NASA probe Osiris-Rex set to ‘kiss’ asteroid Bennu in historic mission

After a four-year journey, NASA’s robotic spacecraft Osiris-Rex will descend to asteroid Bennu’s boulder-strewn surface on Tuesday, touching down for a few seconds to collect rock and dust samples in a precision operation 200 million miles (330 million kilometers) from Earth. Last year, Japan managed with its Hayabusa2 probe to collect some dust from another […]

The underground ‘Parthenon’ protecting Tokyo from floods

It has been called Japan’s underground “Parthenon”, a cavernous complex charged with protecting Tokyo and surrounding areas from catastrophic flooding — a risk experts warn is growing as climate change advances. Above ground, there is little to give away the cathedral-like feat of engineering that forms the main reservoir of the Kasukabe flood tank, the […]

Silent screams: Japan rollercoaster virus guide wins hearts

Tokyo (AFP) – It might be the unlikeliest instructional video ever, but footage of two Japanese amusement park executives demonstrating how to “scream inside your heart” to avoid spreading COVID-19 while on a rollercoaster has been a roaring success.”Now our customers stay silent while riding on rollercoasters,” a spokeswoman for amusement park operator Fujikyuko told […]

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50 dead in Japan floods as rescuers ‘race against time’

Emergency services in western Japan were “racing against time” Tuesday to rescue people stranded by devastating floods and landslides that have killed at least 50, as the country braced for more torrential downpours. Japan’s Meteorological Agency (JMA) issued its second-highest emergency warning for heavy rain and landslides over vast swathes of the country’s southwest and […]

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Dozens dead, missing in Japan as heavy rain causes floods, mudslides

Tokyo (AFP) – About 34 people are either confirmed or feared dead — including 14 at a nursing home — after torrential rain in Japan triggered massive floods and mudslides, authorities said Sunday. Rescuers were searching for 14 people missing after floods hit the Kumamoto region on the southwestern island of Kyushu, destroying houses, sweeping away […]

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Japan university awards first-ever ninja studies degree

Japan has produced its first ninja studies graduate after Genichi Mitsuhashi spent two years honing his martial arts skills and absorbing the finer traditions of the feudal martial arts agents. The 45-year-old completed the master’s course at Mie University in central Japan, the region considered the home of the ninja. In addition to researching historical […]

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Tokyo Disney parks to reopen from July 1

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea will reopen from July 1 after a four-month suspension over coronavirus, its operators said Tuesday, as Japan gradually reopens its economy, including theme parks and professional sports. Oriental Land said the two resorts will resume operations to a limited number of visitors who bought online, reserved tickets. The parks will enforce […]

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Mysterious ‘UFO’ captures imaginations in Japan

It’s hardly the stuff of little green men, but a mysterious balloon-like object seen floating across the skies of northern Japan has captured national attention, even prompting questions to the government. The unidentified flying object was first spotted on Wednesday morning when residents in northern Sendai city took to social media to post pictures and […]

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Pandemic pushes Japan geisha to get online

Japanese geisha “Chacha” sits on her knees with her fingertips neatly placed on the wooden floor, gracefully bowing to an audience sitting not in front of her but miles away, watching online. Beneath spotlights, the graceful 32-year-old geisha performs a traditional dance, moving like a butterfly and artfully unfolding and fluttering her fan. The audience […]

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Souleye – Ease That lyrics

Artist: Souleye Title: Ease That Hook Ease that lean back roll me up that Weed sack / Calling out my ladies on the front and the back / Lean back Ease that roll me up that weed sack / We we’ve them tracks that ride Like Cadillac’s / Verse 1 I’ve been all around the […]

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Audioslave – Doesn’t Remind Me

I walk the streets of Japan till I get lost Cause it doesn’t remind me of anything With a graveyard tan carrying a cross Cause it doesn’t remind me of anything I like studying faces in a parking lot Cause it doesn’t remind me of anything I like driving backwards in the fog Cause it […]

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Migos – T-Shirt – Spotify Mix Lyrics

[Intro: Quavo] Spotify, yeah Spotify, Spotify Spotify, Spotify Spotify, yeah [Verse: Offset, Quavo, & Takeoff] Young nigga poppin’, cookie kickin’ like a rider (cookie!) Bout to get that lamb til’ I thought about that rari (skrr skrr!) Ain’t no doubt about it I’m yo favorite rapper artist When you pull out that draco make sure […]

Drake – Days In The East

[Verse 1] Why you keep askin’ me about her? She’s not here right now, she’s not here right now Why am I the one you wanna get into it with right now I’ve got a lot to say, and that’s the last thing a nigga wanna hear right now Spendin’ all my days on the […]

Bearstronaut – Shadow lyrics

I’m the one you want in the palm of your hand Running down your back at every word’s end You can let me down, put me in my place Although you’ve had enough, there’s still more I can take Maybe I’m just here to work And let you take the lead When you stare into […]