Booba – Mona Lisa Lyrics (feat. Jsx)

[Paroles de "Mona Lisa" ft. JSX] [Intro : Booba] Ouais, eh, eh, eh Ouais, eh, eh, eh J'suis tellement loin, l'futur est derrière moi [Couplet 1 : Booba] J'ai tous les contacts, allons leur prendre de l'oseille Le canon est froid, il veut te parler à l'oreille J'espère que je serai prêt le jour où […]

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Keith Harkin – Take Me Down Lyrics

[Verse 1] Take me down to the waves where the birds and the water flows Take me down to the wishin’ well where the pennies glow Let the water clean my soul and bring me home Take me down to the garden where the man paints a purple rose [Pre-Chorus] And the man with the […]

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Kenny Mehler – Pasadena Lyrics

Pasadena – Written by Kenny Mehler I woke up with my hair combed My shoes on A little bit dizzy from the café Patron I’m pretty sure I slept alone I’ve got my car parked On the front lawn The engine’s still running with the headlights on How the hell did I make it home? I lost my margarita […]

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Jesse Malin – Mona Lisa lyrics

Steven’s selling Marijuana uptown to the primadonnas Medicate the counterculture 9/11 baby boom Paulie’s waiting to retire smoking like a forest fire Putting on the lipstick and the panties in his mother’s room Nothing to do Nothing to lose And if you work your life away We’ll send you flowers every day And you make […]

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Egg beater – Peewee Longway lyrics

Lyrics Peewee Longway – Egg beater Uhhhhh c-note longway cassidy jay sucker 5 finger egg beater Dunking pounds of draymond green curry keys shooting three’s put my Michael Jackson glove on breaking down the sleeve 5 finger egg beater seen call your house yo deed 5 finger egg beater whipping up that Mona Lisa 5 […]

Dårlig Vane – 2 Blå

[Vers 1] Eg e med laget mitt på banen Ikkje heme, eg e borte Helt om dagen, helt om natten Carpe diem, carpe noctem Lenar meg tilbake Vifter de greiene bort Tjommien puttar inn arbeid Amadou tjener no’ sort Og eg waver på den greien Hun er [?] Kallar meg for papi Hon e fokusert […]

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French Montana – Check Come (MC4 Album) letras

[Hook] I ain’t lovin’ you no more When the check come I’m through with that ho Man I’m tellin’ you There ain’t nothin’ else you can do with that ho Check come, Weight Watch, I’m through with that ho Wait watch, I’m through with that ho Check come in, Weight Watch, I’m through with that […]

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Pitbull – All The Girls Lyrics

[Intro: Pitbull & *Cris Cab*] *Girls* It’s Mister W.W Putting it down with Cris Cab [?] talk to ’em [Verse 1: Cris Cab] There’s something about Tina She turns up my game One day I dream of She’s my Mona Lisa Carry on, crackling Take my moves away There’s one night she’s round up Coffee […]

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