REVEALED: FBI says pernicious Russian hacker Berserk Bear has infiltrated multiple US government websites

The federal government is warning of a cyber-attacks by Russia that ramped up in September. “This joint cybersecurity advisory—written by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)—provides information on Russian state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) actor activity targeting various U.S. state, local, territorial, and tribal (SLTT) government networks, […]

Cyber warriors sound warning on working from home

Cyber warriors on NATO’s eastern edge are warning that the growing number of people working from home globally due to the pandemic is increasing vulnerability to cyber attacks. The Baltic state of Estonia hosts two cyber facilities for the Western military alliance — set up following a series of cyber attacks from neighbour Russia more […]

Sea creatures die in far eastern Russia ‘ecological disaster’

A Russian official said Monday that the sea off the remote Kamchatka peninsula may have been contaminated with toxic chemicals as Greenpeace warned of an “ecological disaster” for marine life. Greenpeace has described how seawater off the far eastern peninsula changed color and smell and “hundreds” of dead sea creatures including seals, octopuses and sea […]

Christopher Steele didn’t want his Trump-Russia dossier to go public — and provided John McCain with a second report

Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele testified Wednesday that he never intended for his 2016 compilation of unverified reports about Russia’s links to Donald Trump to go public. Steele is facing a defamation lawsuit in London’s High Court from tech entrepreneur Aleksej Gubarev over BuzzFeed’s publication of the dossier just 10 days before Trump’s January […]

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Russian elites have been getting experimental COVID-19 vaccine for months: report

Many of Russia’s business and political elite have gotten an experimental vaccine against COVID-19. Top executives and billionaire business elites began receiving shots developed by the state-run Gamaleya Institute in Moscow as early as April, sources familiar with the effort told Bloomberg News. The project, which is financed by the state-run Russian Direct Investment Fund […]

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Arctic spill fuels calls for shakeup at Russia mining giant

Moscow (AFP) – Russian mining giant Norilsk Nickel faced pressure from a key shareholder on Tuesday to overhaul management after disasters including a massive Arctic fuel spill that sparked a state of emergency.Aluminium producer Rusal, which owns 28 percent in Norilsk Nickel, said it was “seriously concerned” over recent environmental accidents in the Russian Arctic […]

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With prizes, food, housing and cash, Putin rigged Russia’s most recent vote

When Russians voted in early July on 200 constitutional amendments, officials rigged the election to create the illusion that President Vladimir Putin remains a popular and powerful leader after 20 years in office. In reality, he increasingly relies on manipulation and state repression to maintain his presidency. Most Russians know that, and the world is […]

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Russia tells US to ‘mind own business’ over media freedom

Moscow has told the US embassy to “mind your own business” after Washington’s diplomatic mission raised concern about curbs on media freedom in Russia. Rebecca Ross, the spokeswoman for the US embassy, on Tuesday expressed concern about a clampdown on journalists in Russia. “Watching arrest after arrest of Russian journalists – it’s starting to look […]

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West Virginia woman rushes to Mexico border with secret government documents — then seeks asylum in Russia

NBC News 4 investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane discovered a strange tale that could be Russia’s next espionage scandal. According to court filings of the incident, a West Virginia woman has confessed to driving to Mexico with her daughter with a series of top-secret U.S. government documents. She then sought asylum in Russia. The documents MacFarlane […]

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‘Complacent’ Trump slammed by a Marine veteran for ‘squandering’ the honor of slain troops

Timothy Kudo, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, criticized President Donald Trump in a Friday column at The Atlantic, describing him as a “complacent commander in chief.” Kudo slammed Trump for reportedly not reading or ignoring intelligence that had indicated Russia offered Taliban militants bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. “I served under […]

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Pelosi says sanctions against Russian intel were stripped from bill because of Trump — even though GOP wanted them

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) revealed in her weekly press briefing that the Russian sanctions bill had sanctions that specifically targeted Russian intelligence, known as the GRU. But those sanctions were stripped out of the bill. “We passed in a bipartisan way, sanctions on Russia. The administration told us to take out the sanctions against […]

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Trump would ‘blow up’ at negative information about Russia from intelligence sources: CNN

CNN host and reporter Jim Sciutto’s upcoming book wasn’t scheduled to be released until Aug. 11, but his findings are proving to be critically important as news continues to be released about what President Donald Trump knew about the Russian plot to pay Afghan militants to kill American soldiers. The Madman Theory: Trump Takes on […]

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Busted: Taliban commanders admit Russia is paying to murder US soldiers as Trump calls cash-for-killings a ‘hoax’

President Donald Trump, the Director of National Intelligence, the former acting Director of National Intelligence, the National Security Advisor, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the White House press secretary, and other Trump-appointed administration officials all have offered varying denials that Russia is paying terrorists in the Taliban to kill American soldiers, and […]

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Russian aggression goes way beyond bounties on US troops — and Trump still hasn’t pushed back: report

The White House is furiously denying that President Donald Trump saw evidence that Russia had placed bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan, but there’s plenty of non-classified evidence the Kremlin has recently escalated its aggression. The president insists he never saw intelligence about the bounties and the White House says the evidence was never strong […]

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‘They can’t even get their stories straight’: Reporter mocks Republican excuses for Trump’s ignorance on Russia bounty

The New York Times confirmed Tuesday that money from a Russian military account did send large financial transfers into Taliban-linked bank accounts. Speaking to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace about it, reporter Adam Goldman explained that the more information that becomes known, the more convoluted the excuses and explanations are from Republicans. Goldman’s reporting revealed that President […]

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Republicans remove provision in bill that would require political campaigns report help from foreign country like Russia

A provision in the National Defense Authorization Act would have required political campaigns to report it if a foreign country reaches out to them with an offer of assistance. Republicans, however, stripped it from the bill, reported. Had the measure been in place in 2016, it would have required President Donald Trump’s campaign to […]

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Father of Marine who may have been killed in Russia bounty plot offers his thoughts on Trump

On Monday evening, the Associated Press reported President Donald Trump was briefed in 2019 by former National Security Advisor John Bolton about the alleged Russian plot to offer bounties for the killing of U.S. troops in Iraq. The AP also examined which U.S. troops may have been killed by the Russia scheme. “The Defense Department […]

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Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany denies Trump was briefed on Russian bounties for killing US troops

The White House denied Saturday that President Donald Trump had been briefed on intelligence that reportedly showed Russia had offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants if they killed US soldiers in Afghanistan. The rewards purportedly gave incentives to the guerrillas to target US forces, just as Trump tries to withdraw troops — meeting one of the […]

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