Katy Perry – Hey Hey Hey Lyrics

[Verse 1] A big beautiful brain with a pretty face, yeah A babydoll with a briefcase, yeah A hot little hurricane ‘Cause I’m feminine and soft, but I’m still a boss, yeah Red lipstick but still so raw, yeah Marilyn Monroe in a monster truck [Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause I can be zen, and I can be […]

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Elton John – Candle In The Wind

Goodbye Norma Jean Though I never knew you at all You had the grace to hold yourself While those around you crawled They crawled out of the woodwork And they whispered into your brain They set you on the treadmill And they made you change your name And it seems to me you lived your […]

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L2B – Midnight In Hollywood lyrics

[Hook] Midnight in Hollywood, Midnight in Hollywood, Midnight in Hollywood, Midnight in Holly-wood.. [Verse 1] Just needed to get away and have some time to think, As I walk in a somewhat empty bar and order a drink. “What can I get you?” I don’t care, just make it strong, Soft music in the background, […]