Nicki Minaj Cut Tracy Chapman A 6-Figure Check In Copyright Lawsuit Settlement

Nicki Minaj and Tracy Chapman have reached a 6-figure settlement in their ongoing copyright lawsuit. Nicki Minaj and Tracy Chapman have reached a settlement over the New York rapper’s alleged copyright infringement of one of the iconic singers’ songs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nicki Minaj will pay Tracy Chapman $450,000 for a remade version […]

Royal Flush – Rotten Apple Lyrics

Dwellin’ in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled Or caught by the devil’s lasso, shit is a hassle Hook (2x): Dwellin’ in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled Dwellin, dwellin’ in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled Dwellin’ in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled Or caught by the devil’s lasso, shit is a hassle […]

Public Enemy – Hannibal Lecture Lyrics

[Malcolm X] Being here in America doesn’t make you an American Being born here in America doesn’t make you an American Why if birth made you an American you wouldn’t need any legislation You wouldn’t need any amendments to the Constitution I don’t see any American dream, I see an American nightmare I’m one of […]

Curly J – Star Lyrics

[Intro] We a star a now We pop out they know we going far now, we on now Oh we get it, now we're on now, its going down I pop out and they know its going down Shawty want me all around, yeah [Chorus] Pop out with hundred bands Ever since I was young I been a man […]

Kodaline – This Must Be Christmas Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ooh [Verse 1] It was cold in the night On a long and dark December And I’m drinkin’ in the local bar alone There’s a man singin’ out Singin’ words I can’t remember Something ‘bout a tale of old New York [Pre-Chorus] Pour another whiskey for the road ‘Cause that’s the only spirit that I know […]

JID – Ballads Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1: JID] Wasn’t used to taking orders if I ruled, my apologies I never been a follower, I’m addicted to the power So I studied the remains of the game, I’m an archaeologist More money, more problems That’s a tough pill to swallow if you ain’t about that shit that you […]

Lil’ Duke – Alone Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah (I ain’t ever felt so alone) [?] (I ain’t ever felt so alone) Yeah (Get it) I ain’t ever felt so alone I ain’t ever felt so alone (For real) I ain’t ever felt so alone (Nah) I ain’t ever felt so alone I ain’t ever felt so alone (Let’s go) [Verse 1] […]

Chris Travis – I Know Lyrics

[Intro] You are now listening to AraabMuzik [Verse] Say baby, we can run the streets I’m rolling up, herb and she kissing on my cheek My old girl tripping she won’t let me be She said my new bitch, made me weak Why these niggas won’t let me be? They mad I got bitches and […]

Ghislaine Maxwell seeks release on $5 million bail

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers asked a New York court Friday to release her on bail of $5 million, insisting she will stay in America to fight sex abuse charges related to Jeffrey Epstein. The British socialite has been charged with sex trafficking minors for Epstein, her former boyfriend and convicted sex offender who killed himself in […]

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Pop Smoke – Gangstas Lyrics

Them niggas gotta hear what the f*ck I’m talkin’ ’bout (Woo, woo) (I be in New York) Feel me, Lil’ Z? (I be in New York with the gangsters) On your set with some real shit, nigga (Gangsters) (Swerve) I don’t want none of that extra loud shit This ain’t none of that rainbow hair […]

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Soulja Boy – Slide Lyrics

Cryst Gang, gang Scared nigga you know what the f*ck, nigga Whole lotta pistols, nigga Slavery You know what I’m sayin’? Man, too many, man Soulja, aye Call all my niggas we ride, I got them shooters, yeah They post on the outside (Outside), Forgiato’s on my tires, yeah We gonna slide (Slide), all of […]

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Kid Astronaut – Wavesss Lyrics (feat. Ab Rule & Jay Triiiple)

Hook (Kid Astronaut) Waves like California We just left the party We’re just tryna’ kick it Not f*ck with nobody Living for the moment Just having a good time Celebrating our lives Celebrating all night And it’s Verse One (Ab-Rule) I touched down in LA just to party I’m ridin’ round dirty We dodging authorities Cause it’s seeming like the majority Has got a […]

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Stray Kids – Airplane Lyrics

[Romanized:] YAYA Bihaenggi bihaenggi Meolli tteona ollataja bihaenggi Neowa na hamkke taneun bihaenggi We are, we are eodideun gayo We are, we are neowaneun eodideunji gaji Okay eodideunji gaji jigu jeo kkeutkkaji Haewa dari batong teochihan hu dasi haega tteul ttaekkaji Mannal ttaemada naraganeun gibun Hansirado akkawo 1bun Akkyeobojago pullin sinbal kkeundo mot mukkeosseo Paran […]

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Jehry Robinson – Ritual Lyrics (feat. Joey Cool)

[Intro: Jehry Robinson] Yeah I feel good Let’s just all try to feel good New York Yeah FBA Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Jehry Robinson] Too many rainy days Got me feelin’ many ways They say a penny saved is a dollar earned They’ve gotta learn the hard way around my way sometimes… That’s gon’ take […]

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