Syria’s Assad starts new term after re-election dismissed by international community

President Bashar al-Assad was sworn in Saturday for seven more years after a controversial May election dismissed by Europe and the US as “neither free nor fair”. His new term extends the Assad family’s rule to almost six decades; Assad’s father Hafez al-Assad led Syria for some 30 years. President Bashar al-Assad took the oath […]

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Bargaining over global tax enters key stage

Global tax reforms would allow countries to tax a share of profits of the 100 most profitable companies in the world Paris (AFP) – Nearly 140 countries will haggle over key details of a global corporate tax plan this week, with some concerned about giving up too much and others eager to ensure tech giants […]

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Nearly 800 archeological finds stolen from Italy returned

Italy said Monday it had recovered from a Belgian collector hundreds of illegally gathered archeological finds dating as far back as the sixth century BC, worth 11 million euros. The nearly 800 pieces “of exceptional rarity and inestimable value”, including stelae, amphorae and other works, came from clandestine excavations in Apulia in Italy’s southeastern tip, […]

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Americans handed life sentences in Italy for cop murder

An Italian court convicted two young Americans Wednesday for the murder of a police officer while they were on a summer holiday in Rome, with both handed life sentences. Finnegan Lee Elder, 21, had admitted stabbing Mario Cerciello Rega during a late-night encounter in July 2019, while out with his friend Gabriel Natale-Hjorth, 20. Prosecutors […]

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Jury mulls fate of Americans accused of killing Italy cop

Jurors in Italy began deliberating Wednesday the fate of two American men accused of murdering a police officer two years ago in Rome, capping a year-long trial. Prosecutors claim Finnegan Lee Elder, 21, and Gabriel Natale-Hjorth, 20, killed police officer Mario Rega Cerciello during an unprovoked nighttime attack in July 2019 while the then-teens were […]

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Rome’s Colosseum to get high-tech new arena floor

The ancient Roman Colosseum is once again going to have a floor thanks to a new, hi-tech project announced by the culture ministry on Sunday. “It is an extraordinary project,” said Culture Minister Dario Franceschini, detailing the plans to create a flexible floor to give tourists a clearer idea of how the arena would have […]

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German politicians commemorate Holocaust victims at Buchenwald camp

Commemoration of the liberation of concentration camps in Germany – German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier delivers a speech at the German National Theatre during an event commemorating the liberation of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora concentration camps 76 years ago. – Ronny Hartmann/AFP-POOL/dpa German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the premier of the state of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow, […]

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Snowgoons – The Real And The Raw Lyrics

[Verse 1:] It’s clear to me these dudes ain’t breathing the same air as me Apparently my clarity is bringing fans near to me Show to show severity, don’t you know it’s wearing me But I keep grinding on my hopes inherently Coldest flow in Seven Seas, wrote this soul of seventies Go for broke, […]

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Gue Pequeno – Lifestyle Lyrics

[Testo di "Lifestyle"] [Ritornello] Yeah Madreperla Il mio lifestyle È Guè Danko, un romanzo Sono all'ultimo piano sperperando Il tuo lifestyle È del fake, è bugiardo Io su di te faccio come commando (Ah!) Il mio lifestyle È Guè Danko, un romanzo Sono all'ultimo piano sperperando (Oh!) Il tuo lifestyle È del fake, è bugiardo […]

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1 in 3 COVID survivors suffer long-term health issues: review

At least one in three patients hospitalized with Covid-19 suffer long-term health issues including multiple organ problems and deteriorated mental health, according to a review of studies looking at the lasting impact of the disease. Published in the journal Nature Medicine on Monday, the review looked at the frequency of symptoms among Covid “long-haulers”, the […]

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Amazon workers strike in Italy over pandemic-driven delivery demands

By Elvira Pollina MILAN (Reuters) – Amazon workers took strike action in Italy on Monday in the first protest involving the U.S. group’s entire logistics operations, including third-party delivery service providers. Trade unions estimate Amazon’s delivery systems rely on 40,000 workers, including staff of its logistics arm, which employs most of Amazon’s 9,500 long-term Italian […]

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2nd Generation Wu – We Here Now Lyrics

[Intro: iNTeLL + Sample] Well, here goes nothing Setting y'allself on fire don't make the bars hot, niggas step your rhymes Ahahaha [Verse 1: iNTeLL] Just remember that, this is really rap, not no chitty chat Gritty tracks, drinking henny black, brought the city back Silly cats not really men, see they really rats It's […]