Dan Bull – Just Die Already Lyrics

[Verse 1] So I might open with a real light joke, right? Real life is a real life rougelike There’s no F Five key to rewind what we don’t like So we spend most our time just hoping that we won’t die So when I look around and see someone that’s elderly (yeah) I tell myself they’re either winning life […]

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Lil’ Flip – Da Gudda Lyrics

[Talking:] Just another day in the hood chillin with my niggaz, ya know right now we shoot a documentary for my mothaf*ckin album bringin y’all niggaz straight to the hood, come on walk with me [Verse 1: Lil’ Flip] Nigga I can hit you from a block away cause my chopper bang like a beat […]

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Mj0.6 – Obituary Gardens Lyrics

*My big brother’s gonna be famous* *How does that song go again* Murder on the rise You hear sirens screeching Obituary pains What yo heart’s been leaking Bullets can’t be silenced By the pastor’s preachings Survival of the fittest what streets Been teaching I’m from outwest where we Drop rakes with da hitters We claim […]

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Reh Dogg – That Is Real Lyrics

(Intro) Yeah One love Yall should step out of the way Real OG coming through Here I go (Verse) Big Art from NC have no common sense yeah hell he has no damn sense Put him on my label white dude think he can blow up overnight Honestly he wasn’t bright smoke too much 420 […]

Playboi Carti – King Vamp Lyrics

[Intro] Slatt, slatt Yeah (Oh, bitch, slatt) Rockstar bitch, you already know that Yeah (Slatt), ayy, okay Slatt, slatt (Yeah), slatt, slatt Slatt, slatt (Yeah), slatt, slatt Slatt, slatt (Yeah, yeah), yeah What? What? (Whole Lotta Red) Yeah [Chorus] K-I-N-G V-A-M-P Yeah, that’s me K-I-N-G V-A-M-P Yeah, that’s me [Post-Chorus] I’m a dark knight, bitch, […]

Bobby Raps – Famous Bitch Lyrics

[Chorus] I just sold a famous bitch some drugs All that bullshit is fake as f*ck She’s just trying to be numb She’s just trying to be numb just like everyone else Just like everyone else You’re just like everyone else You’re just like everyone else [Verse 1] Ayy, bitch I came a long way […]

Taysav – Shark Tunes Lyrics

[Verse] Late nights on that corner used to be everything They done took away everything from my niggas Gotta make a way for my niggas I know Pappy with me in spirit, but that still ain’t good enough But it’s good enough for them tools bustin’ your moves bust, but that’s stupid stuff I’m tryna […]

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Dumbfoundead – Murals Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dumbfoundead] Playing catch with a molotov cocktail 90s baby can you not tell? Raised in the midst of the riots While the pigs staying cozy off of Sawtelle OJ on the hot trail With the all white bronco Yellow baby with the snot nose Was a bad ass kid with a lip should’ve […]

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Gunna – Nasty Girl On Camera Lyrics

[Part I: "NASTY GIRL"] Mmm, mmm, mmm (Wheezy outta here) Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Travel all over the world, runnin’ into nasty girls (Nasty girls) Pullin’ her curls, f*ckin’ me a nasty girl, yeah She strippin’ at Crazy Girls, I bought her Cha-nay-nay pearls, yeah (It’s crazy) […]

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G Herbo – OFNG Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah, on fonem grave, on fonem grave (Uh) On fonem grave (Oh, haha, hell no), on fonem grave (On fonem, that shit is so fuckin’ funny, fool) On fonem grave (On fonem grave) (On fonem grave) Yeah (On fonem grave) [Chorus] I lost a lot of my niggas, uh A lot of my niggas (A lot of my niggas), uh […]

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G Herbo – Cap Guns Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oz, you’re big time [Verse] I was young and used to think of cap guns back when I was havin’ fun Now I’m caught up in this rap shit, gamblin’ my life for one Lookin’ back at shit from my past, it ain’t much I haven’t done Tryna learn from mistakes like my last one ’cause I got a son […]

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6lack – Atl Freestyle Lyrics

Cleary got me f*cked up Taking out the trash on yo ass I get rid of bad friends like a dump truck Everything I been through is everything I am What the f*ck you think this is, think I lucked up Still down to earth, never stuck up Ridding all my extra weight like a […]

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