Elh Kmer – Ennemis Lyrics

[Paroles de “Ennemis”] [Intro] Eeeeh Sosa, t’as vu ? Freddy K all day [Couplet 1] Mes démons m’obéissent et depuis longtemps, ouais, mes démons m’obéissent depuis très longtemps Je fais de la trap depuis qu’j’suis minot, j’frappe fort dans le sac, ouais, depuis longtemps Avec le temps, j’me suis assagi, cœur noir brisé comme en […]

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Chiiild & Mahalia – Awake Lyrics

[Intro: Chiiild] Yeah [Chorus: Chiiild] Meet me in the bedroom, lay there awake I’ve been thinking ’bout this thing here all week One night could feel like four days (Yeah) Meet me in the bedroom, lay there awake [Verse: Mahalia] Time slows down when you pull up to the venue (Uh) Michelin star crib and […]

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Scott the Pisces – Perfect Summer

feat. Aleesia Blue skies Summer nights Chasing dreams & catching flights Music up, take a drive By the sea, VIP Drinking smoothies on the beach Take a sip, feel the heat This is the summer of love Moving so fast And it only comes once So let’s make this last When the summer time calls […]

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Dej Loaf – Ayo Lyrics

[Produced by DDS] [Verse 1] Henny by the 5th, gone and take your pick I'm pausin' cause I'm fly and I feel like I'm the shit My squad up in VIP, you got in with a dub I only f*ck with ballers, we don't f*ck around with scrubs Nigga yayo All my niggas be like […]

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Renni Rucci – Can’t Be Lyrics

[Intro] Think we found a loophole (Chorus) And I just wanna ball in the VIP Overseas, take a trip Shopping sprees, buy me everything I need up in Phipps Buy me diamonds and bags Put some ice on my hands But I ain't tryna be your bitch [Verse 1:] Loose lips sink ships and you […]

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Bladee – Sesame Street Lyrics

[Intro: Matt OX] (I'm working on dying) Why, all it ever does is rain, rain water Well, I mean we need water I wish that it would just rain something that a grouch would like Like if it would only rain trash Wishful thinking [Chorus] I know I can get her anytime I want But […]

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Plk – Intr100000 Lyrics

– Oui, oui, venez, c’est par là. Tout au fond à gauche, là-bas The Danger (The Danger), The Danger (The Danger) – Oui, bonjour PLK. Nan, juste une question. Alors en fait, j’aurais aimé savoir… Vous avez pas peur de sortir une mixtape après un album ? Surtout qu’l’album a plutôt bien marché, du coup […]

Big Zulu – Mali Eningi Lyrics (feat. Intaba Yase Dubai & Riky Rick)

[Intro: Intaba Yase Dubai] Asiyidleni lemali siyosebenza enye imali Asiyidleni lemali Siyosebenza enye futhi [Chorus: Intaba Yase Dubai] Ngifisa ukuba nemali eningi Wallet yam iqumbe Khanda lami lidume Ngisa funa ukudl’inyama eningi Ngike ngikhohlwe amadumbe "I-menu bo?" Bangibuze Ngifisa ukuba nemali eningi Wallet yam iqumbe Khanda lami lidume Ngisafuna ukudl’inyama eningi Ngike ngikhohlwe amadumbe "I-menu […]

Glue – Glupies Lyrics

[Verse 1] I was sitting at a table waiting for the check to come Eating hella cheap cause I'm only a party of one She must have noticed how lonely I've become Or the c notes I counted with the top of my thumb Left a huge tip cause I've got it like that Swept her off her feet to forget the past She […]

Megan Thee Stallion – Movie Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Lil Durk & Megan Thee Stallion] (Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Megan Thee Stallion] Take a shot, then turn the phone and shit, give me that D’USSÉ dick ’42, ho, Azul make me do […]

Jeezy – Ill’in Lyrics (feat. Clipse)

[Produced by The Alchemist] [Hook – Young Jeezy] So sick, so sick, I’m sickle cell sick What the f*ck you think I’m doing right now? I got my Glock on, watch on, clock on Everything’s cool, no pressure, I’m chillin’ Make them pussies sick, have em caught up in they feelin’s I be illin’, illin’, […]

Young M.a – Same Set Lyrics

It’s lit It’s lit Uh, red cup and the wood tip I’m just tryna clear my mind from the bullshit I got ninety-nine problems, money ain’t one They be talkin’ bad bitches but I date one Money stackin’, pistol packin’, what that talk ’bout? Bitch I’m gettin’ forty bands on the walk out Yeah I […]

Lil’ Duke – No Time Lyrics

[Chorus] Don't got no motherf*ckin' time I'm chasin' these racks and I'm tryna get mine f*ckin' on nothin' but dimes Rich nigga shit and I'm never on time Yeah, bitch, I hang with the stars I'm in the foreign 'cause we [?] the car We do not hang at the bar We in the VIP […]

Jack The Smoker – Euro Lyrics

[Testo di "Euro"] [Intro] Ah [Strofa 1] Il rap italiano fa schifo (Bleah), meglio se vado a Calcutta (Via) Il pop italiano fa schifo (Bleah), meglio se sparo a Calcutta (Bang) Due secondi, danni per la strada, dimmi come poter esserti grato Guardo fuori, è come una savana, per girare devo essere tigrato Più per il contatto diretto (E […]

Tom Block – Setup Lyrics

You think it’s all set up and they’re coming for you And yeah, it’s all set up… but for whatever you do. It’s all set up for a life of bliss. Just hit and miss, fight and kiss, enjoy both top and abyss! Enter the zone for love and treat your inner creature kind. It […]

Kaaris – Mentalite Cailleras Lyrics

[Paroles de “Mentalité cailleras”] [Intro] Cailleras, cailleras Orh click ! Kaaris, caille-ra Quatre-vingt treize Quatre-vingt treize [Refrain] Mentalité cailleras Mentalité cailleras Mentalité cailleras Mentalité cailleras Cailleras dans la précarité, né dans l’asociabilité Grandi dans la brutalité, bandit dans son intégralité (2.7 !) Mentalité cailleras Mentalité cailleras, cailleras [Couplet 1] J’fume, j’fume, j’fume, j’fume, j’fume, j’compte, […]

Duwap Kaine – No Autotune Lyrics

[Intro] Damn, damn [Chorus] My nigga we trappin’ underhand, underhand Why can’t I trust my own man Really I can’t trust no bitch Hell yeah man my nigga with the shit My nigga with the shit and he not no snitch Call Of Duty man you know we shootin’ shit You got hitmarkers man I […]

Juicy J – No Look Lyrics

[Intro] Ay man, I’ma tell you some real shit Niggas love ratchet p*ssy I’m tellin’ you man Niggas don’t be wantin’ no good shit man They like to chase these hoes, spend they money and shit [Chorus] Pass that bitch no look I got Southside cup I can’t heed no looks Bankroll look like books, […]

Canardo – Ce Qu’il Nous Reste Lyrics

[Intro] Ne brisez pas nos rêves c’est tout ce qu’il nous reste (Laissez-moi, laissez-moi, dans ma tête oui laissez-moi) Ne brisez pas nos rêves c’est tout ce qu’il nous reste (Laissez-moi, laissez-moi dans ma tête oui laissez-moi) [Refrain] Ne brisez pas nos rêves, c’est tout ce qu’il doit nous rester On a tellement attendu, tellement […]

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Ernia – Puro Sinaloa Lyrics (feat. Lazza, Rkomi & Tedua)

[Testo di “Puro Sinaloa” ft. Tedua, Rkomi & Lazza] [Intro: Ernia] Milano Tredici anni dopo, una generazione dopo Vai Joe, andiamo Do-Do-Do-Do-Don Joe [Strofa 1: Ernia] Trovami ancora seduto sul corner Mentre racconto qualche storia forte Poetica fatta di fumo, di asfalto, di pare e di morte Spacco solo io, fra’, no te Tipa, fra’, nuova di pacca Quanto […]

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Iggy Azalea – Hoemita Lyrics

[Intro: Iggy Azalea and Lil Yachty] Face down (Go) Back it up (Ayy) Drop it Drop it down low, then pop it [Chorus: Iggy Azalea] Face down (Face down), ass up (Ass up) Back it up (Back it up), drop it (Drop it) Slim thick (Slim thick), big butt (Big butt) Tatted up (Tatted up), […]

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Franglish – Elle Lyrics

[Couplet 1] Let’s get it J’en ai rien à ******* (oh) J’rentre dans le club comme dans une maison hantée (bouh) Avec mauvais garçon Salvatore Conte (oh) Mamacita fais-moi plaisir va danser (vai vai) Que rico bella (han) Le charisme est bel et bien là (mucho) Elle apprécie ma paire de Margiela (bling bling) Dans […]

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