Rabbi was actually a secret Christian missionary sent to Israel to convert Jews: group says

A rabbi is being called out for being a fraud, NewJersey.com reported Monday. According to the report, self-proclaimed “good Jewish boy from New Jersey,” Rabbi Michael Elkohen, is actually Micael Elk. In a story that has captivated Israelis in recent days, Elk was actually a Christian missionary sent to Israel as part of an effort […]

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Israel intensifying air war in Syria against Iranian encroachment

By Suleiman Al-Khalidi AMMAN (Reuters) – Israel has dramatically expanded air strikes on suspected Iranian missile and weapons production centres in Syria to repel what it sees as a stealthy military encroachment by its regional arch-enemy, Western and regional intelligence sources say. Capitalising on a longtime alliance with Syria, Iran is moving parts of its […]

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US restores aid to Palestinians with $235 million in funds

The United States said Wednesday it was restoring assistance to the Palestinians severed under former president Donald Trump with an announcement of $235 million. President Joe Biden’s administration said the United States would again support the UN agency caring for Palestinian refugees with a contribution of $150 million. The United States will also offer $75 […]

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Israel’s president gives Netanyahu the nod to form next government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got a new lease on his political life on Tuesday, receiving a mandate from Israel’s president to form a new government after an inconclusive election. Israel‘s longest-serving leader, in power consecutively since 2009, now faces the tough task of breaking an unprecedented political stalemate and enlisting enough allies for a governing […]

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Blinken seeks Israel’s ‘equal’ treatment of Palestinians

Secretary of State Antony Blinken called Friday on Israel to ensure “equal” treatment of the Palestinians as the new US administration cautiously steps up efforts for a two-state solution. In a telephone call with Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, Blinken “emphasized the administration’s belief that Israelis and Palestinians should enjoy equal measures of freedom, security, prosperity […]

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Politicians have ‘washed their hands’ and blamed others since Jesus’s crucifixion

Handwashing has gotten substantial coverage this past year during the COVID-19 pandemic, and not just for hygiene. You may have encountered some of the many accusations in both the U.S. and Canada that a politician has “washed his hands” of pandemic responsibilities. Sometimes the reference includes a nod to the historical figure associated with this […]

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Netanyahu’s future unclear as exit polls forecast stalemate in Israel’s election

By Jeffrey Heller and Stephen Farrell JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s prospects for retaining power were uncertain on Wednesday after exit polls in Israel’s fourth national election in two years projected yet another stalemate. With final results not due until later in the week, the forecasts indicated that even Netanyahu’s stewardship of a […]

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Israel votes as Netanyahu hopes vaccine rollout eclipses graft charges

By Jeffrey Heller and Stephen Farrell JERUSALEM (Reuters) -Israelis voted on Tuesday in a fourth election in two years, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hoping a world-beating COVID-19 vaccine rollout will win him another term. Police were out to enforce coronavirus precautions at polling booths across the country – including some at Ben Gurion Airport, […]

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‘Zero COVID’: Ensuring low cases is ‘necessary’ even if eradication is impossible

Swathes of France go into lockdown for the third time on Friday, the latest instance of a government taking emergency measures after attempts to manage the pandemic failed. In this context, many experts advocate a more hawkish “Zero Covid” strategy to bring the virus’s spread as low as possible, even if eliminating the virus is […]

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Netanyahu fights for re-election without key ally Trump

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a re-election battle next week, he’s missing an ally he could rely on during three previous votes over the past two years: Donald Trump. The American former president’s conservative base was avidly pro-Israel and Trump fulfilled a wishlist for the hawkish Netanyahu. Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, […]

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Four arrested as Israeli police, ultra-Orthodox Jews clash

Four people were arrested in Jerusalem after clashes between Israeli security forces and ultra-orthodox Jews opposed to coronavirus restrictions, the police said Wednesday. Such protests have taken place repeatedly in recent weeks, sometimes leading to violence. In late January a bus was torched and its driver hospitalised in the ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood of Bnei Brak, near […]

Jared Kushner nominated for Nobel peace prize by pro-Trump attorney Alan Dershowitz

Attorney Alan Dershowitz has nominated Jared Kushner and his deputy Avi Berkowitz for the Nobel peace prize for their role in negotiating peace agreements between Israel and four Arab nations. Dershowitz, who defended former president Donald Trump during his first impeachment trial, nominated the pair of former White House officials for playing key roles in […]

Biden targets Trump’s Middle East legacy

Former US president Donald Trump’s mould-breaking approach has reshaped decades of Middle East diplomacy, but his legacy in the troubled region has quickly come under attack from his successor. From unexpected normalisation deals with Israel, to a “maximum pressure” campaign on rival Iran, the businessman-turned-president changed the face of the Middle East. His close relations […]

U.S. will work with Israel to build on regional normalization agreements: Biden national security adviser

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Biden administration will work closely with Israel on regional security issues and to build on the country’s regional normalization agreements, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told his Israeli counterpart, according to a statement on Sunday. “They discussed opportunities to enhance the partnership over the coming months, including by building […]