Biden warns of ‘responses’ if North Korea ‘choose to escalate’

President Joe Biden said Thursday the United States will “respond accordingly” if North Korea escalates its missile testing. “We are consulting with our partners and allies,” Biden said at his first White House press conference. “And there will be responses if they choose to escalate. We will respond accordingly.” Biden told reporters he was “prepared […]

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Role Model – Doyouseeit Lyrics

[Verse 1] I can see us in a nice house, bigger than the White House, baby Or I could see us in New York buying shit we can't afford, am I crazy? (Oh) I picture everything's perfect, everything was worth all the waiting (Oh) I haven't figured out the ending, I'm only just pretending, oh-oh, […]

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Netanyahu fights for re-election without key ally Trump

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a re-election battle next week, he’s missing an ally he could rely on during three previous votes over the past two years: Donald Trump. The American former president’s conservative base was avidly pro-Israel and Trump fulfilled a wishlist for the hawkish Netanyahu. Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, […]

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Saudi prince sidelined as US prepares to publish Khashoggi report

US President Joe Biden said Wednesday he has already seen a soon-to-be released intelligence report detailing the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. “Yes I have,” he told reporters when asked if he’d read the intelligence assessment. Earlier, the White House said the unclassified report would be out “soon.” Press […]

Anti-war Democrats applaud Biden for freeze on US arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Peace-loving people around the world and anti-war Democrats in Congress hailed reports Wednesday that the Biden administration is imposing a temporary freeze on arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pending a review of billions of dollars worth of weapons deals with the repressive regimes approved during the presidency of Donald Trump. […]

Biden resets by stressing US commitment to defend Japan

President Joe Biden reaffirmed Wednesday the United States’ commitment to defend Japan in his first phone call with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, striking a note of reassurance after the Trump era. During Donald Trump’s administration, America’s Asian allies often questioned whether Washington would uphold long-standing promises to defend them in the event of attack. Trump […]

In their first call, Biden presses Putin on Navalny arrest, cyberattacks, bounties on US troops

President Biden confronted Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Tuesday about his government’s arrest of political rival Alexei Navalny and a range of other hot-button issues, including the Kremlin’s alleged cyberattack on U.S. federal agencies and plot to assassinate American soldiers overseas, according to the White House. Seeking to make a sharp break with former President […]

Scots demand ‘urgent investigation’ to keep Trump’s ‘toxic brand’ out of Scotland

Its been one day since former President Donald Trump departed the White House and Scotland is already taking aggressive actions to ensure his “toxic brand” does not thrive in the country. According to People World, on Jan. 20, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was urged to launch an unexplained wealth order (UWO) to look into Trump’s […]

Macklemore – Trump’s Over Freestyle Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (Ha, ha, that’s enough, that’s enough, that’s enough!) Fifty grand I get this all in one take, ayy (Turn it up!) [Verse 1] Now, all you high-fiving MAGA white boys drinking White Claws Care about your taxes more than human rights, sign off You no mask-wearing, big truck-driving “Blue lives matter,” […]

Trump will do anything for Saudi crown prince — but won’t call US victims of Saudi terrorism

One year ago, three U.S. servicemen were killed in a terrorist attack at Pensacola Naval Air Station by an officer in the Royal Saudi Air Force, who had been coordinating with al-Qaida operatives for years while completing a pilot training program at the base. Earlier this month the three service members were posthumously honored with […]

Dem reveals Trump threatened to veto spending bill because it didn’t include Ivanka’s ‘pet project’

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Elliot Engel (D-NY) revealed on Wednesday that President Donald Trump had threatened to veto a massive government spending bill because it did not include one of his daughter’s pet projects. “Earlier this week, Congress passed the Omnibus spending bill, but without the key bipartisan State Department Authorization Act,” Engel explained […]

Trump’s coup is failing — but a similar effort backed by the US has already succeeded

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has been ridiculed, slathered with contempt, and repeatedly branded a “liar,” as well as an existential threat to democracy in the United States, by the biggest media outlets in the country. This is in response to his attempts to reverse the results of the U.S. presidential election, and claiming—without evidence—that […]

As the end of the president’s reign draws near, Trumpland gets whackier and whackier

Even for Donald Trump and the Republican Tabernacle Choir of the Senate, this weekend was an all-star level of crazy-making – another in which the White House could ignore a pandemic killing 3,000 Americans a day, widespread misery and an attack on the nation while discussing the possibility of martial law over Trump’s election loss. […]