Boldy James & The Alchemist – Bernadines Lyrics

[Intro] It's all your fault, Al (uh uh, uh) It's all… Where we at? Bo Jackson, let's get it (ay, 227) [Verse 1] Can't none of y'all mirror me back (at all) Back to them ol' FILA Runballs, steerin' the Ac (uh huh) Ain't have a quarter for a gumball out the machine (flat broke) Was choppin' up them 8-balls with a house full […]

Talkshow Boy – Testosterone Lyrics

Thank you all for coming to my shows, you’re sexy Thanks for queuing my MP3, and representing At the witching hour, this is what my lover said She said “come here boy and join me in the army of the dead” I said thanks to the interstate looks these bands, and help each other with these hands Thanks to […]

Controversy over ‘misrepresentation’ of slavery in UK citizenship test

Nearly 200 historians on Wednesday denounced what they said was the “misrepresentation of slavery and empire” in the history section of Britain’s citizenship test, calling for it to be corrected. It is the latest volley in an increasingly bitter battle over the legacy of Britain’s colonial past prompted by a recent wave of anti-racism protests […]

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Proof Russia meddled in UK elections and Scottish referendum — but new report didn’t tackle Brexit involvement

Russia meddled in the 2014 Scottish referendum and the British government failed to ask for a deep assessment of possible Kremlin-directed interference in the Brexit vote as it was slow to recognise the existence of the threat, said a long-awaited British parliamentary report released Tuesday. “There should have been assessment of Russian interference in the […]

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Mixed reaction from Hong Kong expats to UK visas offer

London (AFP) – Hong Kong expatriates living in Britain have welcomed London’s pledge of “a pathway to future citizenship” for millions of the territory’s residents after China imposed a controversial security law there.But they warned this “message of hope” would not help many, including those born after Hong Kong’s 1997 return to Chinese rule and […]

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UK historian quits Cambridge over slavery claim

A British royal historian who said slavery was not genocide has quit his honorary position at Cambridge University and been dropped by his publisher HarperCollins. The comments from Professor David Starkey came during a period of soul searching in Britain over its colonial past. The Black Lives Matter movement that gained momentum after the death […]

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Drunk people can’t socially distance, UK police conclude

Britain’s police said Sunday that revellers who packed London’s Soho district the night pubs finally reopened made it “crystal clear” that drunk people cannot socially distance. England’s hospitality sector sprung back to life after a three-month coronavirus hiatus on what the media dubbed as either “Super Saturday” or “Independence Day”. Pubs and restaurants were allowed […]

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Yxng Bane – Charlie Sloth Interlude 1 Lyrics

[Charlie Sloth] So imagine this right Couple weeks back i was in LA I was sat in some restaurant eating some food with some girl I’ve never seen in my life But we was eatin food all the same And she was like ”yo Charlie” “You know that kid over from the UK thats a rockstar?” I’m like who you talkin about girl? She […]

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Boris Johnson defends England’s racist past as UK boards up statues to protect them from protesters

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday said a wave of anti-racism protests across Britain had been “hijacked by extremists”, as fears mounted about clashes between activists and far-right groups, and vandalism spread. Several statues were boarded up as a precaution, including one of World War II leader Winston Churchill and the Cenotaph war memorial in […]

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Outrage at UK story ‘justifying’ JK Rowling abuse

Domestic abuse campaigners on Friday expressed outrage at a front-page story in Britain’s The Sun tabloid where the ex-husband of “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling defended hitting her. Rowling revealed this week that she suffered domestic abuse in her first marriage, and a “serious sexual assault” in her twenties. The Sun carried an interview on […]

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‘No benefit’ from hydroxychloroquine for virus: UK trial

A major British clinical trial has found hydroxychloroquine has “no benefit” for patients hospitalized with COVID-19, scientists said Friday, in the first large-scale study to provide results for a drug at the centre of political and scientific controversy. Hydroxychloroquine, a decades-old malaria and rheumatoid arthritis drug, has been touted as a possible treatment for the […]

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Cate Blanchett in chainsaw accident at UK home

Double Oscar winner Cate Blanchett has revealed she had a lucky escape after suffering a cut to the head following a chainsaw accident at her home in southern England. The Hollywood actor shared details about the near-miss while talking last week to former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard on the ex-leader’s podcast as they discussed […]

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UK minister quits over Cummings lockdown trip

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government was hit by its first resignation on Tuesday over the controversy surrounding top aide Dominic Cummings’ cross-country trip during the coronavirus lockdown. Undermining attempts by ministers to try and move on from the crisis which has dominated British politics for days, Douglas Ross, a minister for Scotland, quit in […]

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Training dogs to sniff out Covid-19

Using dogs’ powerful sense of smell to detect people with Covid-19 could revolutionize how the disease is identified and tracked, according to scientists in the UK who on Saturday were awarded government funding to research the theory. The study is being carried out by Durham University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, […]

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