Ruel – ​courage Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Wet paper on my doorstep, rainin’ all night It’s okay, I don’t wanna read it anyway Turn the TV just to hear the voices talkin’, maybe [Pre-Chorus] Sofa’s so uncomfortable When I jam the door and leave it open But I’ve been thinkin’ [Chorus] If I try again, I know […]

Justina Valentine – MYOB feat Chris Webby

Hey Webb, uhm They’re still on my beach talking boatloads of shit Hahahahaha, so I told them [Chorus: Justina Valentine] MYOB, Mind your motherfuckin’ biz Mind your motherfuckin’ business MYOB Mind your motherfuckin’ biz Mind your motherfuckin’ business [Verse 1: Justina Valentine] Look, look Mirror, mirror on the wall (Hello) Why these hoes stay on […]

Mike Cooley – Pulaski Lyrics

She was fresh out of college First one in her family to go And California seemed like heaven Pulaski, Tennessee was her home She worked on losing her southern accent Turned her back on her Baptist ways Bought some clothes that barely covered her fair-skinned body Went to Nashville and caught a plane Well the […]

Gordi – Look Like You Lyrics

[Verse 1] Were they too concealed in the TV screen? No book I read reminds me of this scene A storyline hung out to dry An ending unpredictable it seems [Chorus] So if I don't tread on an aisle And if I save some money, and invest it in a little while Untouchable and true Because you're looking at […]

Dierks Bentley – Gone Lyrics

My buddies think I’m on the lake Boss thinks I’ve been sick for days And mama’s probably on her way ‘Cause I ain’t picked up the phone I’ve been a million places But they’re all up in my head Over-drinking, overthinking ever since you left I’ve been gone, I’ve been gone I’ve been sittin’ on […]

Diddy – Mad Rapper – Interlude Lyrics

And welcome back from that commercial break Um I found out some please ladies and gentlemen Hold your applause please can you hold your applause I found out something very interesting The mad producer, he’s not really that mad Uh he well Mr. Producer can you please tell us Why you’re not really that mad? […]

Nova Art – Lost In Dreams Lyrics

Sad and broke you sit alone Cry and choke you didn’t know Throat is blocked with pain and sorrow You know there won’t be tomorrow Past is flashing in your eyes – you can not believe You exhume long-buried lies – an undead memory Feel the cold winter rains Flow like ice through your veins […]

Erik Lundin – En Dag Lyrics

[Erik Lundin] Här födds både rånare och odlare Här födds både bödlar och golare Jag föddes som förlorare Och mina ögon var för tonade Din sons historier är förstorade Pepparkakspojk när pepparkakspojken korades Ser fram emot att se det där flinet dan dom måste ta sig igenom taggbuskarna dom odlade Och ändå var vi polare, […]

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Rockstah – VHS Lyrics

[Hook] Ich sitz’ mit meinem Teddybär im Schlafanzug Um Mitternacht vorm krieselnden TV Reiß die alten Kisten aus dem Keller auf Und blas’ von alten Bändern den Staub (Blas’ von alten Bändern den Staub) Mein Namen steht in Filzstift auf dem Etikett Niemand hat sie jemals überspielt Ich leg sie ein und guck ein bisschen […]

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Mustafa – Come Back Lyrics (feat. James Blake)

[Intro: James Blake] Please, uh, hahaha Okay [Chorus: James Blake] Please come back Please come back Please come back Please come back [Verse: Mustafa Ahmad] If she runs her fingers through my past She may lose the softness in her hands Maybe I can still make it come back The oak tree my old TV, the friend of past […]

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Dominic Fike – Chicken Tenders Lyrics

Chicken tenders in my hotel, yeah Christina’s in my bed watchin’ TV shows When she hit the remote with her legs shakin’, that’s good love makin’ Watchin’ wherever my head facin’ just for puffs, baby White wings in my pillows and blankets (Lovin’ under covers) I got markings on my body from Tracy (All on […]

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Klb – Foi Amor Lyrics

Vi o dia nascer Desliguei a TV Te liguei Pra fala de mim não está Deve estar no sofá A chorar Lembranças de nós dois Guardadas pra depois Em um armário vazio E o tempo vai dizer Pra quem se arrepender A dor de sair de um amor Deixa rolar, deixa acontecer Quem sabe a […]

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Fosca – Assume Nothing Lyrics

Did I tell you I applied to the Uni of Life? I was measured for my gown… and I promptly got turned down I’m not a bit surprised this time. It’s just like you to dote On someone who sleeps to 4pm and isn’t even registered to vote Well, you’re in the same boat That […]

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Ernia – Puro Sinaloa Lyrics (feat. Lazza, Rkomi & Tedua)

[Testo di “Puro Sinaloa” ft. Tedua, Rkomi & Lazza] [Intro: Ernia] Milano Tredici anni dopo, una generazione dopo Vai Joe, andiamo Do-Do-Do-Do-Don Joe [Strofa 1: Ernia] Trovami ancora seduto sul corner Mentre racconto qualche storia forte Poetica fatta di fumo, di asfalto, di pare e di morte Spacco solo io, fra’, no te Tipa, fra’, nuova di pacca Quanto […]

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Ernia – Bugie Lyrics

Una per proteggere i miei cari Una per pararmi il culo dagli infami Una per leccarli come i cani Una per scoparla e poi cacciarla domani Una per fregarti e poi sfregarmi le mani Bugie, bugie, bugie, bugie, dimmi Bugie, bugie, bugie, bugie, dimmi Bugie, bugie, bugie, bugie, dimmi Bugie, bugie, bugie, bugie Ne dico […]

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Putin mocks Trump for handling the coronavirus outbreak worse than Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin poked at his friend President Donald Trump for failing to handle the United States COVID-19 outbreak, the Daily Mail reported. Speaking to state TV, Putin claimed that the country had experienced fewer cases than the top-ranked United States. “We are exiting the coronavirus situation steadily with minimal losses, God willing, in […]

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Dame D.o.l.l.a. – Blacklist Lyrics

As a brotha with a good heart, I say "f*ck you," if you racist Or white, stayin’ quiet, you disablin’ the changes And f*ck bein’ famous, tired of watchin’ us complainin’ Cops kill a brother, get released after arraignments We in a pandemic, thought gettin’ out, there’d be more joy Watch the cop, knee to […]

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Lou Reed – Satellite of Love Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Satellite’s gone up to the skies Things like that drive me out of my mind I watched it for a little while I like to watch things on TV [Chorus] Satellite of love Satellite of love Satellite of love Satellite of [Verse 2] Satellite’s gone way up to Mars Soon […]

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Punchnello – Boiling Point Lyrics (feat. Simon Dominic & Tabber)

[펀치넬로 (Feat. 사이먼 도미닉) – Boiling Point 가사] [Intro: Punchnello] Yeah, flip it, flip it, flip it, flip- Uh yea [Verse 1: Punchnello] Yeah, I’ve got bubble, bubble, bubble gum 다른 hater 들의 말은 전부 다 씹고 있어 그래, pocket full of money 또 내가 원하는 데로 열심히 돈 벌고 있고 그냥 kick back, 또 […]

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Maria Gadu – Trovoa Lyrics

[Verso 1] Minha cabeça trovoa Sob o meu peito eu te trovo e me ajoelho Destino canções pros teus olhos vermelhos Flores vermelhas, Vênus, bônus Tudo que me for possível, ou menos Mais ou menos Me entrego, me ofereço Reverencio a sua beleza Física também, mas não só, não só [Verso 2] Graças a Deus […]

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Head North – The First One Lyrics

One more, one more year down You cried the whole way Somehow it still counts Brothers in inches and pounds You fought the whole way Somehow it still counts Do you think you’re the first one to never want to die? You drank a couple drugs and you figured out your life Do you think […]

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