‘Direct link from the Trump campaign to the Russians’ — and it may have been covered up: Mueller prosecutor

It’s official, the U.S. government has the information necessary to prove that President Donald Trump’s campaign was coordinating with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign. It has taken five years, but former lead prosecutor for special counsel Robert Muller explained why the evidence is clear. Speaking to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Thursday, Andrew Weissmann […]

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Lbs Kee’vin – Run Wit It Lyrics

[Intro] (Neilaworld) [Chorus] All these niggas in my business, all these bitches on my dick (Yeah) Mix that Gucci and Dior, I spent your mortgage on this fit (Yeah) You would think I'm from New York how I was sellin' dimes and nicks (Yeah) I'm the same nigga, don't matter if I'm broke or if […]

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Kevin Gates – Beat Box (Freestyle)

Shit. Yeah, I’m feelin’ like that I’m in New York right now, you heard? I’m a different kinda animal when I’m up here (I’m a silverback) D-D-Daytrip took it to ten (Hey) [Chorus:] Takin’ these journeys where I’ma need an interpreter Haven’t had a problem I couldn’t solve with the murderers Forced entry, home invasion, I know the burglars […]

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Desiigner – I Get That Lyrics

[Intro] Woah, you dig (Ayo Razy, this shit crazy) [Chorus] I get that—, get that loaf (Loaf) I get that—, you want smoke (Smoke) I get your—, I’m a ho’ She want a nigga from New York Hold it, huh I’m ridin’ through the block in a Phantom, hold (Oh) She diggin’ on me ’cause […]

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Young M.A – Successful Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, ooh-ooh Yeah, ooh, ooh-ooh Yeah, ooh-ooh, ooh Yeah, ooh, ooh-ooh That’s what we doin’ I don’t even gotta say I’m the Queen of my city no more, man They know I’m the Queen, man, they already [?] that Yeah, man [Verse 1] I could never lose, what you thought? Bitch, I’m the Queen of the New York […]

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Lil’ Candy Paint – 24 Lyrics

[Chorus] How the f*ck you broke? We get the same 24 Got a lil' change then you changed on your bros Give me an M right now, I wouldn't change on my hoes You got fool in your body and the fake get exposed Can't trust nobody, these lame niggas hoes Finna lay down a […]

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Rod Wave – Sneaky Links Lyrics

[Intro] (Pipe that shit up, TnT) (Dmac on the fucking track) Uh, uh, uh [Chorus] And now I been all around the world I met all kinda girls (Yeah) I know they know just how to fuck But don’t nobody know how you know how to make love Everybody need somebody When you find somebody […]

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Boosie Badazz – Period Lyrics (feat. Dababy)

[Intro: Boosie Badazz] 14 turn me up some You ain't no gangster, period (Period) You ain't no gangster, you ain't no gangster You ain't no gangster, period Startin' that [?], bitch, you get slapped You ain't no gangster, period, period, period [Chorus: Boosie Badazz] You niggas be talkin' like gangsters (Like gangsters) But I ain't […]

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Role Model – Doyouseeit Lyrics

[Verse 1] I can see us in a nice house, bigger than the White House, baby Or I could see us in New York buying shit we can't afford, am I crazy? (Oh) I picture everything's perfect, everything was worth all the waiting (Oh) I haven't figured out the ending, I'm only just pretending, oh-oh, […]

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President of Honduras helped smuggle tons of cocaine into US: prosecutor

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez helped smuggle tons of cocaine into the United States, a US prosecutor said Tuesday at the trial of an accused drug trafficker. That accused trafficker, Geovanny Fuentes, bribed the president with $25,000 in cash and this made Fuentes “untouchable,” prosecutor Jacob Gutwillig said in opening arguments at the New York […]

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Myanmar diplomatic revolt against junta widens after violent crackdown

(Reuters) – Myanmar’s junta lost a tug of war over leadership of its U.N. mission in New York and the United States unveiled new sanctions targeting military conglomerates after the deaths of dozens of civilians protesting against last month’s coup. With tussles over diplomatic loyalties overseas, pro-democracy activists held more demonstrations in Myanmar on Friday […]

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Maude Latour – Walk Backwards Lyrics

[Verse 1] I guess I'll never understand The line between our love and romance 'Cause when I look at you I Fall right into a dream Under galaxies in the middle of the city in New York So, I say thanks to an unknown force [Pre-Chorus] Me and my friends do whatever we want And by friends I really […]

Eric Church – Heart On Fire Lyrics

Roosevelt Road was too rough for my old truck Yeah, she’d shake and she’d shimmy like Elvis singin’ "All Shook Up" But you can’t blame a boy for going, drive it like you stole it fast With your window down, brown hair, blowin’ look at me like that A turned up radio but the static […]

Wendy Williams Says Her Brother Started Huge Fight At Her Mother’s Funeral

The feud between Wendy Williams and her brother continues. Wendy Williams says she did attend her mother’s funeral, and she also says her brother Thomas Williams Jr. started a physical fight at her mother’s funeral. In addressing the unfolding family drama in which the younger Williams sibling says his celebrity sister failed to attend her […]

Nicki Minaj Cut Tracy Chapman A 6-Figure Check In Copyright Lawsuit Settlement

Nicki Minaj and Tracy Chapman have reached a 6-figure settlement in their ongoing copyright lawsuit. Nicki Minaj and Tracy Chapman have reached a settlement over the New York rapper’s alleged copyright infringement of one of the iconic singers’ songs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nicki Minaj will pay Tracy Chapman $450,000 for a remade version […]