As pandemic rages, Mexicans pray to death ‘saint’

Their arms raised towards the sky, worshippers of Mexico’s “saint” of death pray before a giant cloaked skeleton asking for protection from the coronavirus and its devastating economic fallout. The Grim Reaper-like figure, whose devotees include drug cartel members as well as ordinary Mexicans, has been rejected by the Roman Catholic Church as blasphemous. But […]

Hurricane Delta lashes Mexico, heads towards US

Hurricane Delta regained strength as it headed towards the United States early Thursday after lashing Mexico’s Caribbean coast, where some tourists complained about conditions in crowded emergency shelters during a pandemic. There were widespread power outages after Delta slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula in southeast Mexico as a Category 2 storm, toppling trees and ripping […]

Powerful hurricane nears Mexico’s Caribbean coast

An “extremely dangerous” hurricane bore down Tuesday on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, where the military was mobilized and tens of thousands of tourists were evacuated from hotels in top beach resorts. Hurricane Delta rapidly intensified in the Caribbean to reach Category 4 status, the second-highest, and was on course to hit the Yucatan Peninsula by early […]

Les Cowboys Fringants – Le Plombier Lyrics

Juste comme j’partais pour le squash Avec mon “satchell” Adidas Mes “runnings” à velcro Pis mon chandail de Mexico Les égouts ont r’foulé La bécosse a débordé Y avait des coliformes fécaux Qui flottaient su’l’terrazo Fa’que j’ai fouillé dins pages jaunes Sous la rubrique du plombier La “Plomberie Amazone” Tiens donc ! C’est là que […]

Humans were in America 30,000 years ago — far earlier than thought

Tools excavated from a cave in central Mexico are strong evidence that humans were living in North America at least 30,000 years ago, some 15,000 years earlier than previously thought, scientists said Wednesday. Artefacts, including 1,900 stone tools, showed human occupation of the high-altitude Chiquihuite Cave over a roughly 20,000 year period, they reported in […]

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Mexico’s COVID-19 death toll passes 40,000 mark

Mexico on Tuesday passed 40,000 deaths from the novel coronavirus pandemic as the country, which has the fourth-highest Covid-19 death toll in the world, struggles to contain the disease. A daily technical report recorded a total of 40,400 deaths from the virus, after adding 915 more fatalities in the last 24 hours. The first case in Mexico was […]

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West Virginia woman rushes to Mexico border with secret government documents — then seeks asylum in Russia

NBC News 4 investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane discovered a strange tale that could be Russia’s next espionage scandal. According to court filings of the incident, a West Virginia woman has confessed to driving to Mexico with her daughter with a series of top-secret U.S. government documents. She then sought asylum in Russia. The documents MacFarlane […]

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Gun attack leaves 24 dead in central Mexico

Gunmen on Wednesday attacked a drug rehabilitation center in central Mexico, killing at least 24 people and leaving seven wounded, local authorities said. According to preliminary information, the attackers “entered the scene, forced (the victims) onto the ground and shot them,” said Pedro Cortes, secretary of public security in Irapuato, located northwest of Mexico City […]

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Brazil blows past one million COVID-19 cases, WHO warns of ‘dangerous phase’ of pandemic

The World Health Organization warned Friday of a “new and dangerous phase” of the coronavirus pandemic, as infections continued to surge in the Americas, with Brazil registering more than one million cases. Colombia and Mexico also passed bleak milestones, as their death tolls topped 2,000 and 20,000, respectively, showing how the virus continues ravaging the […]

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Record virus deaths in Brazil, Mexico spur defense efforts

Brazil and Mexico reported record daily coronavirus death tolls as governments in Latin America battled to fortify defenses against the accelerating pandemic with fresh lockdown orders and curfews. European nations are emerging from months of devastation with some borders re-opening, but South and Central America have become the new hotspots in a crisis that has […]

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Blues Pills – Gypsy Lyrics

I head across the country, looking for Mexico I got stuck in Kansas with no place to go Oh I’m a gypsy, that’s what I am Uh, I’m a gypsy, and I don’t give a damn Somebody took my load And I got no place to go But I’m trying to find my mind Yes […]

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Nate Husser – HollyHood Lyrics

I’m still in the hood face in magazine x4 Verse 1: Got rats in mah trap, but got big tv screens Gold all on my neck dishes in the sink I can’t get no job ink all on my skinnn Got no microwave, eat no michelines Ridin dirty whip so clean, isn’t in his name […]

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Caitlyn Smith – Map Of The World Lyrics

[Verse 1] You’ve got a million stories in your eyes Skin sweet as summertime And when I Hear you say my name I know I wanna stay right here Listen to you talk all night Broke the lock on every door And I’m Feeling things I’ve never felt before Something in your touch, an electrifying […]

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U.S. is pressuring Mexico to reopen factories — despite the threat of coronavirus: report

President Donald Trump’s administration wants Mexico to resume production at factories shuttered to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to a new report. “Even as COVID-19 deaths mount at factories in Mexico, the United States is sending a clear message: It’s time for plants that have stopped production to get back to work,” the LA […]

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‘Lucha libre’ masks converted for coronavirus are coveted COVID-19 protection in Mexico

All around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has left people scrambling for protective face coverings. But in Mexico, where the masked stars of “lucha libre” wrestling are already cultural icons, people are using their colorful masks to ward off the disease in style. The wrestling masks, fitted out with an added chin strap, are highly […]

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US failed to block UN virus vaccine resolution

The UN General Assembly has demanded equal access for any future COVID-19 vaccine but its seeming unanimity was a fluke. The United States in fact opposed the resolution but acted too late to stop it, diplomats say. The 193 members of the General Assembly adopted by consensus Monday a resolution led by Mexico that calls […]

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David Luning – Royalty lyrics

Dearest love don’t worry They got nothin’ on me And I’ll be out in a day or two Oh and darlin, I love you I’ll make my great escape Don’t you worry dear I’ll find a way to break on outta here Oh you’ll see We’re gonna live like royalty Dearest love wait for me […]

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The Oemons – Taco Burrito lyrics

One day I had a dream in my siesta About an awesome place where it’s always fiesta And the food is served with spicy salsa So I think I’ll go to Mexico Taco Taco Burrito! Taco Taco Burrito! Taco Taco Burrito! Chimichangas, Spicy Chimichangas Chimichangas, Spicy Chimichanga sauce! When I got there I watched some […]

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Dopeman Go – Tory Lanez lyrics

Lyrics Tory Lanez – Dopeman go Do you know the dope man? I need some more Do you know the dope man? I need some more Wait, I must’ve forgot that I’m the plug I’m the dope man, I’m the boy Dope man, dope man, dope Dope man, dope man, go Dope man, dope man, […]

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Tory Lanez – DopeMan Go

[Bridge] Do you know the dope man? I need some more Do you know the dope man? I need some more Wait, I must’ve forgot that I’m the plug I’m the dope man, I’m the boy Dope man, dope man, dope Dope man, dope man, go Dope man, dope man, dope Dope man, dope man, […]

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