Shofu – Walk With Me Lyrics

[Verse 1] I be that nerdy dude, the one that raps better than you I’m not a rapper I just got nothing better to do Came up from time spent making some irregular moves So I just needed something else to give my mu’f*cking energy to But check, the same niggas i eat with, i […]

Playboi Carti – Call Up The Troops Lyrics

[Intro: Offset] Carti left hand Shit man yeah you know Dat way best way Yeah, yeah Diamonds dancin’ nigga He the motherfucker on the mic, nigga yeah you know what I’m sayin? Real, yeah you feel me? [Verse 1: Playboi Carti] They takin’ them pictures, I’m takin’ they bitches They hop in my whip when […]

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Tory Lanez – Wraith Talk Lyrics

[Intro] Lightin’ up a Cuban cigar down Collins Ave This that type of shit Saucy, yeah, you know this that It’s that light that Cuban cigar in the Wraith music No excuses I feel marvelous by the way [Verse 1] Look uh, first off, I’m poppin’ nigga, fuck all y’all Y’all lucky I don’t let […]