivered his first major speech to the conservative-dominated chamber on Sunday. Ghalibaf, a former commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ air force, was elected speaker on Thursday after February elections that swung the balance in the legislature towards ultra-conservatives. […]

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