Elle Varner – Number One Song Lyrics

Tick-tock and my brain won’t stop It’s like, twenty-four-seven on my mantel clock When I’m walkin’ the street, when I’m at my job When I’m in the gym, when I’m in my car While I’m out with my friends, when I take out the trash When I’m makin’ my bread, is it takin’ a class? […]

Russian state TV pushes propaganda that the US is faking suicides of cops who responded to MAGA riots

Russia is pushing out a new conspiracy theory that suicides of officers involved in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol are being faked by the United States government. It has become a kind of “kitchen sink” conspiracy, with Russian state-television stations pushing out several conspiracy theories all at once that are unrelated. Among […]

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IOC investigating Russian state TV’s use of anti-LGBTQ slurs to refer to gay, trans Olympians

Russia may be officially banned from the Olympics this year, but coverage of the Tokyo Games on state-sponsored TV is currently being investigated by the International Olympic Committee. Two of the country’s most popular television channels have featured a number of hosts and guests speaking disparagingly about openly LGBTQ athletes, using slurs as well as […]

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Tabby – Rosegold Lyrics

[Verse 1] Your energy like TV static And you’re mad at me when you see me dancing I’m too old school to align the planets That’s retrograde, my data ran out So if you’re trying to reach me, I’m not around, it’s your own A spoon full of sugar helps that shit go down (That […]

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Grouplove – Deadline Lyrics

Lying on the pavement I'm looking at my old house I'm thinking 'bout my basement And how I got all burned out All my life All my life All my life lost I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive I'm a lost cause You got me always thinking about Everybody's got a place they like to […]

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Akir – The Initiation Lyrics

Yo what you got for me man? Yeah I got that red, black and green for you baby C’mon c’mon c’mon, give it to me, I need it now Got that good shit C’mon, I need somethin now Make you really right Oooooooooooh~! [Abiodun Oyewole:] We were strung out, on revolution Filled up the syringe […]

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Tom Jones – Pop Star Lyrics

Yes, I’m gonna be a popstar Yes, I’m gonna be a popstar, now Yes, I’m gonna be a popstar Whoa, momma, momma see me Momma, momma, see me, I’m a popstar Yes, I’m going on the TV Yes, I’m going on the TV, now Yes, I’m going on the TV Whoa, momma, momma see me […]

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Darlingside – Rodeo Lyrics

This is my first rodeo I'm holding on tight to the rope Don't know which way this will go An aisle at the convenience store Shoelace gray lottery floor It feels like I've been here before The clerk is a man behind glass Behind his eyes is the past Behind him the local news broadcast […]

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Andymori – City Lights Lyrics

I tried to use brute force, but maps are always liars and they spread arrogant smiles on TV while they really get into watching naked women while chattering When you're a kid, it's great The gentleman with those robust shoes he loved timeslips from town to town And falls in love and flies City lights […]

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Mund De Carlo – Bekendt Lyrics

[Vers 1] Jeg har en ven med brune øjne og bredt smilebånd Fjerde søn i familien af en kurdisk og en mor fra Lebanon Klarer sig med hvad han har lige ved hånden Våben i hukommelsen, blokkens regler i munden, økonomien i lommen Nul'te klas' med alle de unge shababs Delte aviser ud på Blågaards […]

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Quando Rondo – Cest Friends Lyrics

[Intro] Cxb know he go crazy SephGotTheWaves Ayy [Refrain] I done fucked all them hoes that you see on TV That shit right there don’t amaze me Jump in the Rolls truck, then I do the dash to the three I hope the police don’t chase me Only dope Little Timmy gon’ roll up is […]

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Weezer – She Needs Me Lyrics

[Verse] In this big bad world, there’s things I do When she needs help, I come through Sometimes she hands me a jar of Jif And I feel good when I open it [Chorus] She needs me She needs me And that’s why I need her She needs me She needs me It’s us against the world [Verse] I’m pretty good with a TV […]

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Smithfield – Something Sexy Lyrics

[Verse 1] It’s a lights down, lay around, T-shirt on the couch Turn the TV on, just to wind up makin’ out kind of night Gotta set the mood just right Well, sit tight, baby, and I’ll be right back We need a soundtrack for a kiss like that Let’s start this night together Slippin’ […]

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Weezer – I Need Some of That Lyrics

[Verse 1] Summer time, I press rewind And go back to a simple place When I was just a little punk Daydreaming of my escape Listening to Aerosmith Later on I will call my mom Now I’m pluggin’ in to a Marshall stack I can be anything I want [Chorus] I need some of that It’s just what I […]

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Bigkaybeezy – El Chapo Lyrics

[Intro] (Run that back Khi) Big El Chapo status, in this bitch I'ma go crazy Big El Chapo status, you what the f*ck going on Gang, gang, gang, gang Big El Chapo status, Big El Chapo status, El Chapo status Big E'l Chapo status Hold on bitch you know what the f*ck it is T-gang shit Big El Chapo, […]

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Spice 1 – Thug World Lyrics

[Verse 1: Spice 1] I’m platinum while I’m gattin, now that finger’s shining It’s nothin to a boss to bust wit cut diamonds I’ma dig it, ya fiend for the verbals, I came to spit it Big boss like a 500 Benz to a honda civic Comin wit it, hit it, as soon as I […]

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Forest Blakk – If you love her

feat. Meghan Trainor Take it If she gives you her heart Don’t you break it Let your arms be a place She feels safe in She’s the best thing that you’ll ever have She always has trouble Falling asleep And she likes to cuddle While under the sheets She loves Pop songs And dancing, and […]

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Siakol – Bidyoke Lyrics

Malalim na itong gabi. Dapat na tayong magsindi. Refrain: Meron namang kuryente TV nakabakante Wala na ring masabe. Isalang mo na, Pare! Buksan ang bidyoke. Malalim na itong gabi. Dapat nang maghapi-hapi Refrain: Tayo nang magkantahan “My Way” na Walang kamatayan. Ang mic ay pagagawan Isalang mo na, pare! “Buksan ang bidyoke” Malalim na itong […]

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[Intro] Yeah, that’s cool And I take a chunk of it, some of it [Verse 1: Kevin Abstract] Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah) Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah) I done came down, bumpin’ flexy Niggas all around me, lookin’ sexy Locked in the crib, smokin’ on some shit Got a nigga seein’ stars, that’s just how a […]

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