Wife of Brazil’s Trump-loving leader gets vaxxed in NYC — and leaves Brazilians fuming about ‘disrespect’: report

On Monday, The New York Times reported that the wife of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stirred outrage in her home country following reports that she got vaccinated in New York City during the United Nations conference. “Mrs. Bolsonaro’s vaccination, disclosed by Mr. Bolsonaro on Thursday after their return home, generated more adverse publicity, apparently revealing […]

Canada welcomes fully vaccinated Americans across reopened border

American visitors trickled across the Canada-US border on Monday, cheering the reopening of the world’s longest land boundary 17 months after all non-essential travel was halted to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Ottawa lifted quarantine requirements for US citizens and permanent residents arriving with proof of vaccination. “It’s absolutely wonderful,” Vicki Poulin said […]

Fish fraud is rampant — and Subway’s tuna scandal is just the tip of the iceberg

Subway’s tuna sandwiches may not be their most famous product, but some (including this author) would argue they are one of their tastiest. Needless to say, it was alarming to read a report that a New York Times investigation into the sandwich’s tuna found “no amplifiable tuna DNA,” suggesting that the so-called tuna sandwich was […]

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Afrojack & David Guetta – Hero Lyrics

[Verse 1] Little girl, only seventeen years old Life just got in the way Don’t know what to say She’s heard it all before Lying on her bedroom floor Thinking my life has to be worth more She dreams of going to New York City Her heart’s already there But her head’s fighting a war […]

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Jim Jones – Reppin’ Time Lyrics

[Intro] I’M BACK! I’m on my Dipset shit, 20-30 grand in one pocket, foreign car outside…living life fast, you niggaz need to catch up, slow pokes NYC…Here We Go Again! DIP,DIP SET! I GET ON EXTRA GRIND, I GET ON EXTRA GRIND, I GET ON EXTRA GRIND…WHEN IT’S, WHEN IT’S REPPIN TIME WHEN IT’S REPPIN […]

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LION BABE – Native New Yorker

[Intro:] Eyy, ah ah ha New York girl Runnin’ pretty, New York City girl 25, 35, hello, baby, New York City girl Lion Babe – Native New Yorker Lyrics continue below: You grew up ridin’ the subways, Running with people Up in Harlem, down on Broadway You’re no tramp, but you’re no lady (no lady) […]

Necro – My Precious Lyrics

[Verse 1] Listen to the most devastating Lyricist ever to sever you in to 100 pieces Deceased, heavens waiting Nah, the Devil is I’m on a malevolent murderous level Embellishing and relishing in Hellishness My fellowship of militant killers drillin’ holes in your melon Drip hemoglobin til’ hospital intubates Eloquent, the most innovative, narrative, satanic […]

Mt. Joy – Strangers Lyrics

Well I guess I’ll have to fall in love with strangers Go ride through New York City like I’m famous And if our lives don’t work then we can change ’em Lord knows we’ll change, love will rearrange us, like If you want freedom, you better free someone Better not run when I’m hanging on, […]

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A mysterious illness is striking children amid the coronavirus pandemic – but don’t be too quick to tie it to Kawasaki disease

Critically ill children have been ending up in intensive care units with shock-like symptoms in recent weeks, adding yet another mysterious layer to the coronavirus pandemic. New York health officials issued an alert on May 4, describing 15 of these cases in New York City. The young patients, ages 2 to 15, had inflammation in […]

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VERITE – When you’re gone

Sitting in depression Always carving me irreverent If I pray the wayward lesson But your mouth can do it better Then some god who don’t speak Fucking up my language Make some words, we’re never fading If you stay, say you’ll save me You can take it all away When you leave I’ll feel the […]

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Hot sauce – Young M.A lyrics

Lyrics Young M.A – Hot sauce Straight off the top M.A bring them hoes out Redlyfe bring them poles out.(hot sauce) Pull up to the club with a bottle on me (that Henny) I’m already sipping Got five voicemails, I just left the brib And my b*tch, she already tripping Blu just rolled a blunt, […]

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Young M.A – Hot Sauce

[Intro] Straight off the top M.A bring them hoes out Redlyfe bring them poles out [Verse] Pull up to the club with a bottle on me (that Henny) I’m already sipping Got five voicemails, I just left the brib And my bitch, she already tripping Blu just rolled a blunt, he like, "bro you good?" […]

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Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca

She’s into superstitions Black cats and voodoo dolls I feel a premonition That girl’s gonna make me fall She’s into new sensation New kicks in the candlelight She’s got a new addiction For every day and night She’ll make you take your Clothes off and go dancing in the rain She’ll make you live her […]

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Pitbull – International Love

You can’t catch me boy I am overseas at about a hundred Gs for sure Don’t test me boy (don’t test me boy) ’cause I rap with the best Fo’ sho three oh five to the death of me Cremate my body let the ocean have what’s left of me But for now forget about […]

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