Surfaces & Tai Verdes – Sheesh! Lyrics

[Intro: Surfaces] You know what I’m sayin’? (Sheesh, sheesh, sheesh) [Chorus: Surfaces] I be like sheesh (Sheesh) Sunset on the beach (Beach) Make me wanna pull up on Miami with the heat (Heat) I don’t know ’bout you (You) But I know ’bout me (Me) Summertime in Florida, catch me slidin’ on the keys (Oh, […]

5 Cuban generals have ‘mysteriously’ died — it’s unknown if it’s linked to country’s spike in COVID-19

Five Cuban generals — most of them elderly and retired — have died in the past nine days. The Communist regime isn’t saying why but critics suggest the string of high-profile deaths may be linked to skyrocketing cases of COVID-19 as the country struggles to contain its biggest spike yet. One of the dead generals, […]

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Tay Money – Pbj Lyrics

[Intro] B-B-Bankroll Got It (Ayy) [Pre-Chorus] Like I, I cool Tay (Ayy), watch me work (Work) Bad bitch, you gon’ twerk, you gon’ wake up in his shirt (Hello) I, I cool Tay (Ayy), watch me work (Work) Bad bitch, you gon’ twerk, you gon’ wake up in his shirt [Chorus] Like hah, hah, hah, […]

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D Savage – Lock’d In Lyrics

[Intro] Schizophrenia was first identified more than a century ago Woah Woah [Pre-Chorus] I remember when I slept on the floor I remember when I kicked in your door Robbin' niggas if I ever go broke I want that money and power, let's go (Hey, hey) [Chorus] Walked in with a motherf*ckin' roll Hop out […]

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US investigates more ‘Havana syndrome’ attacks: senators

US senators said Friday that the government is investigating an apparent increase in mysterious directed-energy attacks dubbed “Havana syndrome”, amid new reports of potentially brain-damaging incidents inside the country. Democratic Senator Mark Warner and Republican Marco Rubio, who lead the Senate Intelligence Committee, issued a statement after two media reports saying attacks had taken place […]

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Gucci Mane – Shit Crazy Lyrics

[Intro: BIG30 & Gucci Mane] Twysted Genius, baby Get back, get back Yeah (Wop) Ha, yeah Ha [Chorus: BIG30] Man, this shit crazy I’m in Miami with Gucci, Rolls Royce look like flavors This murder shit ain’t nothin’ to me, whackin’ shit on the daily Lil’ bitch say she ain’t heard of me, told the […]

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IDK – Frontin (Pharrell Cover) Lyrics

[Intro] Uh-huh, uh, uh Uh-huh, uh, uh Uh-huh, uh, uh [Verse 1] Don’t wanna sound full of myself or rude But you ain’t looking at no other dudes ‘Cause you love me So you think about a chance You find yourself trying to do my dance Maybe ’cause you love me Ladies [Pre-Chorus] So then […]

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Lil’ Mosey – Try Me Lyrics

[Intro] Y’all rocking with DJ Scheme, lil’ bitch! Uh-uh, uh Nuri the GOAT Uh-uh [Chorus] Walkin’ through the thunder, feel like I’m goin’ insane (Insane) The only thing that’s helpin’ is these racks in the safe (Is these racks) If you comin’ with me, give me a reason for you to stay (For you to stay) I stopped poppin’ […]

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Bladee – I’m Goofy Lyrics

[Verse 1] Put a pill in a McFlurry, I’m goofy Shoot me, acting for the cameras, it’s a movie I can see you’re gloomy, ’cause I’m too T’d I’m a dog on the roof like Snoopy Sue me, hate me ’cause you’re not me I’m a white boy, 30 in my khakis In the Uber […]

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Pop Smoke – Mr. Jones Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oh, oh-oh-oh Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh Look [Chorus] Said we in Miami, we just left Mr. Jones With a hundred bitches that’s down, ready to fuck She said she wanna be about ten I’m like, “Your ass seems fat enough” Before you get that, you better go get a tummy […]

Sauce Walka – Without You Lyrics

(Brandin Blanco) This shit ridiculous (Without you, without you in my life) Sad ass shit man Oowee I gave so many niggas chances to advance These niggas rather tussle with they girlfriend than tussle with these bands I had to make a different plan for my hands These niggas still be happy from the stands […]