IDK – Frontin (Pharrell Cover) Lyrics

[Intro] Uh-huh, uh, uh Uh-huh, uh, uh Uh-huh, uh, uh [Verse 1] Don’t wanna sound full of myself or rude But you ain’t looking at no other dudes ‘Cause you love me So you think about a chance You find yourself trying to do my dance Maybe ’cause you love me Ladies [Pre-Chorus] So then […]

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Lil’ Mosey – Try Me Lyrics

[Intro] Y’all rocking with DJ Scheme, lil’ bitch! Uh-uh, uh Nuri the GOAT Uh-uh [Chorus] Walkin’ through the thunder, feel like I’m goin’ insane (Insane) The only thing that’s helpin’ is these racks in the safe (Is these racks) If you comin’ with me, give me a reason for you to stay (For you to stay) I stopped poppin’ […]

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Bladee – I’m Goofy Lyrics

[Verse 1] Put a pill in a McFlurry, I’m goofy Shoot me, acting for the cameras, it’s a movie I can see you’re gloomy, ’cause I’m too T’d I’m a dog on the roof like Snoopy Sue me, hate me ’cause you’re not me I’m a white boy, 30 in my khakis In the Uber […]

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Pop Smoke – Mr. Jones Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oh, oh-oh-oh Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh Look [Chorus] Said we in Miami, we just left Mr. Jones With a hundred bitches that’s down, ready to fuck She said she wanna be about ten I’m like, “Your ass seems fat enough” Before you get that, you better go get a tummy […]

Sauce Walka – Without You Lyrics

(Brandin Blanco) This shit ridiculous (Without you, without you in my life) Sad ass shit man Oowee I gave so many niggas chances to advance These niggas rather tussle with they girlfriend than tussle with these bands I had to make a different plan for my hands These niggas still be happy from the stands […]

Drake – Lucky Lefty Lyrics

[Intro: Drake & Ronald Isley] Ayy (Now you know how) Now I gotta tell you how lucky I am (Oh, now you know) This shit could have went a hundred different ways on a thousand different days for real Yeah, whoop, ayy [Verse: Drake] On my way to the boat like I ain’t just have on a coat when […]

Playboi Carti – Beno! Lyrics

[Intro] (808 Mafia) [Chorus] Spent a hundred K on my son, I bought my sister a Jeep Can’t f*ck with these hood hoes no more, they don’t give a f*ck about me All-black 23, LeBron with the heat (What? 23, 23) I was just in Miami in the Rolls Royce geeked (What? Yeah, Rolls Royce, […]

Alus – No No Lyrics

Hate me if you must that’s a no no I be riding round straight slow mo He wanna eat me out that’s a no-go Something in my cup that’s a Solo Only aisle that I walk is the Grammy’s Told ‘em wasn’t me like I’m Shaggy You be wearing Givenchy but it’s a hand-me-down I […]

Bfb Da Packman – Tamika Lyrics

[Intro] (Estás con la compania de lunche?) Like real talk, err, like, like Shawn Cotton, he really made me f*ckin’ mad That’s why I made this song, like for real, for real It’s facts too [Verse 1] Ayy, niggas sick as f*ck that I ducked the diamond listers (Woo) I’m a driver and a swiper, nigga, who the f*ck […]

Ad – DrunkAF Lyrics (feat. O.T. Genasis)

[Intro] Check Woo Ah Ayy Ayy Woah Woah (Hah) (It’s your boy DJ Tray) [Chorus] Money, cars, jewelry, sluts Money, cars, jewelry, sluts Money, cars, jewelry, sluts I don’t give a f*ck Money, cars, jewelry, sluts Money, cars, jewelry, sluts Money, cars, jewelry, sluts I don’t give a f*ck (Look) [Verse 1] Money, cars, jewelry, lit How many hoes […]

Blacc Zacc – Tennis Lyrics

[Intro] You know I just took a trip to Miami, right? Locked in with my nigga Rico Love He a rich nigga, I'm a rich nigga too, so [Chorus] How the f*ck you gon' tell a rich nigga how to spend it? Got a million from the label, but I'm really independent Took the budget […]

Blac Chyna – Seen Her Lyrics

[Verse: 1] Fine China, Chyna doll I’m just tryna ball, ’till my money gets tall like the china walls Sorry, if you ain’t getting no views there’s no time to talk Look, back when I was getting down I ain’t seein no sign of y’all [Pre-Chorus:] See money talk bullshit, walk on a toilet roll Trill bitch, I’m the […]

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Charli XCX – Ride Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] You know I need the windows rolled down Hundred miles, tires screech Burnin’ rubber, limousine off the chain I go for 24 hour, neon pink, bring the heat ‘Bout to swerve-a-swerve right through your lane [Pre-Chorus] It’s like we’re on the same wave It’s like we’re on the same wave, now We ’bout to go Miami It’s like we’re […]

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Justin Quiles – Si Ella Quisiera Lyrics

Letra de “Si Ella Quisiera” [Intro] (Conmigo bebió) (Al otro día amaneció, woh-uoh-oh) (Al otro día amaneció) [Puente] Sola se levanta y el sol en la ventana Después de haberlo hecho toda la madrugada Todavía la andan buscando (buscando) Bebiendo se fue y no ha vuelto [Coro] Si-Si-Si ella quisiera Le doy otra noche bella, […]

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Fuerza Regida – Ando Contento Lyrics (feat. Natanael Cano)

[Letra de “Ando Contento” ft. Natanael Cano] [Verso 1: Fuerza Regida & Natanael Cano] En carros nuevos siempre ando Con las puertas de mariposa Se agüitan porque lo hago mejor Y porque salí de las calles sin diamantes Con diamantes aunque les arda Ahora porque tengo las pacas La dejas según me conocen Los billetes ahora están llegando Yo sé que les está […]

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Bad Bunny – Bendiciones Lyrics

[Letra de “BENDICIONES”] [Intro] Estoy aquí porque Dios tuvo planes conmigo Gracia’ a ustede’ y a lo’ mío’ soy agradecido ¿Tumbarme a mí? Mis enemigo’ no han podido Yo estoy bendecío’ [Coro] Bendicione’ pa’ to’ el mundo, ey Chavo’ pa’ to’ el mundo En el club botella’ pa’ to’ el mundo, ey Hasta pa’ los que se viraron y […]

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Dave East – Mask Off (Eastmix)

[Verse] The trap, I can go back any minute Any privilege got me lookin’ at these bitches really different Shot a video in the 30’s, guess he really trippin’ Never penny pitchin’, the Henny gone then we Remy sippin’ Hard to kill, sober brought painkillers on any mission Paranoia ready, Miami just to let Diddy […]

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