Skiifall – Bentayga Dust Lyrics

Bentayga dust yio can’t race with us oh my lawd don’t get him faded I trencherous Yio cyar hang with us oh my lawd just bun that pagan Watch who mi trust boii dem Lucifer tell Yio soul and frl Yio placement Stay true too us mandem suited up bust di matic minah inna dat […]

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All – Roir Lyrics

All you filthy idle rich You bet I’m prejudiced I got class… resentment All you pretty girls and boys With expensive toys I got class… resentment When I’m at work you treat me rude So I spit in your food I got class… resentment I ain’t got shit You got a trust fund I got […]

Tedua – Vita Vera Lyrics

[Testo di “Vita vera”] [Intro] Vita Vera Mixtape Aspettando, Tedua Chris Nolan [Strofa 1] Vedo solo arroganza e strafottenza, Ryan fotte senza La scena che si incendia, merda, versa benza, ah Non ho mai fatto il carcere, non mi hanno preso, aspetta Veder mia madre piangere, so non l’avrebbe retta A me non interessa di chi resta in testa […]

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Katy Perry – Save As Draft Lyrics

[Verse 1] I remember when you used to be my every other thought But now my calendar’s so full, it’s easier to move on Sometimes I swear I pass your SUV on Sunset Boulevard I don’t fuck with change, but lately I’ve been flipping coins a lot [Chorus] I struggle I juggle I could just […]

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Rexx Life Raj – Handheld GPS

[Hook] I’ve been out the way tryna gain it all Weed and Adderall, that’ll get me there Hoping soon enough, I don’t do enough, I could do some more I don’t even know what I’m shooting for but I’m shooting anyway [Verse 1] Handheld GPS, still everybody’s lost We’re in the land of the free […]

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Papoose – Darkside letras

It’s hoodie season [Hook] I’m from the dark side Dark side, dark side, dark side, dark side, dark side I’m from the dark side Dark side, dark side, dark side, dark side, dark side The lights went out, the lights went out The lights went out, nigga the lights went out I said the lights […]

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Trettmann – Ehrenrunde (Kitschkrieg, Vol. 3 EP) letras

[Verse 1] Kein Spass man, bis der letzte es gerafft hat, hier ist nichts lustig Habs allen gesagt: 2Null16 gehört uns, Übernahme, Schlussstrich Aus’m Nichts in die Championsleague Hombre, nie wieder Schlusslicht Alle überrundet, Transformation abgeschlossen, alles gut, alles richtig Und es fühlt sich so leicht an, als ob ich fliege, fernab vom Schwarm Gönn’ […]

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