Inkubus Sukkubus – Beltaine Lyrics

Underneath the neolithic sky Where the beasts are so proud to die Across the sea of a million dreams Where nothing is as it once seemed I hear the Pan Pipes playing In what the wind is saying Here comes the fallen angel Here comes the long-dead god Back from the years in exile Here […]

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Afi – Get Dark Lyrics

I am not the father, I am not the son I’m only a maker of useless things undone, undone I am not of Mother Earth nor morning sun I’m only a maker of useless things undone, here’s one Who do you think you are? Do you think you can? Get dark, get dark, get dark, […]

Banks – Mother Earth lyrics

[Verse 1] Underwater, consuming all my kind Destined for alterations And my mind ain’t aligned for her daughter I know I’m Mother Earth, I see the weather [Pre-Chorus] So I’m not gonna cover up the freckles on my faces I covered all the bases [Chorus] Follow me to my bed ‘Cause every time you fall, […]

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