UK health minister sparks fury by urging people not to ‘cower from’ COVID

LONDON (Reuters) – British health minister Sajid Javid was accused of insulting coronavirus victims on Sunday after urging people to take a COVID-19 vaccine and “learn to live with, rather than cower from, this virus”. Javid, who replaced Matt Hancock as health minister last month after his predecessor stepped down for breaking COVID rules by […]

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UK police officer pleads guilty to Sarah Everard’s murder

By Michael Holden LONDON (Reuters) – A British police officer on Friday admitted murdering Sarah Everard whose killing sparked anger and soul-searching across the country about what police, government and society can do to stop male violence against women. Wayne Couzens, 48, a London officer who guarded diplomatic premises, had previously admitted rape and kidnap. […]

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Media, government websites worldwide hit by outages

Several media, government and social sites such as the UK government, the White House and Reddit suffered temporary outages on Tuesday due to a glitch in cloud computing services provider Fastly. Fastly said “the issue has been identified and a fix has been applied. Customers may experience increased origin load as global services return.” Access […]

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Former BBC chief resigns from high-profile role at UK’s National Gallery amid Diana interview fallout

Fallout from an investigation into BBC’s 1995 interview with Princess Diana continues to reverberate throughout the United Kingdom. On Saturday, Tony Hall, who was the broadcaster’s director of news at the time of the explosive tell-all with the late Princess of Wales, announced he was stepping down from his role as board chairman of Britain’s […]

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The Lonely Island – Saturday Night Lyrics

[Intro] Hey, what’s up, man? Nothing? You’ll never guess what happened! Check it, last Saturday my main chicken was like, “You need to take me out for a bubble bath, oil massage and candle light dinner.” Oh, oh, hell not! That’s what I was saying! I had to tell her like this: [Chorus] Saturday night […]

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Popcaan & The FaNatix Samples Tanya Stephens Classic On “These Streets (Don’t Luv U)”

Popcaan links with The Fanatix and M1llionz on a new track. The Fanatix returned with a hot new single that twins dancehall with UK drill. The new track, titled “These Streets (Don’t Luv U)”, features dancehall star Popcaan and upcoming UK drill rapper M1llionz. The song’s lyrics feature quite a bit of the Jamaican vernacular, […]

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Emir Can Igrek – Memur Lyrics

Affet bu gece seninle olamayız yine Birtakım nefesler var ensemde Beni düşünme hiç Bi süre özleme Bi şeyler oldu… Etmedim itaat Geldi memur Yat dedi yat Geçti ömrüm Yok bi rahat Etmedim hala Nerde bi kabahat Orda durdum Yat dedi yat Geçti ömrüm Yok bi rahat Etmedim hala Affet bu gece yanında Uyuyamam yine Yol […]

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UK’s ruling Conservatives strike early ‘Super Thursday’ blow with win in Labour stronghold

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives scored a stunning election victory in an opposition stronghold Friday, after Britain held its first major ballot box test since Brexit and the coronavirus crisis. The “Super Thursday” regional and local elections could reshape the UK as pro-independence forces in Scotland, where voting for the devolved parliament was also held, […]

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Kash Doll – Thumbin Lyrics

[Intro] (The CoalCash collection) Ooh (Ayy-ayy, ayy, Knox This That Wave) Ooh (Ayo Cash [?]) [Chorus] I’ve been thumbin’ through these hunnids all day (All day) I got paper cuts from thumbin’ through this money all day (All day) Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’ (I’m thumbin’) Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’ Thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’, thumbin’ I’ve […]

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Northern Ireland marks 100 years, divided

Northern Ireland marks its centenary on Monday Belfast (AFP) – Northern Ireland marks its 100th year on Monday, but faltering efforts to commemorate the centenary encapsulate the rift at the heart of the British province. Ever since Ireland was freed from British rule in 1921, Northern Ireland’s existence has been controversial, and the knot in […]

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