Snowgoons – The Real And The Raw Lyrics

[Verse 1:] It’s clear to me these dudes ain’t breathing the same air as me Apparently my clarity is bringing fans near to me Show to show severity, don’t you know it’s wearing me But I keep grinding on my hopes inherently Coldest flow in Seven Seas, wrote this soul of seventies Go for broke, […]

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Harry, Meghan honor Prince Philip as funeral travel plans awaited

Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle’s foundation Archewell paid tribute to Britain’s Prince Philip following his death Friday as speculation builds about their plans to attend the funeral. The foundation updated the website so that it just displayed a single message without any drop-down menus or links to other pages. “In Loving Memory of […]

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Lil’ Krystalll – +44 Lyrics

[Текст песни «+44»] [Интро] — Почему-то в среду вечером все спят — Угу-угу, а как у тя дела? — У меня дела отлично, а ты в Лондоне? — Почему голос грустный? — Мне грустно, потому что ты не отвечаешь на мой вопрос [Припев] Сука хочет любви, отношений, таким я не верю (Вот) Парень с талантом […]

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UK police officer charged with murder of 33-year-old woman

LONDON (Reuters) – British police have charged an officer with the kidnap and murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard, whose disappearance last week has sparked anger and fears among women about their safety. Constable Wayne Couzens, 48, who guarded diplomatic buildings, will appear in court on Saturday. Everard disappeared while walking home from a friend’s house […]

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Aj Tracey – Anxious Lyrics

[Intro] Let's go, yeah [Chorus] If you get my number, then don't hit me on no dumb shit We on demon time, my little hitters make the pump click I been anxious lately, let me hit two on my blunt quick I leave Novikov and all these yatties wanna come with [Post-Chorus] I run this […]

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Queen’s husband Prince Philip improving ‘slightly’

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband Prince Philip was making slight progress after being admitted to hospital more than two weeks ago, his daughter-in-law said on Wednesday. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, said the 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh, who was moved to a specialist unit for heart tests on Monday, was “slightly improving”. While visiting a vaccination centre […]

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Papoose – Trick You Off The Street

[Intro:] It’s that real shit I know what time it is Papoose, Papoose “Trick you off the streets” Lyrics continue below: I wrote the buckle hustler and corrupt all towns Youngest news tell the prompters and helicopters they juxtasomethin’ Ghetto abolition is ripped it up when I took the summonce Inspired breathing dragon, emergence straight […]

Heinz Rudolf Kunze – Lola Lyrics

Ich traf sie in 'nem Imbiß in Dortmund-Nord Es roch stark nach Schaschlik und 'n bißchen nach Abort Und sie hieß Lola L.O.L.A. Lola Ich sagte: Darf ich bitten oder woll'n wir erst tanzen? Sie wurde rot und rührte wie ertappte Emanzen In ihrer Cola C.O.L.A. Cola lalalala Lola Nun seh ich nicht grad aus […]

Toto – English Eyes Lyrics

What you’re sayin’ it never really crossed my mind I hear playin’ and everybody’s keepin’ time I’m recallin’ that girl I met in London town She was strange, young and tender and narrowed all my choices down We ran away into the night hypnotized You carved your name right next to mine English Eyes I […]

Apologies, I Have None – The 26 Lyrics

This could have been avoided; it could have been kept at bay. But tables turn and lessons some can only be learned through punishments for past mistakes. Back on level ground, will we ever find ourselves again? Past thoughts of giving up once bottled till they erupt, once buried and covered, hidden and smothered are […]

Lil’ Tracy – Orange Chicken Lyrics

[Intro] 12 Hunna on the beat Ayy, ayy Bighead on the beat Bih, bih, bih Yeah, I got sauce, girl, like orange chicken, bitch Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus] Orange chicken, I got sauce drippin', yeah (Drip, drip, drip) Blue hunnid, bitch, my money Crippin', yeah (Crip, Crip, Crip) Orange chicken, I got […]

Skinnyman – Not Bonnie And Clyde Lyrics

Verse One (Skinnyman) She was rocking Gucci sandals, he was rocking Prada sports I suppose nowadays it takes all sorts Everyone’s a baller never been on a ball court Mind you don’t fall short, listen to the whole report They’d be out kiting, clipping and shop lifting Or running around town on the underground dipping […]

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange denied bail despite US extradition block

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will have to remain in custody in Britain, pending a US appeal of the decision to block his extradition to face charges for leaking secret documents, a judge in London ruled Wednesday. Judge Vanessa Baraitser told Westminster Magistrates Court there were “substantial grounds for believing that if Mr Assange is released […]

EU countries halt flights from Britain as new virus strain spreads

Several European Union countries were stopping flights from Britain, where a quickly spreading variant of the coronavirus has alarmed officials and sent London and south-eastern England into lockdown. The Netherlands was the first on Sunday to announce an immediate ban on flights, with similar advisories quickly following from Belgium, Austria and Italy. Other countries, such […]