Teejay & UK artiste Richy Forbes Shares Their Stuggles In “Life I’m Living” Video

Teejay link up with UK rapper Richy Forbes in “Life I’m Living.” Dancehall artiste Teejay has officially crossed over into international territory via his collaboration with Turks & Caicos born, London based rapper Richy Forbes. The track is a reworked version of Forbes’ “Life I’m Living” cut which was originally released last year. Forbes kicks […]

Police make arrests after thousands protest restrictions in London

Police in London made several arrests on Saturday after thousands of people took to the streets to protest the British government’s coronavirus restrictions.Participants started their march from Hyde Park, many carrying banners and posters, calling for an end to mask-wearing requirements and describing the current measures as amounting to tyranny and state surveillance.Some claimed that […]

‘A perfect storm’: Experts worry as QAnon conspiracies go global — posing ‘an incredible threat to public health’

Powered by fear, anger and big tech’s algorithms, the QAnon conspiracy movement has exploded from the US political fringe into the global mainstream during the pandemic. Its influence can be seen at anti-lockdown and anti-mask rallies from Los Angeles, to London, Berlin and Melbourne — with protesters warning, without evidence, that the pandemic is a […]

Christopher Steele didn’t want his Trump-Russia dossier to go public — and provided John McCain with a second report

Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele testified Wednesday that he never intended for his 2016 compilation of unverified reports about Russia’s links to Donald Trump to go public. Steele is facing a defamation lawsuit in London’s High Court from tech entrepreneur Aleksej Gubarev over BuzzFeed’s publication of the dossier just 10 days before Trump’s January […]

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Mixed reaction from Hong Kong expats to UK visas offer

London (AFP) – Hong Kong expatriates living in Britain have welcomed London’s pledge of “a pathway to future citizenship” for millions of the territory’s residents after China imposed a controversial security law there.But they warned this “message of hope” would not help many, including those born after Hong Kong’s 1997 return to Chinese rule and […]

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Johnny Depp libel trial set to start in London

A libel trial was due to begin on Tuesday between Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and a British tabloid newspaper over claims that he was violent to his former wife, Amber Heard. Depp, 57, is suing News Group Newspapers (NGN), publisher of The Sun, and its executive editor Dan Wootton for an April 2018 article which […]

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Drunk people can’t socially distance, UK police conclude

Britain’s police said Sunday that revellers who packed London’s Soho district the night pubs finally reopened made it “crystal clear” that drunk people cannot socially distance. England’s hospitality sector sprung back to life after a three-month coronavirus hiatus on what the media dubbed as either “Super Saturday” or “Independence Day”. Pubs and restaurants were allowed […]

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England pubs reopen on US Independence Day — after first nationwide closure since 1665’s Great Plague

The streets of Soho filled with merry drinkers in London on Saturday and the pubs of Manchester were packed as England’s hospitality sector returned from a three-month coronavirus hiatus. “It feels amazing,” said Leo Richard Bill, a soldier, after getting through the door of one of London’s buzziest restaurants on the Thames River’s popular south […]

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Dalriada – A Walesi Bardok 1 Lyrics

Edward király, angol király Léptet fakó lován: Hadd látom, úgymond, mennyit ér A velszi tartomány. Van-e ott folyó és földje jó? LegelQin fq kövér? Használt-e a megöntözés: A pártos honfivér? S a nép, az istenadta nép, Ha oly boldog-e rajt’ Mint akarom, s mint a barom, Melyet igába hajt? Felség! valóban koronád Legszebb gyémántja Velsz: […]

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Mt. Joy – Come With Me Lyrics

All of us will not be returning We lend our hearts to the burning flame And don’t come back again All of us will not be returning These are all just moments Is your happiness keeping you back Is it bubbling up like a heart attack Damn your reasons, I don’t need them. Will you […]

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Joan – Want U Back Lyrics

[Intro] (Ba-ba-baby) [Verse 1] I didn’t want you in my mind But here you are again You came and knocked on my door, yeah Last night at 3 AM (Baby) [Pre-Chorus] You tried to call me from home I wouldn’t pick up the phone I thought you needed time away (Time away) Now that I look at your eyes I’m back to all of […]

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Sick Animation – This Slut Lyrics

I went to London and f*cked some kid In the back of an alley for 25 quid I’m on a sex expedition, worldwide Looking for love and my next sex position I’m gonna take a trip to China Stick my pink dick in a chink vagina That hole’s tight as f*ck Call your sister, slut I need a Siamese suck I got bad head […]

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Terri – Wake Up Lyrics

Omo shey you see Omo shey you see Omo shey you see Many girls I dey see for free Back then them laugh me Yes them no dey gree Them dey say them no dey feel my p Everyday I wake up Man must to thank baba God for the favours Devil no fit stop us Man a switch […]

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Stray Kids – Airplane Lyrics

[Romanized:] YAYA Bihaenggi bihaenggi Meolli tteona ollataja bihaenggi Neowa na hamkke taneun bihaenggi We are, we are eodideun gayo We are, we are neowaneun eodideunji gaji Okay eodideunji gaji jigu jeo kkeutkkaji Haewa dari batong teochihan hu dasi haega tteul ttaekkaji Mannal ttaemada naraganeun gibun Hansirado akkawo 1bun Akkyeobojago pullin sinbal kkeundo mot mukkeosseo Paran […]

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Sosamann – Made For This Lyrics

[Intro] Haaa, let me hear that (JRag2x) Mmhmm, I’mma put big test in the way too Not coming through, nowhere Have to much money now We made for this, on sauce [Hook] Tell ’em you made for this Tell ’em you made for this Tell ’em you made for this Tell ’em you born to […]

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Virus fallout takes heavy toll on young workers

When Britain went into coronavirus lockdown on March 23, the management at Pierre’s employer, a recruitment start-up in London, told staff not to worry about their jobs. But just hours later, the 26-year-old received an email from his boss asking him to call. “I understood right away. It was fairly brutal,” he told AFP. He […]

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Black Lives Matter movement gains momentum worldwide with fresh weekend of protests

From Sydney to London, Paris to Washington, D.C., protesters have launched a global weekend of action to support Black Lives Matter, in many cases defying bans on public gatherings. Taking a knee, chanting and ignoring social-distancing measures, outraged protesters kicked off a weekend of global rallies Saturday against racism and police brutality. The death during the arrest […]

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Global protests erupt in solidarity with racial justice defenders in US

“Police brutality has created a flashpoint for unrest that was already simmering,” read an editorial published Monday in The Times of London. People in a number of international cities violated bans on large gatherings over the weekend to show solidarity with protests against police brutality that have exploded in at least 140 cities across the United States. Political leaders overseas […]

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Bad tempered post-Brexit talks enter crucial phase

Britain and the EU will attempt to revive their imperilled trade talks on Tuesday, entering a crucial week of negotiations that could mark the final hope for a deal. Hundreds of officials will hold video talks all week from London and Brussels, the fourth and last scheduled round of negotiations since Britain formally left the […]

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